Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14.7


Actual Multiple Monitors е цялостно решение за повишаване удобството при работа с Windows в мултимониторен режим.

Програмата емулира стандартните услуги на Windows на допълнителни монитори, показвани в отделни прозорци, като предоставя на потребителя възможност за удобна и ефективна работа с множество настройки на мониторите

Функции на Actual Multiple Monitors:

  • лента на задачите с бутона „Старт“,
  • превключвател на задачите за допълнителните монитори,
  • функция бързо превключване между мониторите,
  • разширени настройки,
  • тапети и скрийнсейвъри,
  • поддръжка на профили за работните плотове,
  • режим за емулация на Windows 7 Aero Snap,
  • миниатюри и др. Лиценз: Платен (Trial).

Промени в Actual Multiple Monitors 8.14.7:

[!] Memory consumption and overall system load is slightly reduced.

[!] In some rare cases multi-window applications might crash silently after
closing and re-opening a window of the same type (e.g. separate message
window in email client).

[*] Desktop Divider: Now tile preview works faster and looks more consistent.

[*] Compatibility is improved with custom cursors provided by Yolo Mouse.

[*] Title Buttons: Compatibility with Bluebeam Revu is improved.

[-] After exiting and then starting Actual Multiple Monitors back,
some features in some applications might work erratically.

[-] In multi-window applications memory leaked slightly after each cycle of
closing a window and then opening two windows in a row.

[-] Excel 2007+ hung after closing some of its standard dialogs: Protect Sheet,
Conditional Formatting, Chart Data, etc.

[-] In some cases Control Center might get stuck in memory after exiting
Actual Multiple Monitors.

[-] Actual Taskbar: In some scenarios tray icons of some specific apps
did not update properly.

[-] Save Idle Screens: idle screen savers started exactly on 1 minute of
idle time no matter what actual idle time-out value was specified.

[-] Windows 11, Title Buttons: In some system applications (e.g. Windows Paint)
unwanted visual effects might appear if any extra buttons were added to
their windows.

[-] Title Buttons: X1 Search hung at startup if any extra buttons were added
to its window.

[-] Title Buttons: In some specific applications (especially having windows with
non-standard frames) title buttons might appear invisible.

[-] Title Buttons: In some specific applications (e.g. X1 Search, SnagIt!)
the Compact View popup toolbar appeared empty.

[-] Title Buttons: In some cases, extra buttons might not work in MDI windows.

[-] Window Actions, Mouse: The support for windows with a non-standard
window frame to intercept clicks on a title bar, sizeable border, and
standard Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons to invoke assigned mouse actions,
as well as to prevent accidental window closing, added in the previous
version, did not work in systems before Windows 10.

[-] Configuration: For some combinations of non-default font and non-default
font size, the layout of controls got messed in the „Options“ group of
the „Title Buttons“ property sheet.

[-] Configuration: The Send to Tech Support feature did not recognize
Windows 11 marking the sent configurations as Win10-built.

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