AirDC++ 3.71 Final


AirDC++ е безплатна клиентска програма за използване на мрежите Direct Connect и Advanced Direct Connect, в които се използва P2P протокола.

AirDC++ дава възможност за бързо присъединяване към това огромно общество от потребители, като в началото е необходимо да се подадат потребителско име и адрес на електронна поща.

С помощта на AirDC++ потребителят получава възможност да сподели своя папка с обществото и да разглежда другите споделени потребителски папки, които са групирани като стаи или както е прието при Direct Connect и Advanced Direct Connect – хъбове.

AirDC++ е характерна с бързата си работа дори и в сложни условия – милиони файлове и стотици терабайти информация. AirDC++ изцяло поддържа IPv6 протокола и може да работи с шифрираните протоколи NMDC и/или ADC. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в AirDC++ 3.71 Final:


– Add full IPv6 support for SOCKS5 proxy
– Allow adding disabled auto searches by using $ in front of the string
– RSS: add an option to format time params before adding to auto search
– Add Window menu item for marking all tabs as read (unbolding tabs)


– Require TLS 1.2 or newer TLS version for all encrypted connections after 1st of January 2021
– Update various dependencies (bzip2, OpenSSL, Boost, libmaxminddb, minizip, WTL, Snappy)
– Don’t send full filelists when sharing more than 20 million files (filelists larger than 1 GB were previously corrupted)
– Update default hublist URLs
– Pause bundle on download errors (e.g. disk full) to give other bundles a chance to get downloaded
– Validate TLS and TCP ports
– Disable „Invalid pattern“ errors when using list filter
– Only allow adding failed „release“ bundles to auto search (avoids adding searches for too generic bundle names)


– Fix launching of extension if the setting path contains whitespace characters
– Fix incorrect country information being shown for IP addresses in some cases
– Fix cases where outgoing search results would not be sent in case of mixed IPv4/IPv6 connectivity
– SOCKS5: fix secure connections and sending of search results to active users
– Fix a few incorrectly reported connection errors
– Fix possible crashes when queuing files/directories without a source
– Private chat: fix CCPM state getting stuck at „Establishing connection“ if the connection times out
– Update hub name in transfer view if the hub to connect through changes
– Fix issues when changing the hub URL for filelists if a previous filelist download is pending
– Avoid silent failures if new client certificates can’t be written on disk
– Fix various possible crashes related to user/hub management because of unsafe thread access
– Auto search: avoid adding duplicate failed items at startup
– Fix missing taskbar action icons
– Fix possible crashes when using highlights
– Prevent multiple bundle validation scans when removing files from a bundle
– Don’t scan bundles with shared status again when removing files from them
– Fix restoring the previous search file type

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