AM-DeadLink 2.06


AM-DeadLink открива мъртвите и повтарящите се линкове в колекцията Ви от любими страници във Вашия браузър. Програмата сканира адресите, съобщава когато има такива, които не отговарят и дава възможност да ги изтриете. Може да работи с всички по-известни браузъри. Лиценз: Freeware.

[+] Firefox is now listed as separate browser (you must no longer use the Mozilla settings for Firefox)
[+] Firefox: FavIcons supported
[+] AM-DeadLink supports individual profiles for each user on a computer (multi user installation)
[x] FavIcons should also work with GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP images
[-] A message box could be hidden behind the application window under certain circumstances
[-] AM-DeadLink could display an „error in UTF-8 format“ message when a bookmark file wasn’t in UTF-8 format
[-] AM-DeadLink could also delete FavIcons which were placed in subdirectories of the specified FavIcon directory. Now AM-DeadLink deletes only FavIons which are placed exactly in the FavIcon directory.
[-] Fixed a bug where AM-DeadLink could override a manually assigned FavIcon to IE Favorites
[+] Some untypical redirections supported
[x] AM-DeadLink no longer displays a message box when a bookmark file couldn’t be converted from UTF-8 format. In that case you cannot edit the bookmark name, but you can check and delete bookmarks and download FavIcons as well.
[x] When starting AM-DeadLink, the last opened bookmark list is loaded after the main window is displayed.
[x] Improved detection of Mozilla and Firefox data directory
[x] Support for Netscape 3/4/6 dropped
[x] Improved memory handling
[x] Check process improved
[x] Many internal improvements

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