ATI Tray Tools


Излезе нова версия на програмата за настройка и tweak на видеокарти АТi Radeon. Програмата позволява да се правят различни настройки по драйверите за Radeon, непосредствено извиквани от системния трей. Програмата притежава повече възможности от тези на контролният панел на АTi.

Промени в тази версия:
+ Now tray Icon will be recreated automatically when explorer crashes
+ Added Hot Keys system with abilities:
Load profiles Direct3D/OpenGL/Overclocking
Run any applications
Work with colors (gamma/brightness/contrast)
Load any Color Profile
Reset Colors
+ Anisotropic Filtering Optimization and Trilinear Filtering Optimization now moved to standard Direct3D settings and can be included in Direct3D profiles.
+ Added hardware low level color correction with profiles. All Color values always will be resets after any screen resolution changes.
+ Fixed compatible issue with Trend Micro Internet Security.
+ Fixed bug with overclocking profile when profile can not be deleted.
+ Renamed uninstall key name to disable ATI Uninstaller to uninstall ATI Tray Tools together with other ATI Software.
+ Internal changes in Shell Notify Icon procedure.
+ Fixed Quick Resolution bug.

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Download: ATI Tray Tools | BG Mirror (0.41 MB)


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