ATI Tray Tools


Излезе нова версия на програмата за настройка и tweak на видеокарти АТi Radeon. Програмата позволява да се правят различни настройки по драйверите за Radeon, непосредствено извиквани от системния трей. Програмата притежава повече възможности от тези на контролният панел на АTi. Лиценз: Freeware.

Промени в тази версия:
+ Added „Artifact Tester“ with ability to find maximum values for GPU and MEM. Including an option to heat up main CPU, to simulate game environment.
Be notified, that procedure to find real maximum clocks is not as simple as you can think. It is a very huge job and I never will create such options in ATI Tray Tools. The given procedure is intended to find clock, when no artifact detected during given time, while rendering a simple scene. (The space ship have about 26 000 triangles.). So it is up to you, how to use this Tester. 😎
+ Added new Hardware Window. Now you can control PCI Lantency timer for your video card. Automaticaly apply value on start up and restore it after suspend/hibernate modes.
+ Added context sensitive help file (English version)
+ Improved installation. Now you can select Program Menu folder to shortcuts. When installing new version over previous one, new installation will automatically take path for Program Menu from old installation, and use it.

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Download: ATI Tray Tools | BG Mirror (596 KB)


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