BluffTitler DX9 14.0


BluffTitler DX9 е програма за създаване на красиви анимирани и неанимирани ефекти и надписи. Създадените в приложението анимации могат лесно и бързо да бъдат добавяни в проекти, създадени в Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio и други видеоредактори. Можете да определите фон, шрифт, разположение на буквите в пространството и една спрямо друга, цвят, светлинно излъчване, релеф, текстура и движение на надписа и др. и да изработите ефектен 3D анимиран надпис за броени минути. Лиценз: Платен (Shareware).

Промени в BluffTitler DX9 14.0:

Improved font engine: ligatures, glyph variants, non-Latin scripts and smooth bezier curves. Learn more
Sketch layer can now render roller coasters and tunnels Learn more | See examples
Fast shadows Learn more
VJ dialog Learn more | See examples
Support for HDR pictures
Support for WIC. With the right codecs installed, BluffTitler can now load PSD, EXR, HDR, RAW and many more files. Learn more
Apply effects to cameralayer attached to colourmap layer
7 new effects: AdvancedMaterials/Flat, Filters/UVClamper, Filters/Opaque, Filters/Stroke, Filters/AlphaThreshold, ProceduralTextures/Chrome and ProceduralTextures/RGB
7 new properties in the camera layer: Fog range, Fog colour, Colour intensity, Fade colour, Fade stage, Target layer and Active camera
1 new style in the text layer: Box
1 new property in the text layer: Texture mapping
1 new property in the EPS layer: Characters
2 new styles in the picture layer: Egg and Sphere cap
8 new properties in the sketch layer: Offset, Pen rotation, Gravity, Friction, Initial speed, Minimum speed, Writer offset, Pen size and Smooth
5 new styles in the sketch layer: Closed, Open, Halfpipe, Rails and Star
5 new styles in the plasma layer styles: Solid, Spots, Perlin noise, LDR colourmap and HDR displacementmap
2 new propertyies in the plasma layer: Start time and Border size
3 new properties in the particle layer: Time dilation, Launch normal and Launch normal tolerance
2 new styles in the colourmap layer: LDR and HDR
3 new options: Open all shows in the same resolution, Emoji font and Prefer installer effects Learn more
Attach container layers to camera layers
Attach camera layers to container layers
Attach camera and container layers to sketch layers
Attach plasma layers to landscape layers
Improved: displacement mapping tessellation increased Learn more | See examples
Improved: plasma layer resolution doubled See examples
Improved: blob particles (metaballs) Learn more
Improved: water layer Learn more | See examples
Improved: file dialog easier to use Learn more
Optimization: 2D GUI rendering is a lot faster (Direct2D)
Optimization: loading big shows
Removed: default show in options dialog
Removed: post render command
Removed: Shadow softness property in light layer

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