C-Organizer 7.5 Final


C-Organizer Professional е елегантен и мощен мениджър за Вашата персонална и бизнес информация. Програмата използва приятелски настроен интерфейс, който прави работата лесна и интуитивна.

C-Organizer Professional ще Ви помогне за планирането на Вашия личен и професионален живот.

Съдържа: мениджър за задачи, адресна книга, password и bookmark мениджъри, тефтер и календар за събития. Може да Ви напомня за наближаващи рожденни дни, срещи, ваканции и запланувани задачи.

Програмата е с дървовидна структура на базата данни, изобразяваща информацията в удобен вид, лесен за търсене и управление. Лиценз: Платен (Shareware).

Промени в C-Organizer 7.5:

  • We’ve significantly improved the databases stability.
  • Added a function to monitor a database consistency and automatic recovery.
  • Improved work with the large records volumes.
  • Improved database backup and database compression functions. Now these functions works faster and much more efficient.
  • Now C-Organizer correctly supports non-latin symbols in the path to database and backup files.
  • Calendar section has been improved and now shows hints for all entries. This feature makes work with the calendar entries more convenient.
  • Tasks section will now store a parent tasks state (collapsed/expanded). So now not necessary to spend a time to collapse or expand parent tasks each time when you open Tasks section.
  • Added a function to Show or hide all stickers, and a function to close all stickers on desktop.
  • To make a work with attachments more convenient, now is possible to rename them and add descriptions.
  • The Records Search function has been improved.
  • We’ve improved a search function in the Attachments Manager window, added an ability to view descriptions, and search in descriptions.
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar, Tasks and Contacts has been improved.
  • Now C-Organizer can store up to 10 Google accounts, so you can switch between accounts for synchronization much easier.
  • To make a work with inserted images more convenient, C-Organizer will now automatically resize large images to the document width on insertion.
  • We’ve added a Format Painter feature to make text formatting easier and more convenient.
  • Insert Symbol function now saves last choosen settings.
  • We’ve added a file association for C-Organizer databases . You can easily open any database file with just mouse double click.
  • Import and Export functions were improved.
  • Now C-Organizer supports 2 new interface color schemes.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

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