CopyQ 3.8.0


CopyQ е усъвършенстван мениджър на клипборда, която дава възможност за редактиране на копираната информация и автоматизиране на работата. CopyQ показва историята на копираните файлове и обекти, като може да осъществява правилно сортиране, премахване и възстановяване.

CopyQ работи не само с текстова информация, но и с разнообразни изображения и друга мултимедийна информация. Програмата е съвсем лесна за използване и дава възможност за групиране и преместване на обектите, без да се губят данни.

CopyQ значително разширява възможностите на клипборда и гарантира грамотна интеграция с всякакви видове и типове данни. Има възможност за задаване на собствени горещи клавиши за автоматизирана работа с информацията. Програмата няма нужда от инсталиране и има малък размер. Лиценз: Безплатен (Open Source).

Промени в CopyQ 3.8.0:

Custom settings from scripts (using settings() function) are now saved in
„copyq-scripts.ini“ file in configuration directory. Existing configuration
needs to be moved manually from „[script]“ section in the main configuration
file („copyq info config“ command prints the path) to „[General]“ section to
the new file (in the same directory).
Correct clipboard owner (window title) is now used when the window is hidden
after copy operation (e.g. password manager copies password and hides its
window immediately).
New script functions onStart and onExit allow to defined commands run when
the application starts and exits.
New script functions pointerPosition and setPointerPosition to get/set mouse
cursor position on screen.
New script callback onClipboardUnchanged called when clipboard changes but
monitored content remains the same.
Block default shortcut overridden by a command while its filter command needs
to run.
Item selection is not cleared when main window hides in response to
activating an item or automatically when unfocused.
Clipboard dialog opens much faster and retrieves clipboard data only when
Clipboard dialog contains special clipboard formats and the whole list is
sorted – plain text first, HTML, other text, application, application
specific (application/x-), special (uppercase).
Detect encoding for other text formats.
Method text for ByteArray returns correctly formatted text from unicode
encoded data (e.g. UTF-8).
Show pin and tag menu items even if shortcut is not assigned (can be disabled
completely in Command dialog).
Hide encrypt/decrypt commands when keys for Encrypt plugin don’t exist.
Command list is focused when Command dialog opens; the less important „Find“
field is smaller and moved below the list.
Process manager is completely redone and the dialog is no longer created at
application start (faster application start, smaller memory footprint).
Process manager has filter field for searching for commands.
Process manager has new column showing error message.
Process manager has color status icons for running, starting and failed
Next/Previous formats are no longer available (were rarely used and
Updated donation link:
FakeVim, if enabled, is used for other multi-line text fields in the
application (e.g. item notes, command editor).
FakeVim, if in a dialog, binds save and quit command to the dialog buttons –
:w for Apply, :wq for OK, :q for Cancel.
FakeVim status bar shows an icon for errors and warnings.
FakeVim now handles set commands correctly.
FakeVim text cursor is gray if the editor is not focused.
Fix opening image editor for encrypted items.
Fix opening SVG image editor if the bitmap one is unset.
Fix stopping client processes properly.
Fix showing main window under mouse pointer (with showAt function).
Fix client crash when calling a method without instance (e.g. command „copyq
OSX: Fix opening main window above full screen window.
OSX: Fix selecting item with Up/Down keys when searching.
X11: Fix setting wrong window title for own clipboard.
X11: Fix synchronizing selection if the change is quick.
X11: Fix tray icon on KDE.

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Като за open source не е зле. Но, разбира се, не може да се сравнява с професионално написаните платени програми като Clipdiary. Не обработва правилно векторните обекти. Ако се опитате да копирате с CopyQ векторна графика, след това тя се paste-ва като растер.