Crystal Player Pro 1.8 RC3


Oбнови се един от най-известните плейъри, притежаващ множество функции и екстри – предварителен преглед на недосвалени файлове, красив и интуитивен интерфейс и т.н. Лиценз: Trial.

Промени в тази версия:
Bugfix: Video jump while playback.
Bugfix: Proportional resizing & opening new file problem.
New: Sharpness on-screen control
New: CrystalMobile Engine 1.5 with sound!
New: Supersamling feature: automatic bilinear resizing of the low-resolution movies into normal overlay resolution – greatly improves the quality (Professional only).
New: Multisampling feature: adds additional interpolated frames between normal frames in the movie – improves quality by increasing framerate (Professional only).
Bugfix: Screenshot filepath was incorrect
Bugfix: Mouse cursor flashing in fullscreen
Bugfix: Splitter rounding problem
New: Force back speakers audio playback
New: Hue on-screen control
New: Alt+Keypad can be used to scroll the zoomed image
New: Recently played menu
New: Support of more than one soundcard
New: Automatic PC shutdown after the playback
strange window resizing with missing codecs
– skin list reloading problems
– brighness non-changing in some occasions
– title doubleclick now leads to fullscreen
– opening in fullscreen keeps CP in fullscreen.

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Download: Crystal Player Pro 1.8 RC3 | BG Mirror (1.59 MB)


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