EditPad Lite 8.1.0


EditPad Lite е безплатен текстов редактор, с който ще можете да пишете и редактирате всякакъв вид текстови файлове, които се използват като „source“ кодове, логове, скриптове, писма, бележки, статии и т.н.

EditPad Lite дава възможност за работа с табове, проверка на правописа, редактиране големината на колоните, брои използваните знаци и други статистики, прави азбучно сортиране, търсене на определени фрази и много други, които биха задоволили всеки потребител. Програмата предлага удобен и лесен за работа интерфейс.

EditPad Lite е малък и безплатен текстов редактор. Не е от най-мощните такива, но и не е съвсем без приятни екстри. Програмата отваря поддържаните от нея формати в отделни подпрозорци (tabs), поддържа Unicode и множество други кодировки, запомняне на доста на брой отваряни файлове (хронология), настройки по интерфейса и др. Програмата предлага и възможност за създаване на портативна инсталация. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в EditPad Lite 8.1.0:

New features:

  • File Types|Colors: Color for visualizing control characters that aren’t tabs or line breaks in text mode can now be customized in EditPad Lite too.
  • Preferences|Save Files: Closing empty files.


  • File Types|Markdown: List items nested 3 levels deep.
  • Improved visibility of the separator lines on toolbars when using the dark theme.
  • Maintain History List dialog now selects the first item when it appears and selects the next item when you remove the selected item(s).
  • Progress meter while opening a large set of files.
  • Shift+Alt+Page Up/Down now scroll one page like Shift+Page Up/Down does instead of moving the cursor to the first/last line as Alt+Page Up/Down do since 8.0.0.
  • Smart Quotes: A straight single quote that is interpreted as an apostrophe can now be converted into a modifier letter (U+02BC apostrophe, U+02BB turned comma (ʻokina), or U+02BD reversed comma); these three can also be converted back into a single straight quote and can be replaced with other smart quotes.

Bug fixes:

  • Block|Move Lines and Columns|Move Line Up did not always update the syntax coloring of the line that was moved down as a result of moving the other lines up.
  • Block|Outdent triggers an access violation if the file is empty or if the cursor is on the final blank line of the file.
  • Convert|Line Break Styles failed to convert one line break in the middle of the file if the file was large enough for EditPad to use two background threads to scan for line breaks.
  • Go|Go To: Going to a line number greater than that of the last line in the file now moves the cursor to the last line instead of triggering an access violation when word wrap is on.
  • Italics that overhang the end of the line are no longer clipped.
  • Keyboard: If the cursor had a shape that put it over rather than between characters and the Home key was configured to go to the first non-whitespace character on the line and the cursor at the first non-whitespace character of a line with leading whitespace then pressing the Home key to move the cursor to the very start of the line and then Arrow Up or Down did not keep the cursor at the very start of the preceding or following line.
  • Mouse: Clicking at the start of the selection did not clear the selection when selections are not persistent.
  • Regex: POSIX classes using the p notation matched only ASCII characters when used inside a character class along with other tokens instead of matching Unicode characters like they do outside character classes or when used alone in a character class.
  • Search: r and n were treated as literal line breaks that adapt to the file’s line break style instead of specifically matching only CR and LF when used in a regular expression or replacement string that consisted entirely of literal text and tokens that match or insert one specific character.
  • Search: Incremental search through all open files could fail with an access violation error.
  • Search|Selection Only: Searching through the selection did not work if the selection was rectangular and in the bottom half of a large file.
  • When working copies are automatically opened the explanatory message now takes into account whether the option to save working copies every few minutes is on or off; when it is off, EditPad still saves working copies when the computer hibernates or goes to sleep to prevent data loss if it runs out of battery while sleeping.

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