eMule 0.43a


Програма за търсене и сваляне на файлове в eDonkey2000 (клиент за споделяне на файлове). Притежава многоезичен интерфейс.

[b]Промени в тази версия:/b]
The highlights of the 0.43 series of eMule are:

* PeerCache. A technology developed by Joltid Ltd. which lets you download/upload files from ISP cache servers to reduce traffic and to improve download speeds.
* HTTP eD2K links. eMule can now download files concurrently from eD2K network as well as from HTTP servers to improve download speed.
* Windows XP firewall support to help users with LowID problems.
* More security and efficiency in dealing with malicious, bots or just flawed clients.
* ZZ’s DownloadManager. Get the file(s) you want even faster.
* Improved ZZ’s UploadBandwidthThrottler. Smoother upload and lower overhead.
* Many improvements in SMIRC client.
* And a full set of bug fixes and other improvements.

Официална страница: www.emule-project.net
Download: eMule 0.43a | BG Mirror (3.44 MB)


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