jv16 PowerTool RC1


Почистване на системния регистър, почистване от ненужни файлове, модули за мрежа и за архивиране и др. Ако трябва да имате добър пакет системни инструменти, можете да се доверите на този. Лиценз: Shareware.

Промени в тази версия:
The new features include:
AI (Artificial Intelligence) improved search features and Registry Cleaner
* Ability to download updates to the Registry Cleaner engine on-the-fly. This greatly increases the safety of the product.
* The History/MRU Cleaner helps you flush unwanted history items of many common applications
* The History Manager allows you to control which web browser history items you wish to store on your computer, or to clear them all
* The Cookie Manager helps you to organize your cookies and to automatically remove the ones you don’t want to store
* The File Cleaner can now find many new unused files such as unused fonts
* You can now search files or data inside the registry with more options than ever
* And much, much more!
Note: If you install the RC1 version you might not be able to use the trial version of the final version at all.

Екрани: jv16 PowerTools
Официална страница: www.macecraft.com
Download: jv16 PowerTool RC1 | BG Mirror (1001 KB)

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