Kaspersky Antivirus Personal 5.0 MP2 Beta 1 (5.0.200 Beta)


Само час след появяването на версия 5.0.197 Beta Kaspersky Labs пуснаха и още една с обозначението 5.0 MP2 Beta 1, по неофициални източници отговаряща на 5.0.200 Beta. Съдържа в себе си няколко модула, чрез които защитава компютъра от различни видове вируси, както и повишава сигурността от атаки на непознати вируси. Програмата надали се нуждае от по-подробно представяне. Лиценз: Shareware.

1. A module for detecting and blocking network attacks has been added;
2. Missed updates are now launched at application startup;
3. Possibility to configure proxy server parameters has been added;
4. Information about the real-time protection status is updated more frequently;
5. By default, archive passwords are not requested;
6. Computer can be automatically shut down after the scan is complete;
7. The Ichecker and IStream technologies can be disabled during application installation;
8. The sound played when a pop-up window appears can now be switched off;
9. Both incoming and outgoing mail is now scanned at the recommended protection level;
10. A backup storage for original objects has been added;
11. Possibility to customise links to license key purchasing and renewal has been added.

Официална страница: www.kaspersky.com
Download: Kaspersky Antivirus Personal 5.0 MP2 Beta 1 | BG Mirror (10.21 MB)

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