KeePass Password Safe 2.51.1 Professional / 1.40.1 Classic


В днешно време Вие трябва да помните множество пароли. Имате нужда от парола за логване в мрежата, e-mail акаунта, FTP паролата за достъп до личния Ви сайт, онлайн пароли за достъп до различни сайтове и услуги и т.н. Също, Вие трябва да ползвате различна парола за всеки акаунт. Защото ако използвате една и съща парола за всичко и на всякъде, и някой по някакъв начин научи тази парола, ще си имате сериозни проблеми.

KeePass е open-source password сейф или мениджър, който ще Ви помогне да подредите всичките си пароли на сигурно място. Можете да преместите всички свои пароли в една база данни, която да „заключите“ с една основна парола или диск-ключ.

Така трябва да помните само една единствена парола или да поставите диска-ключ за да отключите цялата база данни.

Тя се криптира като използва най-добрите и най-използвани алгоритми за криптиране познати до момента – AES и Twofish. Лиценз: Безплатен (Open Source).

Повече за KeePass Password Safe можете да научите от нашата статия KeePass Password Safe – инсталация и конфигурация.

Промени в KeePass Password Safe 2.51.1 Professional:

New Features:

  • Most dialogs with fixed size now detect whether they fit onto the current screen, and when a dialog does not fit (e.g. due to a very high DPI factor), its size is reduced and scroll bars are displayed.
  • Added plural entry command names in the main window (e.g. the command for editing the currently selected entry/entries is now called either ‘Edit Entry’ or ‘Edit Entries’, depending on the number of selected entries).
  • Added tooltip for the main part of the status bar of the main window.
  • Enhanced color buttons (tooltips, accessible names, …) in the entry dialog, in the database settings dialog and in the options dialog.
  • Added ‘Interface (2)’ tab page in the options dialog, renamed the existing ‘Interface’ tab page to ‘Interface (1)’, moved some controls from ‘Interface (1)’ to ‘Interface (2)’.
  • Enhanced font selection controls (with a checkbox that allows to return to the default, the button shows the currently selected font, tooltip, improved accessibility, …) in the options dialog.
  • Added help links ‘Dark theme’ and ‘Main font (size)’ in the options dialog.
  • The options ‘Custom alt. item color’ and ‘Esc keypress in main window’ are now disabled if they are enforced (by an enforced configuration file).
  • Added support for opening URLs with Waterfox in private mode.
  • Added dialog for editing (HMAC-based and time-based) one-time password generator settings (can be opened using the ‘OTP Generator Settings’ commands in the entry dialog or in the ‘Edit Entry (Quick)’ menu of the main window).
  • Added entry commands ‘Copy HMAC-Based OTP’, ‘Show HMAC-Based OTP’, ‘Copy Time-Based OTP’ and ‘Show Time-Based OTP’ (in the ‘Other Data’ menu).
  • Added entry commands ‘Copy Title’ and ‘Copy Notes’ (in the ‘Other Data’ menu).
  • When switching to the ‘Generate’ tab page of the password generator dialog (no database open), the entropy collection dialog is displayed now, if the option ‘Show dialog for collecting user input as additional entropy’ is turned on.
  • Added option ‘Colorize password characters’ in the HTML export/print dialog; the colors are customizable.
  • Added options ‘Custom main font’ and ‘Custom password font’ in the HTML export/print dialog.
  • Added horizontal entry separator lines in tabular HTML exports/printouts.
  • In the plugins dialog, the ‘Delete old files from cache automatically’ option and the ‘Clear’ button are now disabled if they are enforced (by an enforced configuration file).
  • Plugins can now change the expiry date of an entry more easily.
  • Added workaround for Wine bug 52457.


  • Improved main window initialization performance.
  • Improved initial emergence of a minimized or maximized main window (less flickering, improved performance, …).
  • Improved names/tooltips of the database toolbar buttons in the main window.
  • Improved handling of bold/italic list fonts.
  • Improved entry list update performance in certain situations.
  • Improved dynamic menu deconstruction performance.
  • Fields starting with ‘HmacOtp-‘ or ‘TimeOtp-‘ are not shown in the entry string copy menu anymore.
  • Improved tooltips and accessibility of password repetition text boxes.
  • When a dark theme is active, the error background color of text boxes is darker now.
  • Improved accessibility of expiry control groups.
  • The title of the master key creation/change dialog is now adjusted to the context.
  • Improved ‘Compression’ tab page of the database settings dialog (extended ‘None’ option description, improved accessibility, …).
  • If no color has been specified, the ‘Custom alt. item color’ button in the options dialog now shows the default color.
  • Improved HTML generation for HTML exports/printouts.
  • Improved default fonts used when printing or exporting to HTML.
  • In block HTML exports/printouts, field names are not italic anymore (unless the user has selected an italic main font).
  • In HTML exports/printouts, all field values except passwords are trimmed now.
  • HTML exports/printouts: improved encoding of white-space characters in passwords.
  • Improved horizontal entry separator lines in block HTML exports/printouts.
  • TrlUtil: improved control classification.
  • Increased Authenticode certificate key length.
  • Various CHM/help improvements.
  • Upgraded installer.
  • Various UI text improvements.
  • Various code optimizations.
  • Minor other improvements.


  • The command line parameter ‘-preselect:‘ now works as expected when the option ‘Clear master key command line parameters after using them once’ is turned on.
  • Font selections in the options dialog are now applied only when closing the dialog with [OK].

Промени в KeePass Password Safe 1.40.1 Classic:

  • Added workaround for Wine bug 52457.
  • Increased Authenticode certificate key length.
  • Various CHM/help improvements.
  • Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.79.0.
  • Upgraded installer.
  • Minor other improvements.

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