Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.0.5


WinRoute съчетава в себе си рутер, прокси сървър и защитна стена и благодарение на добрата си интеграция с антивирусите на McAfee и други компании, този продукт осигурява най-надеждната защита на Вашата компютърна система. Лиценз: Shareware

+ VPN clients can now be configured with custom IP routes
+ VPN clients can now be assigned fixed IP addresses
+ resizeable traffic histograms
* improved routing table screen in administration console
– fixed conflict with 3rd party applications that install custom layered service providers
– fixed boot problem on Windows 2000
– fixed handling of emails sent as attachment
– fixed transfer rate bug in traffic histograms
– fixed automatic login for IP address groups
– denying of unscannable or corrupted files now works correctly
– fixed blinking of text in logs
– SSL certificates with national characters are now displayed correctly
– fixed false installer complaint about WinRoute Pro being installed

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Download: Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.0.5 | BG Mirror (17.7 MB)

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