Memtest86 8.2


Memtest86 е самостоятелна програма (не изисква наличието на дадена операционна система), чиято цел е да тества стабилността и производителността на вашата оперативна памет.

Memtest86 е много по-прецизна от BIOS-но базираните тестове. Програмата е платформено независима и не се нуждае от наличие на операционна система.

Хубавото при тази Memtest86 е, че можете да я стартирате от всякакъв носител и на всякаква операционна система. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в Memtest86 8.2:

Added REPORTPREFIX configuration file parameter to specify the prefix text to use for the report files
Added TEST12_SINGLECPU flag to blacklist.cfg to force test 12 to run in single CPU mode as a workaround for CPU threads hanging in PARALLEL mode
Added DISABLE_LANG flag to blacklist.cfg to disable language support and font support, which is known to cause issues on some Dell systems
Changed the blacklist.cfg RESTRICT_ADDR flag lower address limit from 0x1000 to 0x100000, as some systems experience issues when writing to the BIOS area (up to 0xFFFFF)
Fixed bug with blacklist.cfg RESTRICT_ADDR flag not setting the lower address limit properly
Fixed buffer overrun bugs detected by HeapGuard when measuring memory latency
Fixed fluctuations in memory/cache speed measurements
Fixed UI issues with System Information screen
Changed „red“ error text to „light red“ for better readability
Fixed CPU temperature readings for several AMD Ryzen chipsets
Added reporting of Module Manufacturer’s Specific Data in DDR4 SPD modules to PXE server for use with Management Console (Site Edition only)
Fixed timing issues with retrieving SPD data on Skylake-X chipset
Fixed decoding of DDR4 SPD Post Package Repair (PPR) (Byte 9)
Fixed decoding of DDR4 SPD Secondary SDRAM Package Type (Byte 10)

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