Memtest86 8.3


Memtest86 е самостоятелна програма (не изисква наличието на дадена операционна система), чиято цел е да тества стабилността и производителността на вашата оперативна памет.

Memtest86 е много по-прецизна от BIOS-но базираните тестове. Програмата е платформено независима и не се нуждае от наличие на операционна система.

Хубавото при тази Memtest86 е, че можете да я стартирате от всякакъв носител и на всякаква операционна система. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в Memtest86 8.3:

Added AUTOREPORT configuration file parameter to enable/disable automatic saving of test results HTML report when AUTOMODE is enabled
Added TFTPSTATUSSECS configuration file parameter to set the period to send status XML updates to TFTP server (for management console)
Modified behaviour for detection of duplicate errors. Errors with the same address (and bits) but occur in different tests are no longer considered to be duplicate.
Fixed hang when CPU does not support SSE4.1 instructions when running Test 12
Fixed MINSPDS and EXACTSPDS configuration file parameters being incorrectly set when saving current configuration settings to file
Fixed escaping of characters in XML messages to TFTP server (for management console)
Fixed invalid XML tag in XML messages to TFTP server (for management console)
Report is now automatically saved before the end of test prompt when AUTOMODE=2 is set in configuration file
Fixed incorrect reference to blacklist flagTEST12_ONECPU (correct flag is TEST12_SINGLECPU)
Updated Russian translations (courtesy of Victor Lutz)
Added better sanity checking for SPD bytes
Updated JEDEC manufacture list to JEP106AZ (May 2019)
Fixed channel mapping for Apollo Lake ECC detection
Fixed ECC detection for certain Intel Skylake-SP chipsets

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