MusicBee 3.4.8033


MusicBee е бърз многофункционален безплатен музикален плеър с богати възможности.

MusicBee разполага с възможност за работа с плейлисти, мощен редактор на тагове, вграден конвертор за преобразуване на един аудио-формат към друг, автоматично зареждане на информация от Глобалната мрежа – външния вид на албумите, текстовете на песните, данни за изпълнителите и други.

Основни възможности на MusicBee:

  • поддръжка на всички популярни аудио формати,
  • вграден мениджър за работа с файлове,
  • редактор на таговете,
  • 10-лентов еквалайзер,
  • функция Auto-DJ за автоматично създаване на плейлисти по зададени от потребителя критерии,
  • DSP ефекти,
  • синхронизиране на файловете с iPod touch/iPhone,
  • MTP- и USB устройства,
  • функция за интелигентно регулиране на звука,
  • вграден аудио конвертор,
  • вградена търсачка,
  • поддръжка на плъгини,
  • филтриране по различни критерии,
  • автоматично добавяне на музика към каталозите,
  • възможност за автоматично изключване. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в MusicBee 3.4.8033:

– New Jukebox
– Lock Playlist command disables changing the content of the playlist and also deleting or renaming the playlist
– Cut and Paste supported for moving tracks in playlists
– For playlists that are configured not to refresh, right click/ List/ Refresh Now refreshes the playlist
– When shuffling tracks loved tracks are treated as maximum rated
– M3U(#EXT) now supported for MTP devices
– In the Music Explorer Albums are now split into a separate „Appears On“ section where the criteria is the album artist differs from the current active artist selected in the Music Explorer
– Undo file move command
– The Send To/Add to Playlist command now shows the most recently used playlist for quick access
– „Love“ rating is saved as a tag
– Larger album artwork size supported in the Album Covers view
– Download manager now supports Stop All downloads
– Pitch and Sample Rate can now be controlled from the Tempo DSP plugin
– Playback speed can now be controlled using right click on the Player controls panel
– Mouse wheel speed can be slowed down as set in the General Preferences panel
– Podcast mark as listened now supports streamed episodes (previously only downloaded episodes were supported)
– Podcasts panel can now set and filter loved subscriptions
– Particular podcast subscriptions can be set so episode updates are checked manually
– For standard skins the icon can be hidden in the player controls panel using right click/ Panel Layout/ Show Scrobble Button
– Auto-DJ custom filter presets can be saved and loaded
– You can now specify different artwork for an album (that is displayed in the main panel Album Covers view) to the primary picture for each track in the album that is displayed in the playing Track Information panel. Its set in the Preferences/ Tags(1)/ artwork/ set which pictures are displayed/ Edit List dialog
– Chapter tags now supported for mp3 and ogg/opus/flac files (already supported for m4a files)
– Album Auto-tagger now updates cuesheets
– Virtual tag text Markup ({color},{font},{contrast}) now supported in the expanded panel for the Album Covers view
– Free DB is no longer supported eg. when ripping CDs, MusicBrainz is used
– $RxMatch(<field>,regex-pattern) function that returns the text portion that matches a regex pattern
– Column Browser now supports up to 8 fields
– Improved handling for windows shutdown while musicbee is running

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