OBS Studio 23.1 Final


Open Broadcaster (OBS Studio) е софтуер за видеозапис и излъчване на живо.

OBS Studio поддържа много източници от които можете да записвате и излъчвате видео на живо, включително мултимедийни файлове, игри, уеб страници, windows приложения, уеб камери, настолни компютри, микрофони и др.

Отличава се с лекота за използване и в същото време има висока производителност Разполага с филтри за видео източниците – маска, корекция на цвят, наситеност или промяна на цветове. Лиценз: Open Sorce.

Промени в OBS Studio 23.1 Final:

New Features/Improvements
Added optional Twitch activity feed panel when account is connected to OBS (hidden by default, you can show it in the View -> Docks menu)
Added Restream.io account integration
Added option to select color range to Linux video device source
Added ability to copy and paste filters from the mixer
Added preview/program labels to studio mode
Added new settings icons
Added a checkbox for bandwidth test mode in settings when using Twitch account integration
Added 25/50 PAL framerate values in video settings
Added „Area“ scale filtering for sources as an alternative to point scaling. May preserve more detail on retro games
Added the ability to select video / audio connectors on the Decklink source from inside OBS
Added the ability to swap Front Center and Low frequency effects channel on the Decklink source
Improved the attack/release processing of the expander audio filter
Bug Fixes/Tweaks
Reverted 23.0 changes to slideshow, and instead introduced a 250 megabyte memory limit to image slideshow so people can’t accidentally exhaust their memory by loading countless images from a folder. This fixes an issue where large image counts would cause increased CPU usage and rendering lag when transitioning images, or when switching scenes in some cases.
Removed the close buttons from primary docks (scenes, sources, transitions, mixer, controls). These docks can still be hidden, but now must be explicitly hidden with the view menu instead. This change does not apply to secondary docks, such as chat, stream information, or stats.
On Linux, the tray now uses icons from the system theme
Fixed a bug when upmixing from mono to stereo would cause the volume to be quieter
Fixed a bug where NVENC wouldn’t show up for the NVIDIA Quadro P5000
Fixed another case where the last frame of an NVENC stream/recording could show up as the first frame in a subsequent stream/recording in the same running session
Fixed another case where output could be green for certain devices
Fixed a crash that could happen if you clicked settings too quickly after starting up with streaming account integration, or if you exit the program too quickly

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