Offline Explorer Pro & Enterprise 3.3.1758


Offline Explorer е програма, с която можете да свалите и запазите на харддиска на Вашия компютър избрана от Вас страница, която после да разглеждате с цялото и съдържание оффлайн.

Промени в тази версия:
Added Projects Report page to the Internal Browser
Improved pre-defined templates
Improved New Project Wizard window display
Added ability to disable integration with Opera
Added ability to protect Project settings with a password
Improved reading Opera hotlists file
Improved export to CHM file without contents.htm
Improved URL Filters | Directory for local files
Improved links translation in Flash files
Improved parsing Macromedia Director files
Improved switching Internal Browser tabs
Added automatic Data Mining using the TextPipe= URLs field parameter
Added ability to warn about Project updates when browsing it
Improved E-mail addresses extraction from script expressions
Improved tray icon click behavior
Improved URL Substitutes dialog resizing
Improved PDF MIME type recognition
Bug Fix: Fixed problem when URL Filters keywords contained upper-case symbols
Bug Fix: Fixed incorrect MMS stream detection and switch to HTTP protocol
Bug Fix: Fixed crash when parsing Unicode HTML files
Bug Fix: Fixed executing RunAfter= URLs field parameter
Bug Fix: Fixed file sharing issue when using Data Mining
Bug Fix: Fixed browsing from Map – Select Files dialog
Bug Fix: Fixed exporting .ram files with several links
Bug Fix: Fixed closing RTSP protocol when connection fails.

Официална страница:
Download: Offline Explorer Pro 3.3.1758 | BG Mirror (2.10 MB)
Download: Offline Explorer Enterprise 3.3.1758 | BG Mirror (2.30 MB)


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