Opera 7.52 Final


Opera е една много привлекателна алтернатива на Internet Explorer и Netscape и е отново с нова версия. А другото си го знаете : видимо по-бърза , с различен интерфейс, вграден пощенски клиент и богати възможности за настройка. Новите прозорци се отварят като tab бутони в долната част на екрана, което я прави доста по-компактна.

Промени в тази версия:

Fixed a URI obfuscation weakness enabling impersonation of legitimate web sites. Illegal characters in addresses will be stripped. This addresses Security Focus Bugtraq ID #10517.
Solved frame injection vulnerability that allowed for spoofing (Secunia Advisory SA11978).
Solved certificate verification problem.


Changed search.ini to ensure correct default dictionary and encyclopedia searches. On how to protect customized files from being overwritten, see Release Note.
Changed main toolbar. Now includes options Open, Save, Print, Find, Home, Panels, Tile, and Cascade.
Various stability and rendering improvements.
„Show in“ submenu for messages now has nested display of nested filters.
Corrected message reply behavior when View > Encoding is set to autodetect.
Fixed SSL renegotiation problem causing login trouble on certain secure sites.
Solved issue concerning JavaScript method „confirm()“.
Various encoding-related improvements to accommodate Japanese language version.

Официална страница: www.opera.com
Download: Opera 7.52 Final без Java | BG Mirror (3.49 MB)
Download: Opera 7.52 Final с Java | BG Mirror (16.25 MB)
Download: Opera 7.52 Final For Linux | BG Mirror (5.35 MB)
Download: Opera 7.52 Final For BSD
Download: Opera 7.52 Final For Mac


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Та това си е Opera 7.52 build 3834 ?! Кое му е Final ??? :wacko: