Pale Moon 28.0.0


Pale Moon е Firefox базиран уеб браузър оптимизиран за Windows операционни системи, работещи на машини с високопроизводителни, съвременни процесори. Работи идентично на стандартният Firefox браузър и поддържа неговите разширения и теми.

Всички съществуващи разширения, отметки и настройки ще бъдат внесени още по време на инсталацията така, че с изключение на логото, вие няма да забележите разлика във функционалността. Това, което ще забележите обаче ще е разлика в скоростта и макар и минимално, понижено потребление на системна памет.

Pale Moon е базиран на изходния код на Firefox и предлага същото ниво на сигурност. Поддържа повечето функции на Firefox, с изключение на някои, които са изключени с цел подобряване на производителността.

Промени в Pale Moon 28.0.0:

SpiderMonkey update: The JavaScript engine has received a major upgrade and now supports all landmark features from the ECMAScript standards as carried by mainstream browsers. This should put an end to the increasing JavaScript issues we’ve seen due to web frameworks not being browser-agnostic in that respect, or the browser not supporting what websites expect.
Goanna update: The layout and rendering engine (Goanna) has been updated to its 4th generation (version 4.*) which brings with it improved compatibility with „trendy“ CSS styling techniques that build on a few very specific features (e.g. CSS Grid). Goanna continues to build on tried-and-tested software fallbacks in case hardware acceleration can’t be used, and Linux remote desktop users can continue to leverage xrender for speedy remote screen updates in Pale Moon.
DOM enhancements: Enhancements in the Document Object Model provides websites with updated APIs to perform their tasks. (e.g. Fetch, WebAnimations, WebCrypto, HTML Input Element Extensions, etc.)
Media enhancements: Our media back-end update is, for all intents and purposes, complete. MSE media streaming (for MP4) should be compatible with all major players on the market now. MSE for WebM is still disabled by default due to some compatibility issues that need to be examined, but you may enable this in preferences to e.g. allow 4k video playback on some sites that only offer UHD in WebM format. We now also support playback of FLAC-encoded audio.

New: WebGL2 support! Pale Moon now supports the WebGL2 standard for enhanced graphical experiences in 2D and 3D.
Devtools have been given a refresh. Just in case you thought they weren’t extensive enough yet, some new categories have been added to inspect and manipulate all aspects of web content.
Updates to the login manager: Login credentials can now be stored specifically with or without a user name, and selected individually. This is a behavior change from previous, and clicking a password field can now pop-up a selection list of user names for which passwords are stored (if multiple credentials are saved). Clicking the appropriate login name (or date-stamped version if no name is present) will fill in the accompanying password.
What might be more important for people worrying about upgrading to this milestone is what hasn’t changed.
We continue to support NPAPI plugins.
We continue to support complete themes as well as lightweight themes.
We continue to offer a fully customizable interface like before. Australis (like seen in Basilisk) is not used.

We continue to support XUL overlay, bootstrapped and (deprecated) Jetpack extensions (collectively called „legacy extensions“ by Mozilla).

We do not include any DRM in the browser (people needing this can use e.g. the Silverlight plugin to play protected content), even though the platform we build on supports it.

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Само не разбрах откъде го прочетохте това, че е оптимизиран за Уиндоус системи точно….

the professor
the professor

ъпдейтите излизат нялколко седмици след като излязат във FF ама неми пука – много по лек е, жалко че няма multiprocess…


Palemoon вече няма нищо общо с FF, отдавна не е зависим от ъпдейтите на FF, има си свой цикъл за всичко, по-сигурен е от FF

the professor
the professor

обаче vbox7 пак не работи, поне под линукс, както и MSE & H.264

the professor
the professor

в about :config се настройват
media.mediasource.format-reader на false
media.mediasource.webm.enabled на true
media.gmp.decoder.enabled на true
и всичко си става както трябва да си е (трябва обаче о.с. и драйвера на видеото да го поддържат)