PDF24 Creator 8.7.1


PDF24 Creator е удобна помощна програма за създаване на PDF файлове или конвертиране на PDF файлове в няколко файлови формата.

Инсталиращата програма на PDF24 Creator инсталира PDF принтер, които се нарича „pdf24“. Може да използвате този принтер в windows, като всеки друг принтер.

След отпечатването на документ на pdf24, PDF файлът ще бъде създаден автоматично и се отваря помощник. Тук може да запишете, показвате или редактирате PDF файла.

PDF24 Creator съдържа PDF редактор, който може да използвате, за да обедините няколко PDF в един, да разделите PDF, да извлечете страници от PDF, да копирате една или повече страници от един PDF в друг, да зададете свойства на документ например заглавие и автор, шифроване PDF файлове и да предотвратите неразрешеното отпечатване, да преобразувате документи като Word, Excel или изображения в PDF.

Интегрираният explorer улеснява обработката на PDF документи. Визуализирането на всеки PDF ви дава бърз преглед и подпомага за редактирането му. Вграден е и PDF viewer, за да разглеждате PDF документи. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в PDF24 Creator 8.7.1:

Info window added to sidebar in PDF Reader
The sidebar in PDF24 Reader has been given an info window that displays general information, security information, document info information, metadata information and fonts for the opened PDF. With it we deliver a feature which is gladly seen and which we also gladly use.
Sidebar in PDF Reader now uses icons instead of tabs
The sidebar in PDF24 Reader no longer uses tabs, but icons, similar to Adobe Reader. These are more flexible and we can use much more elements in the sidebar than before. A new element has already been mentioned above and more elements will follow here to make the PDF24 Reader even better.
The openwithprogids registry entry can be disabled by flag
Since version 8.7.0 the PDF24 Creator contains a slim PDF Reader. The installer registers this reader in Windows. For this an openwithprogids entry is added to the file type PDF. This entry can now be suppressed by a flag on the command line. With the EXE installation program this is achieved by the argument /NoAddOpenWithProgIds. For the MSI package you have to use the statement ADDOPENWITHPROGIDS=NO.
Adobe Reader no longer displays PDF24 signature
Adobe Reader no longer displayed the signature created with PDF24, although it was correct. This version fixes the problem and the signature is visible again.
Length of font map names reduced
The length of fontmap names must not exceed 100 characters in Ghostscript, otherwise errors will occur. The fontmap generator has been adapted accordingly so that only fonts with a shorter name are included.
PDF Printer Assistant was not always started in the foreground
The PDF printer assistant was partially not started in the foreground in the last version. We have added another statement to bring the wizard to the foreground.
Delivery of Ghostscript 9.26
Ghostscript 9.26 is recommended by the Ghostscript creators, because there are security problems in the previous versions, which will be fixed with version 9.26. Since we always pay attention to security, we now deliver this version.

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