PeaZip 7.4.2


PeaZip е безплатен архиватор, поддържащ множество архивни формати: 7Z, ARC, BZ2, GZ, PAQ/LPAQ, PEA, QUAD/BALZ, TAR, UPX, ZIP и само разархивиране на форматите: ACE, ARJ, CAB, CHM, COMPOUND (MSI, DOC, XLS, PPT), CPIO, ISO, Java (JAR, EAR, WAR), Linux (DEB, PET/PUP, RPM, SLP), LHA/LZH, LZMA, Mac (DMG/HFS), NSIS, Open Office files, PAK/PK3/PK4, RAR, SMZIP, U3P, UDF, WIM, XAR, XPI, Z/TZ.

PeaZip позволява редактиране, съхранение и възстановяване на архивни файлове; прилагане на филтри в съдържанието; работа с множество архиви наведнъж; криптиране чрез AES 256. Също така разделяне/сливане на архивни файлове, сигурно изтриване (secure deletion), генериране на пароли и други. Лиценз: Безплатен (Open Source).

Промени в PeaZip 7.4.2:


(Linux) p7zip 16.02 superseded by sznick/p7zip fork 17.02, not available for legacy 32 bit platforms

added support for FLZMA2, LZ4, and Zstd compression algorithms in .7z format
algorithm selection dropdown is now common to all platforms, unsupported algorithms for one platform are preceeded with / (currently unsupported /Brotli, /Lizard, and /LZ5 on linux)


Various fixes


(Windows) File manager now displays icons for exe files for better usability, using a separate thread; previously the feature was enabled only if browser was set to show thumbnails
In-archive „Extract and open with PeaZip“ and „Preview with PeaZip“ now forces trying to open file as archive, as in „Open as archive“ menu entry


(Windows) Drop target window is locked, as in WinRar, until drag and drop operation is completed
If password contains characters that can be troublesome if used in scripts (i.e. quotes) it is now possible to interactively enter password in console to create / extract archive types handled through 7z/p7zip, ARC, and RAR backends

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Изтегли: PeaZip 7.4.2 за Windows 32-bit (8.40 MB)
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Изтегли: PeaZip Portable 7.4.2 за Windows 64-bit (13.2 MB)
Изтегли: PeaZip 7.4.2 за Linux

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