phpBB 3.3.4


phpBB e основния конкурент на Invision Power Board в борбата за най-добрата форумна система.

Програмата разполага с множество езикови пакети, изключително лесна инсталация, високо ниво на сигурност и лесно администриране.

Можете да използвате множеството темплейти вградени в бюлетина, да използвате различните начини за разширено търсене в постове и още множество функции, които правят phpBB абсолютно функционална и надеждна система за организиране на форум. Лиценз: Безплатен (Open source).

Промени в phpBB 3.3.4:

We are pleased to announce the release of phpBB 3.3.3 „Bertie Triple Distilled“. This version is a maintenance release of the 3.3.x branch which adds support for MySQL 8 and PHP 8, and resolves various issues reported in previous versions.

Starting with this release we will officially support installations of phpBB when using MySQL8 and/or PHP 8. Please ensure that any installed Extension is also compatible before attempting an upgrade to either of these.

The fixed issues include, among others, an SQL error occurring on empty data in profile fields of type number, and dropdowns not working correctly in mobile view.
In addition to that, we have started to use GitHub Actions for running our automated tests as part of our Continuous Integration (CI) process. Our Customisations Team has prepared instructions on how to use GitHub Actions to test Extensions in order to assist Extensions developers with setting up their own CI.
Another change that might affect Extension authors is the switch to using Composer 2 in phpBB. Due to the way autoloaders are included from Extensions, it’s currently not possible to also use Composer 2 inside Extensions. Until this issue has been resolved, please keep using Composer 1 for your Extensions.

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