PSPad е мощен и безплатен текстов редактор за програмисти, който може да редактира множество документи едновременно; няма ограничения за размера на обработваните файлове; разполага с вграден FTP клиент, чрез който можете да редактирате файловете директно докато са на уеб сървъра.

Умее да записва, съхранява и зарежда макроси; сравнява текстове и оцветява различията; специализиран е в работа с HTML, PHP, Pascal, JScript, VBScript, MS-Dos, Perl, C++, SQL, ASP, Python и др. езици; има опция за оцветяване синтаксиса на програмните кодове в различни цветове; довършване започнати команди; пълнофункционален HEX редактор; конвертира HTML код от/в CSS, XML, XHTML; разполага с интегриран CSS редактор (TopStyle Lite); компресира и форматира програмни кодове; експортира в Pascal, INI, HTML, XML, PHP и др. PSPad има функция за проверка на правописа, вграден уеб браузър и др.

С PSPad Editor, могат да се отварят и редактират много документи едновременно (поддържа tab-ове), разполага с вграден FTP-клиент, чрез който могат да се редактират файлове директно докато са на уеб сървъра, може да сравнява текстове и оцветява различията.

Продуктът има многоезичен интерфейс (на български, английски, немски, чешки, словенски, унгарски, италиански и др.), помощен файл. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в PSPad

  • Compiler – if you run compiler and not Catch program output is selected, compiler window won’t be hidden
  • Code explorer – ESC closes Code explorer. Removed.
  • parameter Statusbar functions require DblClick instead of SingleClick (Program settings / Program 2) has influence of the top editor ruller behavior too.
  • ASCII chart – new button CP as editor – this buttons sets content of ASCII chart into same CP as current editor window. Note, that ASCII chart works with singlebyte encodings only, not with UTF-xxx
  • Regular expressions – library based on Perl syntax was replaced with library supporting PCRE syntax
  • New user highlighter for ASAR assembler (David Wilson)
  • Computer suspend – FTP is disconnected.
  • Computer suspend – new modified files are saved in %Temp%PSPadResume folder
  • TeX code explorer shows head
  • User highlighter – added HEX number attribute
  • TeX highlighter – added block comments –[[ ]]– and starthiding stophidding. Each comment has different attribute and allows you set different color. As „operator“ attribute you can color for if++, if+-, eif, efi
  • menu Edit / Special conversion between text, URL, QuotedPrintable, Base64 fully supports unicode. UTF-8 is used for char presentation
  • Find in files dialog was changed from modal to normal. It allows let dialog open and edit files together
  • Favourite window contains new section – script. You can add script there by selecting from drop down list
  • User highlighter definition – added block comment for Autoit3 – #cs … #ce
  • New PSPad command line parameter /F or /FR (as alternative -F or -FR) will start search on open file. /F for normal search, /FR for search with regular expressions. Syntax: pspad „pathfile“ /F „search expression“
  • PSPad remembers column with of Name, size and modified for File explorer and FTP
  • User friendly message when you try compare file with selected file from disk in case both files has different encoding
  • Insert text to lines – added „Apply“ button, so you can use this function several times without leaving dialog
  • FTP connection list – added folder functionality
  • New option in Program settings / Program 1 – Don’t change Toolbar icon size when monitor DPI is changed
  • Insert text to lines (Alt+I) – added step for numbering, added labels
  • New action Open favourite (Shift+Ctrl+A) for easier access to favourite tab in left panel. Panel is selected and tree with favourite is focused. You can move cursor and open file or run tool with Enter.
  • Handled exception when Recent.INI file was marked as ReadOnly
  • Editor window – Ruller – with high DPI was column numbers high above the ticks
  • Open file from internet (menu File / Open special) – function doesn’t detect code page
  • Char case change doesn’t work with cyrilic letters
  • 64b version ends with exception, joined to store recent files
  • TextDiff drop box was invisible when you drag file over PSPad if left panel was switched off
  • User highlighter dialog wasn’t possible close if no editor window was open
  • crash on PSPad exit
  • XML Code explorer
  • handled exception when closing PSPad x64
  • handled exception when several PSPad instances was closed at once and all instances write file state in same time
  • Program Settings / KeyMap – problem drawing with scrollbar (only some group and languages)
  • if main PSPad window was maximized, minimized and open file from outside, PSPad wasn’t restored as maximized
  • ASCII chart wasn’t translated after language change
  • Python highlighter – search for matching bracket if bracket was in string
  • Highlighting URL in text doesn’t respect two dots – something..html
  • in case PSPad was set as StayOnTop, some dialog window appear behind the main window
  • FTP connection – duplicate connection ends with message „Connection already exists“
  • problem with editor window name when you open many small files at once
  • HEX editor – search in HEX – if you paste search string from Excel, you got info that text contains non hex chars (Excell adds line break)
  • HEX editor – undo after bytes rewriting
  • HEX editor – find/replace when switching from text and back
  • reduce Windows flicker when you restore PSPad from minimized to maximized state
  • HEX editor – paste text into HEX part, copied from external source (e.g. Excel)
  • fixed behavior when PSPad is minimized to Tray icon
  • Code explorer fix after new regular expression library implementation
  • HEX editor copy/paste in text part
  • System integration into context menu for limited user
  • ASCII chart – Print button changes label when Coda page was changed
  • exception when bigger amount of files was closed one by one

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