PSPad е мощен и безплатен текстов редактор за програмисти, който може да редактира множество документи едновременно; няма ограничения за размера на обработваните файлове; разполага с вграден FTP клиент, чрез който можете да редактирате файловете директно докато са на уеб сървъра.

Умее да записва, съхранява и зарежда макроси; сравнява текстове и оцветява различията; специализиран е в работа с HTML, PHP, Pascal, JScript, VBScript, MS-Dos, Perl, C++, SQL, ASP, Python и др. езици; има опция за оцветяване синтаксиса на програмните кодове в различни цветове; довършване започнати команди; пълнофункционален HEX редактор; конвертира HTML код от/в CSS, XML, XHTML; разполага с интегриран CSS редактор (TopStyle Lite); компресира и форматира програмни кодове; експортира в Pascal, INI, HTML, XML, PHP и др. PSPad има функция за проверка на правописа, вграден уеб браузър и др.

С PSPad Editor, могат да се отварят и редактират много документи едновременно (поддържа tab-ове), разполага с вграден FTP-клиент, чрез който могат да се редактират файлове директно докато са на уеб сървъра, може да сравнява текстове и оцветява различията.

Продуктът има многоезичен интерфейс (на български, английски, немски, чешки, словенски, унгарски, италиански и др.), помощен файл. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в PSPad

  • Tab color is applied to the tab you call context menu
  • Set bookmarks by selection (menu Search) – sets unnumbered bookmarks to the begin and end of selected text
  • Interactive code clips – window respects high DPI settings
  • Color selector – height of color cell is higher for high DPI settings
  • Select text inside bookmarks (menu Edit) – select text according to nearest bookmarks above and bellow the cursor
  • Ruby – multiline strings
  • Project settings, Highlighter settings / Compiler, Tools settings – added possibility to set log encoding (OEM, ANSI / UTF-8)
  • First time run localization isn’t taken from system, but from user OS localization
  • Autocomplete includes first bracket – new option in Program settings / Editor 2
  • New program actions aDOSFormat, aMACFormat, aUNIXFormat. It allows change line ends format in scripting, allows to assign shortcut
  • Sessions (File menu, Toolbar button) – PSPad remembers last session. Last session is selected in Session manager, last session is marked in menu items with star icon
  • New version check was moved into separate thread – it doesn’t delay program start
  • Left panel – you need to keep CTRL when you want to undock Window as protection for unwanted undocking
  • Add Accent marks function works on selected text. Till now always on whole text
  • Search/Replace dialog – optimization – when you start with confirmation and answer Replace all, following replace process skips all drawing and will be lightning fast
  • Undo and Redo optimized for big change number
  • Exception – added support to send report for mail clients without Simple MAPI support
  • TextDifference – fixed in 64 bit version
  • Hex Editor – fix for 64b version
  • If dark skin was used, the content of help was unreadable (black font on dark background)
  • Search/Replace – in some cases cursor appear out of editor area
  • Open big file without running PSPad – wasn’t possible to confirm dialog with keyboard
  • Runtime error after PSPad is closed
  • Code explorer – if docked in left panel, left panel always appear after start
  • Program start toolbar flickering
  • About program dialog with dark skin closes PSPad
  • Search broke highlight same occurences
  • Undo/Redo doesn’t refresh editor state
  • Exception when a large number of files are open when starting the PSPad
  • Catch tool output from Link panel
  • User Highlighter – fix for case sensitive languages
  • Lot of fixes joined with skins and drawing
  • When first file tab was active when program was closed, it wasn’t activated with next start
  • Autocomplete text color problem when Windows skin is set with dark color scheme
  • Ruby – section #{ … } in string and string end
  • FTP – file list icons was too smal for high DPI
  • 64b ends with „program stopped working“ message in some cases
  • Ruby highlighter – class method was highlighted as label

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