Registry Workshop 2.0.0


Registry Workshop e програма, която Ви позволява да извършвате всякакви манипулации с регистъра на Вашия компютър. Лиценз: Shareware

Промени в тази версия:
– Added support for comparing registries.
– Added a browse button to Find dialog for browsing registry keys.
– Added „Undo This Action“ and „Redo This Action“ commands to the context menu of History window. You can undo or redo an arbitrary action
– Added support for showing the description of Favorites item on tooltips.
– Improved the performance of loading big registry files.
– Fixed a bug when exporting find results to registry file.
– Fixed a bug in installer. The installer will not create desktop shortcut when upgrading from old versions.

Официална страница:
Download: Registry Workshop 2.0.0 EN | BG Mirror (456 KB)
Download: Registry Workshop 2.0.0 BG | BG Mirror (474 KB)

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