Registry Workshop 2.3.0


Registry Workshop e програма, която Ви позволява да извършвате всякакви манипулации с регистъра на Вашия компютър. Лиценз: Shareware.

Промени в тази версия:
* Added bookmark support
* Added a „Sync With“ popup menu to the context menu of registry key or value when more than one registry windows are opened. This function allow you easily to display the same key or value in different registry windows when comparing different local or rem
* Added „New Local Registry Window“ and „Connect Network Registry“ buttons to toolbar
* Added shortcut keys for most toolbar and program functions
* Added support for showing shortcut keys in tooltips of toolbar
* Added „Open URL“ command to the context menu when the selected key or value contains a URL
* Other minor improvements and fixes

Официална страница:
Download: Registry Workshop 2.3.0 (English) | BG Mirror (469 KB)
Download: Registry Workshop 2.3.0 (Bulgarian) | BG Mirror (488 KB)

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