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ShareX е open source програма за заснемане на екрана. Програмата е бърза и може да заснема както целия екран, така и части от него. Характерна черта на ShareX е възможността за създаване на скрийншоти не само с правоъгълна форма, а и с други геометрични форми – триъгълник, кръг, ромб и други.

Основни възможности на ShareX:

  • Възможност за добавяне на графични ефекти – прозрачност и/или сянка около екранната снимка и други (общо 37 ефекта)
  • С помощта на Shift+PrtScn е възможен избор на област от екрана
  • Възможност за лесно споделяне на екранните снимка
  • Всеки скрийншот може да бъде изпратен към файлово хранилище и автоматично да се получи къса препратка към него
  • Възможно е да се избере точно кой хостинг да се използва
  • Наличен е вграден софтуерен инструмент за прихващане изображението на екрана, който е удобен за запис на действията на потребителя
  • Вграден FTP клиент
  • Разпознаване на QR-кодове
  • Поддържат се клавишни комбинации
  • Удобна и бърза настройка на всички параметри

ShareX е бърза и удобна програма за заснемане на екрана. Лиценз: Безплатен (Open Source).

Промени в ShareX 13.0.0:

Added thumbnail view mode to main window Added “Switch to list view” button to right click menu which can be used to return to list view
Clicking on image file thumbnails shows fullscreen image preview
For non-image files, file icon will be shown instead and clicking on them opens the file
Clicking on thumbnail title will open URL or file path, depending on which one exists
Added “Hide thumbnail title” button to right click menu to be able to have compact thumbnail view
Colored glows at the top of thumbnails are status indicators; green means task is running, blue means task is done and red means upload failed
File thumbnails can be dragged to copy file to Windows Explorer or another application
Added dark theme support which is enabled by default If you do not like the dark theme then you can return back to light theme by unchecking “Use dark theme” option from application settings window
“Use dark theme” option only enables dark mode in main window and tray menu. If you would like all windows to use dark theme then check “Experimental dark theme” option in application settings window. The reason why we decided not to enable this option by default is because this option works by changing color properties of each control to dark theme colors but most controls in Windows Forms look bad when their color properties are changed or do not completely support changing the control colors
Added dark title bar support for Windows 10 17763 or higher (by @sylveon)
Moved “Use white ShareX icon” option to application settings general tab
Added image size label to fullscreen image viewer
Added select & move annotation tool (by @Danielku15)
Added “Switch to drawing tool after shape selection” and “Switch to selection tool after shape drawing” annotation options (by @Danielku15)
Added magnify annotation tool
Added Zero Width Shortener URL shortener
Support video uploads to Imgur (Because Imgur is recognised as an image destination, to be able to upload video files to Imgur you must configure ShareX to upload mp4 files to Imgur from “Task settings window -> Uploader filters tab”)
Support audio in Gfycat video uploads
Support custom uploader syntax in FTP URL path
Added “Response info” tab to custom uploader settings window
Show update message box when about window update checker label is clicked instead of immediately downloading the update
If upload is stopped or failed when early copy URL option is enabled then clear the clipboard
Added expiration support to Teknik file and text uploaders
Added Intel Quick Sync encoding support to screen recording, provides hardware H.264 encoding on Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs and up and hardware H.265 encoding on Skylake CPUs and up via a dedicated die on the processor chip (by @sylveon)
Added option to disable notification toast windows when active window is fullscreen (Task settings window -> Advanced tab -> DisableNotificationsOnFullscreen)
Added option to disable hotkeys when active window is fullscreen (Application settings window -> Advanced tab -> DisableHotkeysOnFullscreen)
Show balloon tip warning when application settings fail to save (Main reason we added this notification is because anti-virus softwares or the controlled folder access feature in Windows 10 tend to block ShareX from saving settings and users not become aware of it)
Added “Set public-read ACL on file” option to Google Cloud Storage (by @lucario)
Support wildcard characters in history window filename filter and image history window search
Added random non ambiguous alphanumeric character support for file naming, example usage: %rna{8}
Added “Show stats” button to history window which shows statistics calculated from history
Added refresh button to image effects window
Added slice image effect
Added random position option to image watermark effect

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