Shotcut 20.09.13


Shotcut е мощен кросплатформен видео редактор, който може да редактира и конвертира видеофайлове с най-различни формати.

Една от основните особености на Shotcut е смесването на видеа с различна резолюция и различна честота на кадрите.

Видеоклиповете могат да бъдат поставени на обща времева скала чрез обикновено издърпване и пускане, а след това да се внасят всякакви промени – да се настройва аудиото, да се коригират цветовете и баланса на бялото, да се използват филтри за наситеността на цветовете или за детайлността на видеото.

Всички промени могат да бъдат отменяни и повтаряни многократно. Интерфейсът на Shotcut е много удобен и е подходящ както за начинаещи, така и за опитни потребители. Лиценз: Безплатен (Open Source).

Промени в Shotcut 20.09.13:

  • Added a Blur: Pad video filter and made it available in Slideshow generator as Pad Blur.
  • Added a Text: Rich video filter and made Text: HTML hidden since it is deprecated (still loads in old projects).
  • Added a workspace layout switcher to the main toolbar for the new stock workspace layouts.
  • Added a VUI to the 360: Transform video filter to adjust parameters by dragging.
  • Added Set Equirectangular Projection… to the Jobs menu for a successful export job. This is used to add metadata to a video file to indicate it is 360॰ video in the equirectangular projection as required by most players and web services.
  • Added Zoom to fit icons to the Timeline and Keyframes toolbars.
  • Improved the performance of the Timeline especially with projects over one hour long.
  • Upgraded FFmpeg to version 4.3.1.
  • Changed Size and Position to Size, Position & Rotate and made Rotate and Scale hidden (only appears in old projects).
  • Replaced ChoppyCrop: Circle, and Crop: Rectangle filters with new versions that do not use HTML through WebVfx, which was deprecated in version 20.06.28.
  • Changed the Rutt-Etra-IzerSwirl, and Text: 3D filters to be hidden since they are deprecated (still loads in old projects).
  • Replaced View > Layout > Timeline Project with new, better LoggingEditingFXColorAudio, and Player stock layouts.
  • The current layout is saved automatically for each stock layout if selected, and Restore Default Layout is different for each stock layout.
  • Changed the video track hidden icon on the System theme to be more clear and obvious.
  • Show an error dialog on startup if the frei0r plugins are not installed (only affects Linux distribution packages).
  • Changed the keyboard shortcut 0 to zoom timeline to fit.
  • Changed the keyboard shortcut Alt+0 to zoom playlist to fit.
  • Changed the Timeline and Keyframes time ruler interval to 1 second when zoomed in.
  • Fixed using a secure connection to get the upgrade URL.
  • Fixed a rounding error for Color Grading video filter.
  • Fixed a crash and incorrect preview scaling with more than one Rotate and Scale or Size and Position filter.
  • Fixed colors when using an alpha/VP8 or alpha/VP9 export preset.
  • Fixed video compositing with nothing on video track V1 or V1 hidden.
  • Fixed export may fail when using extended (non-Latin-1) characters in path.
  • Fixed EDL export.
  • Fixed ExportConvert, or Reverse may fail if a temporary file it creates becomes locked on Windows.
  • Fixed Properties > Color button not opening the color dialog with the current color.
  • Fixed the Crop: Source video filter when using Settings > Proxy.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a MLT XML project file to a non-empty Timeline.
  • Fixed the font dialog may too big or the preview inside the font dialog too big for Text: Simple filter.
  • Fixed filters not being applied to the portion of a clip inside a transition after undo of CutLiftRemoveRipple Delete, or move.
  • Fixed a crash changing speed of a clip with non-standard non-integer or variable frame rate.
  • Fixed some dialogs not opening or staying in the foreground.
  • Fixed some crashes in timeline overwrite mode.
  • Fixed clicking the filters icon next to Output not opening the filters panel.

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Изтегли: Shotcut 20.09.13 Portable за Windows 64-bit (115 MB)
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