Siemens Mobile Control 2.1.7


Siemens Mobile Control e програма, подобна на Oxygen Phone Manager, но за телефони с марката Siemens. Програмата може да работи с адресната книга, да изпраща SMS, да сменя логотипа на оператора, да добавя мелодии в iMelody-формат и др. Поддържа Siemens 25, C35(i), M35, S35(i), SL42(i),SL45(i), C45, S45(i), ME45, M50, MT50, C55, S55, M(MT)50, M55, C60, MC60. Лиценз: Shareware.

Промени в тази версия:
– in popup menu of the tray icon possibility show separately windows Explorer, Addressbook and Calendar without showing of the main window
– accommodation of the „VIP group“ marking in phonebook on SIM card (older phones: char „exclamation“ as last char of name, latter phones: char „pound“ – GSM code 01)
– detection of the free space on the MMC card S65
– to „Remote control“ added possibility „text mode“
– in Calendar (x55, x65) in repeated events possibility set end of the repetition just as in the phone (Occurrences, Forever, Until)
– in Explorer: – expansion of the possibilities to files marking (Shift+click, Up, Down, Home, End), drag and drop, – at copying of the more files is displayed the total progress indicator.

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Download: Siemens Mobile Control 2.1.7 | BG Mirror (890 KB)

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