Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Client


Обнови се още една от най-популярните антивирусни програми. Промените за тази версия все още не са излезнали. К ще Ви предостави и външен линк за сваляне веднага щом версията бъде пусната официално.

Промени в тази версия:
NEW! Expanded Threat Detection and Threat Categorization recognizes unwanted applications such as spyware and adware;
NEW! Threat Tracer identifies the source of blended threat attacks that spread via open file shares (e.g. Nimda);
NEW! Outbound email worm heuristics prevent client systems from spreading worms via email;
NEW! Internet Email Attachment Scanning of incoming emails delivered through POP3 mail clients such as Microsoft?Outlook? Eudora? and Netscape Mail;
NEW! Symantec VPN Sentry ensures systems are in full compliance with corporate policy prior to accessing corporate network resources;
NEW! Store and Forward Alerts feature ensures that machines not connected to the network store and forward event data to administrators after reconnecting to the network;
NEW! In-Memory Scanning detects threats and can terminate suspect processes in memory before they cause damage;
Centralized network auditing capabilities help identify unprotected nodes, as well as those protected by Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition and select third-party security products.

Официална страница:
Download: Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Client Only | BG Mirror (19.21 MB)
Download: Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Client with Firewall (Symantec Client Security 2.02) (26.16 MB)
Download: Documentation (2.26 MB)

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