TeamViewer 12.0.75813


TeamViewer е програма, която ще ви даде възможност да се свържете към отдалечен компютър. Програмата разполага с три режима на работа: цялостното споделяне на компютъра, споделяне само на работната площ и трансфер на данни между двата компютъра. TeamViewer се състои от две части: TeamViewerQS – това е така наречената сървърна част, която трябва да е инсталирана на компютъра, с който искате да осъществите връзка и TeamViewer_Setup това е така наречена клиентска част, през която ще се свържете с отдалечената машина и инсталираната на нея сървърна част.

TeamViewer ще е от полза на хората, които поддържат компютри, намиращи се далеч от тях, при прехвърляне на файлове, при дистанционни презентации и много други отдалечени действия. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Повече за TeamViewer можете да научите от нашата статия TeamViewer – отдалечен достъп до вашият компютър.

Промени в TeamViewer 12.0.75813:

Bug fixes
•Now the last used window size and tab is automatically used when opening the main window using the new user interface
•Now there is a connection indicator added to the Computers & Contacts list using the new user interface
•Now there is a link from the simplified user interface to the connection reports in the Management Console
•Now the navigation in the new user interface is resizable
•Fixed a bug that caused TeamViewer to crash after setting the video source in the properties to „No Video“
•Fixed a bug that caused the session recording to freeze if the session was minimized
•Fixed a bug where the title in the title bar during a session did not display the configured name correctly
•Fixed a bug where TeamViewer 12.0.72365 crashed if the remote side closed the connection during a recorded session
•Fixed a crash on the remote side that occurred in some special cases when closing the connection
•Fixed a bug where the password could already be entered while the server connection was still established so that the password had to be entered again
•Fixed a bug that caused the wallpaper to be displayed after fast user switch was performed even if the „Hide wallpaper“ option was activated
•Fixed a bug that caused a black remote control screen when performing fast user switch on a Windows Server 2016 machine
•Fixed a bug where sometimes a crash occurred when the feedback button was clicked using the new user interface
•Fixed a bug where no notification was displayed for incoming chat messages using the new user interface
•Fixed a bug where the password was not displayed correctly using the new user interface
•Fixed a bug where the player to view recorded sessions did not work properly
•Fixed a bug where the microphone was activated when the client started a Voice over IP call
•Fixed a bug where the microphone was activated when clicking the communication tab in the toolbar
•Fixed a bug where the TeamViewer Panel of the remote computer was lost after a paused recorded session was resumed
•Fixed a bug where the audio icon was missing within the TeamViewer Panel
•Fixed a bug within the Computers & Contacts list where collapsing the „nearby“ group led to clearance of the list
•Fixed a bug where clicking on chat or service case notifications did not work
•Fixed a bug where the displayed icon for service cases inside the Notification Center was not correct
•Fixed a bug that caused a black remote control screen when setting the quality to grayscale
•Solved some other issues which caused crashes
•Minor improvements and fixes

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