The Bat! 2.12 RC1


Удобен и пълнофункционален e-mail клиент, който позволява изпращането на e-mail, както по интернет, така и по локалната мрежа.

Промени в тази версия:
-Mark stored junk mail as read“ checkbox enabled status wasn’t dynamically updated when checking „Move a message to the Junk folder if the score is greater than“
-IMAP : filtering ignored queue
-IMAP : using decoded names in Folder Maintenance and request watcher
-VF : (#0003161) Mark the mail in common VF as Junk leads to common junk mail folder
-IMAP : some queue changes (should be faster now)
-IMAP : some synchronization staff
-IMAP : Moving messages has some problems (may be it caused problems in deletion and in filtering)
-Other: Authentication properties of an account weren’t stored (Beta issue)
-IMAP : minor fixes

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Download: The Bat! 2.12 RC1 | BG Mirror (2.3 MB)


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