The Bat! 2.12 RC3


Удобен и пълнофункционален e-mail клиент, който позволява изпращането на e-mail, както по интернет, така и по локалната мрежа.

Промени в тази версия:
[-] UI : (#0003206) TheBat! asks for a passwort, when you change the account in editor
[-] IMAP : Changing remote Outbox/Trash/Sent doesn’t need program restart
[-] Exchange : Some Exchange-related fixes
[-] Exchange : Attachment names with national characters were incorrectly encoded when sending messages via Exchange protocol
[-] Other : „Compress Folders“ also defragments message base and index files (.TBB and .TBI) on NTFS volumes
[-] Other : some cosmetic fixes.

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Download: The Bat! 2.12 RC3 | BG Mirror (2.34 MB)


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