Universal Extractor 2.0.0 RC2


Universal Extractor е уникална програма за извличане на данни от най-разнообразни архиви, инсталатори и други файлове.

Universal Extractor е неофициален ъпдейт на оригиналната програма UniExtract, в който е добавен режим за работа с много файлове, автоматично обновяване и други.

Основни възможности на Universal Extractor:

  • скрит режим на работа, без съобщения и прекъсвания;
  • работа с много файлове в една сесия;
  • режим на сканиране, в който се определят дали файловете подлежат на разархивиране, но без да се разархивират;
  • добавено е автоматично обновяване на програмата;
  • нови 100 типа поддържани файлове, работа с мултимедийни файлове, контекстно меню, списъци с пароли за различните видове компресиране, индикация на разкомпресирането;
  • интегрирана помощ;
  • автоматично разпознаване на 32-битовите и 64-битовите операционни системи. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Промени в Universal Extractor 2.0.0 RC2:

Added support for InstallScript installers
Added support for .bsa, .ba2 archives using BSA Browser
Added support for .pex scripts using Champollion
Added support for Bruns Engine encrypted files
Added support for .mo translation files using GNU gettext
Added support for .qm translation files using Qt Linguist
Added support for encrypted .wolf archives using WolfDec (plugin)
Added support for StuffIt X archives
Added support for install4j installers
Added TotalObserver as additional extractor choice for InstallShield
Added nightly update channel
Added changelog to update found message box
Added progress bar while search for update is in progress as the new updater might need more time than the old one on some systems
Added build date to ‘About’ window and feedback data
Added beta update channel
Added ‘Open most recent log file’ menu item
Fixed first-start assistant not being displayed when running from command line
Fixed language setting being reset if language file does not exist
Fixed UI images not being loaded if starting UniExtract from context menu
Fixed extraction from context menu if UniExtract is in scan mode
Fixed some files being misdetected as disk images
Fixed status box not being updated for some file types
Fixed MSI extraction failing for some files, which were supported in previous versions of Universal Extractor, thanks to mzso
Fixed some options (‘Open folder after extraction’, ‘Keep Open’) being ignored and UniExtract not exiting as intended (setting exit code, delete empty output directory) after certain message boxes, thanks to davidhbrown
Fixed some problems with file names containing non-ASCII characters
Fixed GUI being cut off if Windows font scaling is enabled
Fixed NSIS bin files extraction: prevented error message for every bin file; status box now displays correct file information
Fixed ‘Update failed’ error message on every start of UniExtract if not connected to the internet
Changed preferences dialog: redesigned GUI, added option to remove additional files, replaced numeral update interval with daily, weekly, etc. presets, removed timeout setting, added beta update setting
Changed file scan results message box: the name of the detector is now shown along with its result, output can now be selected and copied easily
Changed first start assistant: removed 2 pages and changed some wording
Changed msi extraction: added method selector prompt if the default extractor fails
Changed plugin file selector to use ‘Downloads’ folder as default
Improved file scan results for non-executable files
Improved UniExtract logo quality
Improved text quality for several dialogs
Removed RPGMaker Decrypter plugin, replaced with RGSS Decryptor CLI
Removed mpq plugin, replaced with built-in TotalObserver
Removed StuffIt Expander, replaced with unar
Removed FLV Extract CL, decompression is done with FFMPEG instead
Updated 7Zip to 19.00
Updated demoleition to 0.60
Updated EnigmaVB unpacker to 0.55
Updated fsbext to 0.3.8
Updated innounp to 0.48
Updated lessmsi to 1.6.1 mod
Updated QuickBMS to 0.9.0
Updated rmvdec to 1.1.0
Updated SQLite to 3.25.1
Updated ttarchext to 0.3.1a
Updated VISExt to 2.2.6777.0
Updated ZPAQ to 7.15
Updated Czech translation, thanks to DžejPý
Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation, thanks to deluxghost
Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation, thanks to jfcherng
Updated Croatian translaton, thanks to Alen Bajo
Updated Finnish translation, thanks to jyrkive
Updated Greek translation, thanks to gvp9000
Updated Italian translation, thanks to NAMP and tfr
Updated Korean translation, thanks to 까꿍
Updated Polish translaton, thanks to Barnaba and dmocha
Updated Russian translation, thanks to wvxwxvw
Updated Spanish translation, thanks to GGobbi
Updated Ukrainian translation, thanks to YuriPet

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