WebSite-Watcher 2021 21.0 Final


WebSite-Watcher Ви позволява да наблюдавате сайтовете за ъпдейти и промени. Така можете да следите своята конкуренция, без дори да си помръднете пръста. Когато програмата открие промени в някой сайт, тя запазва новата и старата версия на сайта и оцветява променените участъци от текста.

Можете да организирате сайтовете, които следите, в различни категории, да прилагате филтри за пренебрегване на често променящи се части от дадена страница, да избирате между различни методи за следене и много други възможности.
WebSite-Watcher следи за обновявания и промени любимите ви уебсайтове. Когато програмата открие някакви промени, веднага ги оцветява и запазва в удобен за преглеждане вид. Освен това можете да прилагате различни филтри за често променящи се секции, да следите новинарски групи, форуми и други динамично променящи се страници. Лиценз: Платен (Shareware).

Промени в WebSite-Watcher 2021 21.0 Final:

  • [+] Cosmetic filters: This is an extremely powerful new feature to completely remove unwanted content from a page. Cosmetic filters are applied before the page is processed by WebSite-Watcher. Result is or can be a (much) smaller page with only the content you want to monitor. This feature can also be used to remove cookie banners, floating windows etc.
  • [+] Check technology „Default“ uses now an internal Cookie database (instead of IE Cookies)
  • [+] Check technology „Screenshot“ is now based on Chromium (instead of Internet Explorer)
  • [+] Check technology „Screenshot“ can now be executed in Incognito mode
  • [+] CSS filters: additional rules
    css(name) … default behavior, matches all elements with id=“name“ or class=“name“
    css(#name) … matches all elements with id=“name“
    css(.name) … matches all elements with class=“name“
    css(.name*) … matches all elements with class attribute containing „name“ (will match class=“name name2″)
  • [+] Right click bookmark + Extras + Re-Initialize page: This can be useful when changes to the bookmark properties will not take effect until the next update is detected. This feature allows you to test changes to the bookmark properties immediately.
  • [x] Chromium Macros improved: More steps can be recorded
  • [+] Dropbox API: Support for short-lived tokens. It’s required that you re-connect to Dropbox.
  • [-] Connecting WSW with Dropbox could cause a false message that the Dropbox folder is not found
  • [-] WebSite-Watcher could cause a crash when closed via Windows Shutdown
  • [x] Improved behavior when closing WebSite-Watcher via Windows-Shutdown
  • [x] Special filter „Watch all changes in image addresses“: WebSite-Watcher will insert all these image addresses to the end of the page, so you can see in your browser which addresses are changed.
  • [x] Special filter „Watch all changes in link addresses“: WebSite-Watcher will insert all these link addresses to the end of the page, so you can see in your browser which addresses are changed.
  • [+] Bookmark action „Local Website Archive“: Save entered notes
  • [+] Script command „BackupToZip“: New parameter /NoCacheFiles. The created backup file will be much smaller and only contain the bookmark database with all required files and configurations.
  • [+] Shortcuts can be defined for Browser+Back and Browser+Forward
  • [+] Shortcuts window: Search feature
  • [+] New program tweak: BrowserAcceptLanguage=
    Lets you configure the „accept-language“ HTTP header. This tweak will be used for the internal browser and for bookmark checks that are based on Chromium (Chromium/Browser, Chromium-Macros and Check-by-screenshot). For more information about this header search the web for „HTTP Accept-Language“.
    Default value is: en-US,en
    Example: BrowserAcceptLanguage=de-DE,de,en-US,en
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

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