ZoneAlarm 5.5.0012 Beta


Осигурява добра и надеждна защита на вашия компютър от нежелани посегателства. Въпреки че програмата е предназначена за потребителите на DSL и кабелни модеми, добра работа може да свърши и на потребителите с DialUp достъп. Лиценз: Shareware.

Промени в тази версия:
* New Network detection wizard;
* Various bug fixes;
* Junk e-mail filtering (ZA Suite only).

Known Issues

* When EZ AV 6.1 or 6.2 is out-of-date, AV Monitoring may still says it is up-to-date (23807)
* When some CA AV products running, our AV Monitoring still says NO AV protection (23370)
* Mailsafe will rename files download via news readers (23563)
* ZL Client conflict with HP Photosmart printer at startup (22772)

Fixed Issues since 5.5.007

* Uninstall issues on 9x (23283)
* Issue with IM Security Spam blocker on Gaim (23704)
* During upgrade Configuration Wizard was buried under other windows (23691)
* The „section description“ text has not been updated for the „Programs“ tab (23571, Case 70)
* Installation issue on 64 bit machine with 32-bit OS (23510, Case: 142)
* Installation process hang (23436)
* System hang (23382)
* When other antivirus product is being uninstalled and if this process is cancelled, ZA prompts a false alert (uninstallation complete) (23073).

Официална страница:
Download: ZoneAlarm 5.5.0012 Beta | BG Mirror (6.37 MB)
Download: ZoneAlarm Security Suite 5.5.0012 Beta | BG Mirror (15.1 MB)

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