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Барбара Ууд (Кетрин Харви)

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Barbara Wood (Kathryn Harvey) - Барбара Ууд е родена в Англия през 1947г. Тя израства в Калифорния, като години наред работи като сестра в неврологично отделение.

=Барбара Ууд=

Hounds and Jackals (1978)

It's been four years since Lydia Harris last spoke to her elder sister, Adele. When Adele telephones from Rome and interrupts Lydia's work as a nurse at the Santa Monica Emergency Hospital, she's more than a little surprised-and curious. Adele explains that she sent a parcel to Lydia, and after Lydia receives it, she must come to Rome at once. Disturbed by her sister's cryptic message, Lydia is further puzzled when the parcel arrives containing a beautiful Egyptian gaming piece in the form of a jackal. When Lydia's apartment is suddenly burglarized, she's astonished that the only thing stolen is the wrapping paper in which the jackal was mailed. Deeply concerned about her sister's fate, Lydia determines to track her down, flying first to Rome and then to Cairo. But the deeper she becomes involved in her search, the further she leaves behind the comfortable world of her hospital and the undeclared love of a handsome doctor. Drawn into a lethal battle of wits, Lydia confronts murder, mysterious strangers, and death threats. But in a final confrontation in the Valley of the Kings, Lydia just might face her worst nightmare.
The Magdalene Scrolls (1978)
Benjamin Messer finds himself drawn into the past as he deciphers the Magdalene scrolls, written by David Ben Jonah. As he digs deeper, the riddle of the scrolls becomes terrifyingly personal and he becomes tormented by the spirit of the author, a 1st-century murderer burdened with guilt.
Curse This House (1978)
When her mother dies in 1857, Leyla's only link with her heritage is a letter and a name, Pemberton. Resolved to unlocking her past, she travels to the brooding mansion of Pemberton Hurst. However the Pemberton's seem reluctant to discuss the past. Then terror strikes as a murderer roams the house.
Night Trains (1979)
THE DARING RESISTANCE STRATAGEM THAT PARALYSED THE WEHRMACHT - Describes the imminent rape of Sofia, Poland in December 1941 by the occupying German war machine. Examines how two senior hospital doctors and a parish priest who were aware of Sofia's "final Solution" implemented a stratagem of equal ruthless ness to outwit the ever-present Gestapo. Details how their unleashed a fake epidemic to liberate the peoples of the city from the merciless Nazis.
Yesterday's Child (1979)
When Andrea arrives at her ancestral home in England from Los Angeles, she feels as if she is entering a world that is both strange yet hauntingly familiar. Waiting for her is Victor Townsend, a man from beyond the grave who makes Andrea a slave to love and fear.
Childsong (1981)
From master storyteller Barbara Wood comes an engrossing suspense novel about a young girl caught between the possibilities of science and the mysteries of faith. According to the doctors, seventeen-year-old Mary McFarland is pregnant. But Mary knows she is a virgin, despite her strange symptoms. In 1960s America, a woman's worst social disgrace is to become pregnant out of wedlock. A good Catholic high school girl, Mary suddenly finds herself at the center of a scandal, rejected and ostracized by family, friends, and even her priest. At first she doesn't accept what people say and thinks something else is wrong with her. But no one will believe her or try to help. When a doctor begins to wonder if Mary's claim to innocence could possibly be justified, he begins to investigate. The scientific theory he develops to explain her pregnancy is so bizarre and such a medical oddity that he knows the McFarland family, the church - and the world - will very likely refuse to accept it. But if he is right, what kind of child is Mary carrying? Mary and her family are suddenly trapped in a chilling conflict between the possibilities of science - and the mysteries of faith.
The Watch Gods (1981)
After losing a chance to be an assistant professor, Dr. Mark Davison is saved from unemployment by a stroke of extraordinary good fortune. A stranger arrives on his doorstep with an item any historian would envy-the journal of a Victorian Egyptologist who disappeared while looking for the legendary tomb of King Akhnaton. Mark accepts the offer to dig in the fabled sands of Tel el-Amarna to discover the grave-and a treasure that has eluded every seeker thus far. But Mark didn't bargain for the seven curses of the Watch Gods. Silent and stone-faced, the seven gigantic carved figures have stood sentinel at the entrance to the tomb for more than three thousand years, created by a fearful priesthood who knew that what they kept in everlasting quarantine must never be let loose. The guardians were charged with an evil power that could bring to life the oldest, most dreadful nightmares of mankind-nightmares that could annihilate the expedition that dares to disturb the tomb. But not even danger, myth, or legend will keep Mark from making the discovery of a lifetime.
Domina (1983)
Growing up in the squalor of Victorian London, Samantha dreams of becoming a doctor. From the crowded wards of charity hospitals to the grandeur of society receptions and the calm of medical schools, she uses all her strength and will to fight the prejudice which has banished women from medicine.
Vital Signs (1985)
Sondra, Ruth and Mickey are three girls with very different backgrounds who meet on their first day of medical school. Sondra is the adopted child of rich parents; Ruth is the daughter of a Jewish doctor who is against her becoming a doctor; and Mickey who comes from a poor background.
Soul Flame (1986)
Singled out from the moment of her mysterious birth, Selene is a woman with extraordinary healing powers. Driven by the desire to heal, she travels from Antioch to Rome in search of both knowledge and Andreas, the Greek physician she loves.
Green City in the Sun (1988)
Set in Kenya, in 1919, this book is of a British family, the Trevertons, who settle on an estate on the homeland of Kikuyu and the antagonism that develops between them and the tribe's own medicine woman, whose powers they disregard. "Domina" and "Vital Signs" are written by the same author.
The Gifts of Peace (1989)
The Dreaming: A Novel of Australia (1991)
In 1830 a scientist and his wife make their home with an Aboriginal clan. Four years later their daughter is brought into a mission clutching a satchel of notes. In 1871 Joanna docks in Melbourne convinced that her mother's dreams and sudden death are a result of her experiences as a girl.
Virgins of Paradise (1993) Девиците от Рая (Прокълната любов т1-Арабски нощи, т2-Тайната на харема)
ЕДИН СВЯТ, ДВЕ МЕЧТИ Те са затворнички в една райска градина -презадоволени, обожавани, но лишени от доста неща в един чувствен и екзотичен свят. Две изключителни жени с рядка красота и опасен дух - сестри, потискани жестоко от древна традиция - те трябва да платят висока цена за своите привилегии. Но гладът за забранената свобода ще ги посрами в очите на семейството им. И различните пътища, които поемат към приключението, удовлетворението и любовта, в крайна сметка ще ги отведат у дома -към това изпълнено с тъга и тайни място.
The Prophetess (1996)
The 21st century is approaching, and Caroline Alexander is determined to translate the ancient scrolls she has discovered. Deadly enemies are on her trail, but despite several almost fatal moments, she completes the translation and finds evidence to suggest that heaven really does exist.
Perfect Harmony (1998) Китайски сенки
Шарлот Ли е в кризисно положение. Трима души са починали от билковите продукти, произведени във фирмата й. „Хармония Биоток" е семейна компания, която продава билкови лекарства, разработени на базата на древни китайски рецепти.
Кой саботира компанията и иска да превърне Шарлот в жертва?! Някъде дълбоко в миналото на Шарлот дебнат сенките на предците й, които ще й посочат кой е истинският убиец и какви са мотивите му... Откритието ще промени живота й завинаги!
Sacred Ground (2001)
When a massive earthquake strikes California no one could have predicted the astonishing discoveries that were to follow: as a swimming pool sinks into the earth, it reveals the entrance to a previously unknown cave. Archaelogist Erica Tyler knows this could be one of the finds of the century, and when she arrives at the scene her instincts are proved right: she finds an age-old cave painting, whose vibrant colours and symbols mark the world of the shaman; a pair of spectacles that predate known European colonisation; and further strange and astonishing artefacts. But most astonishing of all are the human remains of someone known only as the 'First Mother', dating back almost 2000 years. However, angry local homeowners want the cave filled in and their lives back to normal as soon as possible and Jared Black, formidable campaigner for the Native American Heritage Commission, wants the site claimed for the relevant tribe. Erica refuses to back down as a childhood of foster homes meant she grew up never knowing her real identity and she won't let the First Mother be consigned to history in the same manner.
The Blessing Stone (2002)
Millions of years ago, a meteorite fell to earth and shattered, revealing a beautiful blue stone. One hundred thousand years ago, a girl named Tall One found the crystal on the African plain, and it formed her destiny-as well as the destiny of generations to come. From ancient Israel to Imperial Rome, medieval England to fifteenth-century Germany, the eighteenth-century Caribbean, and the nineteenth-century American West, the destiny of the stone and the history of the world unfold. Each story is full of the betrayals and obsessions of the human heart, and the quests of the human spirit. In The Blessing Stone, Barbara Wood has both told the intimate details of her characters' lives and created a sense of the epic sweep of human history.
The Star of Babylon (2005)
One stormy night archaeologist Candice Armstrong is summoned to the bedside of her old professor, John Masters, who is ill and is asking for her. The dying man begs her, incoherently, to go to his house, mentioning the Star of Babylon and a mysterious key. She is accompanied there by Glen Masters, the professor's estranged son, who is desperate to find out who would want to harm his father. Meanwhile, Philo Thibodeau, maverick member of an ultra-secret sect known as the Alexandrians, has become obsessed with collecting rare religious writings for his own nefarious purposes, in order to hasten the coming of God and the 'Luminance', a sacred light that has inspired members of the sect through the ages. Candice and Glen - who is also an Alexandrian, through his mother, Lenore - must race against time to reach the Star of Babylon before Philo does.
Daughter of the Sun (2007)
Seventeen-year-old Hoshi'tiwa had a simple life: The daughter of a humble corn grower, she planned to marry a storyteller's apprentice. But her world is turned upside down when she is captured by the powerful and violent ruler of an infamous city with legends of untold wealth and unspeakable acts of violence to its name. Hoshi'tiwa is suddenly thrown into the court of the Dark Lord, and as she struggles for power, she begins an illicit affair with the one man who has the ability to destroy her.
Bestselling author Barbara Wood has crafted a sweeping saga of one woman's struggle to survive within the dangerous and exotic world of the Toltec court. Set against the backdrop of Chaco Canyon and the mysterious Anasazi people, Daughter of the Sun is an unforgettable novel of power, seduction, murder, and betrayal.

Woman of a Thousand Secrets (2008)
An epic of magic and intrigue - This is the story of Tonina. She came from the sea, found floating in a basket by a childless couple. Unlike the fellow villagers in her adoptive home, she is tall, lean and light-skinned. When she turns nineteen, her parents know they must send her back to her people. And here is where Toninas tale of survival and sacrifice, of luck, magic, intrigue, danger, romance and betrayal begins . . .
This Golden Land (2010)
Eighteen-year-old Hannah Conroy has always dreamed of following in her father's footsteps as a healer. But in nineteenth-century England, the medical profession is closed to women. She sees midwifery as a back door into that world, but her fledgling career is crushed by personal tragedy. Seeking to escape a possible murder conviction in England, Hannah's world is literally turned upside down as she boards a boat bound for Melbourne. Young and naïve, with some laboratory notes and a handful of medical instruments, she hopes Australia is a place of a new beginning and a fresh start, a place where she can begin a midwife practice. Arriving during a period of enormous change in Australia, Hannah faces a myriad of challenges. Not only must she fight for acceptance as a medical professional, but she falls in love with and must decide between two men: Neal Scott, an American photographer seeking a new life in Australia, and Jamie O'Brien, a rowdy outlaw fleeing arrest. This Golden Land presents a sweeping historical saga of Australia and a love story that neither time nor distance can erase.
The Divining (2012)
Ancient Rome: 54 C.E. Nineteen-year-old Ulrika is plagued with strange visions and dreams. In order to discover the truth behind her past and her unusual powers, Ulrika embarks on a dangerous journey to her father's homeland, Germania. There, she discovers her calling, a rare gift known as the Divining. Sent on a quest to find her destiny, she travels far and wide, from ancient Germania to the vast and exotic countries of Syria, Babylon, and Persia. Along the way she meets wise spiritual guides men, women, and spirits alike who teach her to harness her ability to heal and protect others. Ulrika's journey also brings her close to the handsome trader Sebastianus Gallus, who must depart for his own quest to the Far East to gain riches for the powerful emperor Nero. But can Ulrika reunite with the man she loves, fulfill her profound destiny, and usher in a new era in Rome under the threatening rule of Nero? A powerful, spiritual story of romance, betrayal, faith, and courage, The Divining stunningly brings to life one young woman's daring role in shaping the entire ancient empire of Rome.

=Катрин Харви (псевдоним)=

1. Butterfly (1988) Бътерфлай

Каква е тайната на „Бътерфлай" - най-дискретния, луксозен и изтънчен клуб в Бевърли Хилс? Прикрит зад фасадата на шикозен бутик за мъжка мода, той предлага на своята дамска клиентела изпълнение и на най-съкровените сексуални фантазии.
Чий гений е създал този вълшебен дворец на мечтите? Може би зад всичко това стои едно разбито сърце? И един грандиозен план за отмъщение... Бевърли Хайленд е малко грозно патенце, което в отговор на своята голяма любов получава само унижение и болка. Но тя успява да превърне страданието в сила и красота, да стане богата, могъща и неотразима и да накара света да й се подчини. А за своите врагове тя е подготвила страшна изненада...Вечната жажда на жената за нежност и любов в един свят на кариеризъм, пари и борба за власт. Един наниз от бисери на съвременния женски роман.
2. Stars (1992) Звезди
Знаменитата авторка на „Бътерфлай" отново ни среща с красивата и загадъчна Бевърли Хайленд, за да ни потопи в света на необузданите женски фантазии - отвъд удоволствието и екстаза. На уединен планински връх се издига фантастичен хотел - там си дават среща богатите, красивите и силните от Холивуд, за да вкусят удоволствие или да намерят отмъщение. Много съдби са поставени на изпитание в тайнствените покои на старинния замък. Но най-вече тази на красивата му собственичка - жена, забулена в тайни, оцеляла от трагедията, позора и скандалите на миналото си. Минало, което обаче я дебне на всяка крачка... Вечната жажда на жената за нежност и любов в един свят на кариеризъм, пари и борба за власт. Един наниз от бисери на съвременния женски роман.

Private Entrance (2005)

Abby Tyler is a woman on a mission. For more than thirty years, Abby has been desperately searching for her child - an infant stolen at birth before she even had a chance to see it. To locate her child and end years of heartache, Abby formulates a plan that will bring her face to face with a past she has tried to forget. Elsewhere, three strangers receive word that they've each won a contest that, oddly, they don't recall entering. None of them are prepared for the luxurious and erotic prize that awaits them - a week at The Grove. This exclusive anything-goes, no-questions-asked resort in the Southern California desert is an oasis so remote, that the only way in or out is by airplane. Amid the glamour of movie stars and the super-rich, the three strangers - Coco, Sissy, and Ophelia - find themselves embroiled in a baffling mystery involving the reclusive spa owner, Abby Tyler. As a deadly sandstorm approaches the resort, a murderer stalks the trapped guests. Someone will die, someone will find love, and all three women will come to astonishing realizations about themselves. From the sensual heat of the desert to the corrupt underworld of Las Vegas, author Kathryn Harvey delivers a stimulating tale with Private Entrance.

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Публикувано изображениеganinka написа на 23.01.2009г. в 12:21ч. :

Само така, моето момиче, с радост бих добавила някое левче в касичката за скенера. :jumping11: Ох, Xesi, недей :beat: :slap1: , в името на всеобщото благо е. Все пак са ХИЛЯДА ДВЕСТА И ОСЕМДЕСЕТ книги. :wow: Какво са те за нашата фирма :computer8: :ill: Тъкмо до към 2178 година сме ги свършили, навреме за 200-ния ми рожден ден. Публикувано изображение Страхотен подарък :gift: