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A sleepless night

A sleepless night,

filled with emptiness,

ruled by endless loneliness

A sleepless night and waft of sadness,

the dreams are broken and burned to ashes,

the desires are confused and uncertain

A strident fear and strong pain,

a hurt heart a captured soul

and hands shaking through the dark

The thoughts are furious trotting,

they are looking for a hope

but noting they are finding

and fast extinguish they die...

A sleepless night

the tears are coming out the eyes

and this sight turned to the stars...

(Безсънна нощ, Превод: Галето)


Devilish passion

A strong desire,

an unbridled passion

is coming out like fire

wild brims over

into a capturing feeling,

it’s tearing up the soul

like a scream into the silence

the heart stops in a moment

and madness is taking over the mind

This abyss I’m falling into

it’s like it doesn’t have an end,

devilish desire,

but it’s a real paradise.

(Дяволска страст, превод: Галето)



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