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DELL motherboard M5A990X EVO & AMD FX8120 Black Edition


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Machines based on AMD are far from being buried and Asus is the first defender with his new Asus motherboard called M5A990X EVO based on socket AM3 + and one of the most powerful chipsets on AMD 990X depth.The world leader in motherboards offers an attractive alternative in making accessible technology OctoCore eight embedded cores within a single processor AMD for an affordable price.Asus motherboard M5A990X EVO is compatible with all processors use the AM3 + FX series but especially the most powerful range of AMD.Largely dedicated to overclocking, this new platform is perfectly designed to meet the heavy demands generated by multi-tasking applications.Especially thanks to an HP G42 Black Edition completely unbridled, clocked at 3.1GHz and with a multiplier unbridled M5A990X the Asus EVO is designated as the ideal motherboard for achieving high performance.


Asus, the range of motherboards compatible with AM3 + is particularly rich for all chipsets are represented. The difference between AM3 and AM3 + is simply the compatibility with certain CPUs.


The AM3 + is the only one able to accommodate generation "Bulldozer". We thus find controllers AMD 760G, 880, 970, 990X and 990FX finally. Our Asus motherboard M5A990X EVO AMD 990X model incorporates the only difference with the version 990FX stands at PCI Express. It supports up to two graphics cards 8X (16X one) while the 990FX allows their use in 2x16X.Three PCI Express 16X format are available but also two ports in the format and even a former 1X PCI 32bits. AMD 990X chipset is accompanied by a second chip having the SB950 supports USB and SATA storage portion.Thus DV4 Battery incorporates functionality complete and versatile. It has four DDR3 memory ports whose maximum attainable frequency is 2133MHz and the total capacity can not exceed 32GB. To connect the storage media or SATA, SB950 allows up to six hard drives, optical drives or SSD.

The M5A990X EVO here has a distinct advantage because all ports follow the standard SATA 6Gbps which is not the case for Intel platforms. In the event that the battery connectors are not sufficient, the EVO M5A990X includes a second storage controller supports two SATA 3Gbps eSATA and an eSATA and finally a Power. This prevents the device require a power supply.Always a concern you can connect a maximum of devices, twelve USB 2.0 ports can be used simultaneously and managed by the main chipset. A second controller is compatible with the new USB 3.0 ports and four are managed. They support USB Boost technology and Asus claims gains of up to 170%.To connect to networks, an Ethernet interface is present and meets the standard Gigabit and his party will be provided by a Realtek chipset brand. Asus is also a solution in terms of cooling for the entire Pavilion DV6 supports up to four configurable fans directly under Windows or via the BIOS, UEFI version graph and therefore controllable with the mouse.

Like any motherboard offering advanced features of overclocking, the EVO has M5A990X stage digital power technology based DIGI + VRM. And with two independent processors activated by switches, users can choose between saving energy and power tenfold. These features can also be configured via the excellent application Ai Suite 2.Thus M5A990X EVO has a complete equipment to make a powerful machine adorned for multi tasks as photo retouching, video editing and Dell Latitude E6400 modeling.


The Asus M5A990X EVO ATX is based on a classic, opt for a black embellished PCB connectors and blue heatsinks. The whole is so aesthetically pleasing and will for sure make a configuration of more pleasant look.Asus we used to have a quality of design and assembly remarkable M5A990X the EVO is no exception as first class components are perfectly willing. And the installation of a cooler will not seek imposing real constraints even if it remains essential to take into account the height of memory modules. The latter finding regularly under the CPU cooler, an inconvenience that can not be found by using the example provided with the CPU cooler.One immediately notices that the socket is extremely uncluttered and thus leaves considerable room for the cooler most impressive. Below, five PCI Express x16 are willing and 2 PCI Express x1 and finally a 32-bit PCI.The radiator placed on the floors of power is bigger than average and is interconnected by a HP Pavilion G6 than the Northbridge.


Denuded of sinks, motherboard chipsets AMD reveals both 990X and SB950 as well as its digital power stage in the upper left of the socket. Southbridge it has a much less high sink but whose surface is optimized. The footprint is reduced so as not to interfere with the graphics card.

Top side of the socket AM3 +, four pins connector is accompanied by another three pines. Note that the latter is entitled Power Fan doomed to run at full speed because it is a steady voltage of twelve volts which is measured.Below the CPU, a second independent PWM connector to that reserved for cooler called Chassis Fan is wired in parallel to the second connector Chassis Fan 2 also three contacts.Network management is entrusted to a Realtek 8111E widespread. It supports Gigabit standard, uses the PCI Express 1.1 standard and is compatible with the VLAN, Wake on LAN WOL and Jumbo Frame.Finally, the sound is like all current motherboards integrated. In the case of M5A990X EVO is a Realtek ALC892 chipset multi-channel audio signal which should be at least 90dB, compatible with dv6000 Battery to flow. This chip focuses on using multimedia and communication process with its anti echo and noise suppressor.


SATA connectors are located directly in line with the highest graphics card. Even if they are bent, it is preferable or even essential to disassemble to access SATA taken. It is hoped that in future revisions, they will be placed down as auxiliary USB connectors where they will be much more accessible.

Connecting up to eight device is possible. Six connectors are managed by the main chipset of the motherboard and follow the standard 6Gbps. They can also be used in all a RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10. Too bad the mode 6 is still absent. Two additional connectors are limited to 3Gbps standard and are managed by JMB 362 chip based on an AHCI compliant PCI Express 1.0a.About additional USB connectors, it is possible to connect the six connectors housing deported as headphone, microphone, USB, Power / Reset LED and other. Even the serial port is still supported even if no bracket is provided. Missing an accessory no user regret.Connector reserved for USB 3.0 stands apart because it is located just below the DV7 slots. They are controlled by a chip Asmedia 1042 supports revision 2.0 of the PCI Express standard.

The motherboard is also equipped with a ventilation management because the Asus push M5A990X EVO can handle up to five fans. Only two PWM technology support and we look forward to in the near future all connectors reserved for this purpose abandon the older model with three contacts.

The rear panel is still very rich in Asus

1 PS2 keyboard or mouse hybrid

8 USB 2.0


1 Power eSATA


2 USB 3.0

6 mini audio jack

1 Firewire 400

Specificities of EVO Asus M5A990X

EPU and TPU switches are located at the bottom of the map. They can multiply the power of the processor by increasing its operating speed (TPU) or gain in energy savings through UPR.

Dell Inspiron 1525 button greatly facilitates the configuration of memory modules installed on the Asus M5A990X EVO since it allows to detect the frequency, voltage and timings correct. For reasons of compatibility and reliability, motherboards have always tended to set default values ??lower. Although it avoids potential crashes but unfortunately it is often the opportunity to glean a few percent extra power always welcome.

Diagnostic LEDs get our preference deal with digital displays debug because they are much more understandable. Even if the numbers displayed by debug are more accurate (though not always interpretable), the LEDs show tremendous efficiency. As it relates to the CPU, RAM, GPU or the Boot LED will remain lit to indicate a concern about the failing component. They are well placed and can not be mistaken.



The suffix "Evo" indicating an entry-level model, the bundle of M5A990X EVO simply the absolute minimum:

4 SATA cables

1 Rear Panel

1 Bridge multi GPU

1 adapter connector housing

1 documentation

CPU, RAM and Chipset

The AM3 + uses 938 pins or contacts making it compatible with the latest generation of AMD Bulldozer. For our test of the EVO Asus M5A990X, we use the Dell D630 Black Edition whose peculiarity is to be totally unrestrained.

This is a chip integrating eight cores engraved in 32nm for a nominal frequency of 3.1GHz. With the 2.0 TurboCore mode, then it can reach 4GHz. It has 128KB L1 cache, L2 cache and 8MB L3 in both.

It uses HyperTransport 3.0 technology, a bus connecting the CPU to the chipset and then offering a bandwidth of 4000MT / s full duplex.Finally its maximum TDP of 125 watts as the FX 8150. It comes with a heatpipe based on a copper base with four heatpipes traversed by numerous fins. The fan is a basic model with seven blades and supporting 70mm PWM.Editing is all still within the reach of all. Care should be taken to install the processor in the right direction with a keyed on its support.

The cooler will be fixed with two pins clipped by a lever clasp. An efficient, simple, fast and convincing.


We measure the performance of our platform in three profiles defined: Basic Frequency 3100MHz TurboCore mode disabled. Auto Tuning where we let the Asus EVO M5A990X automatically perform overclocking.

Frequency of 3100MHz

TurboCore mode activated at 4000MHz.

Fashion TPU enabled Compaq Presario CQ62 Overclocking manual.

We operate our customized for each profile using eight benchmark recognized for their specificities and peculiarities:



PCMark 2011



X264 Benchmark

3DMark 2011

Metro 2033

So we cover the capabilities of our machine on a wide range of applications:

Computationally intensive

Office and Multimedia

Processing files



Hyper PI has the advantage of using the full power of the CPU and therefore gives an excellent indication of the capabilities of the PC. More time is short and swift is the processor.


Default and without TurboCore mode, our AMD FX8120 Black Edition installed on the motherboard Asus EVO gets M5A990X 31.98 seconds against 16.61 for the Intel i7 2600K. This is showing up twice as fast.However, TurboCore mode achieves a significant gain of almost nine seconds. Although the FX8120 is still behind the Inspiron 1545 Battery,but do not forget that it is much more expensive to purchase. However, it is more than seven seconds separating them once AMD FX8120 overlcock? manually 4500MHz.

Use in office and multimedia, Intel retains huge lead with a score almost reaching 5000 points there FX8120 or almost twice as much. An expected result because Intel platforms show a large advantage of this type of use.

Cinebench uses the same principle as Hyper PI but this time by calculating a 3D rendering. The result is given in the form of a score which is the more the best. This time the FX8120 demonstrates its enormous potential than the Intel i7 2600K runs at 4500MHz though. And eight processor cores of AMD are well optimized for heavy multi-tasking applications.File compression is a task largely depends on the CPU heavily requested by users. That is why we integrate both 7Zip Winrar that in our test. Winrar under the overclocked E4300 Battery is almost as good as the i7 2600K with only 200 points difference.

7Zip under heavily optimized for processors based on a large number of cores, the FX8120 is the difference largely because it needs only to see his TurboCore enabled to surpass the i7.

Finally, our test of choice for CPU dedicated to heavy tasks: video encoding X264Benchmark representative, an activity requiring a non-standard computing capacity.The test is divided into two results: pass1 whose role is the analysis of the video to convert and pass2 making the actual encoding much heavier than the first.The first involves seeking slightly more CPU, the i7 is better but when encoding pass 2, the FX8120 Black Edition coupled with the EVO motherboard Asus M5A990X no chance to Intel i7 2600K since the gap without overclock is four frames per second.

Encoding and lovers will find here a particularly swift platform for this type of tasks.

In games, we use 3DMark2011 and Metro2033 two representative applications of user requirements currently.The 2600K in 3DMark has no trouble to assert its superiority because it will make up for slightly 4500MHz bestseller Intel.Now use a headlight and as popular as Metro2033 deemed to require enormous resources in terms of calculations. We use as a Dell XPS M1330 graphics card modified with a 6970 BIOS. The i7 2600K is better if the filters are disabled but the AMD FX 8120 Black Edition passes very little improved graphic quality. The differences are so small that they are insignificant. The two platforms are perfectly suited to video games.


M5A990X the EVO is able to accommodate large capacity memory with four ports for standard DDR3 DIMM can be installed up to 32GB. The memory bus can run up to a speed of 2133MHz.

For our test, we use certified 8GB 1866MHz but we let M5A990X EVO automatically configure the core frequency of 1333MHz.The memory controller of M5A990X EVO remains very powerful since reached 14Go / s read mode enabled TurboCore and 10Gb / s write. We note that whatever the profile used, changes in the capacity of the Dell E4310 are very small and imperceptible in use.


The couple AMD 990X and SB950 offers many features. It is compatible with multi GPU graphics solutions SLI and CrossfireX sharing 16x in two. It supports fourteen USB 2.0 ports and supports standard for 6Gbps SATA ports.If the RAM is connected directly to the processor, the AMD 990X chipset supports the PCI Express and the SB950 it manages the storage part is compatible six SATA ports 6GB / s and fourteen USB 2.0 ports.

Storage, and network

We test all the interfaces offered by the M5A990X EVO, the USB 2.0 RAID 0 including six drives. To achieve our measurements, we use the application HDTune.In our first summary of results, we note that the course SATA 6 gets the best rates with an average of 276.8 MB / s, which let's face it proves unconvincing even if performance is at the rendezvous. We would have been more enthusiastic if it had reached over 400MB / s. SATA interfaces controlled by the Pavilion G4 chipset stop at 126.3 MB / s.By analyzing the data stream, we find it hard to give a reason why the transfers start at 300 MB / s and then stagnate quickly to 265 MB / s while achieving few peaks at 300 MB / s still.



RAID management M5A990X the EVO is so well designed that it had no trouble convincing us. This feature can be configured directly through a dedicated BIOS or directly through the Windows application provided by AMD RAIDXpert. It relies on a web management interface as the NAS.

The configuration is simple, well documented and aesthetically pleasing. It is therefore equal footing with the alternative proposed by Intel Rapid Storage. M5A990X the EVO allows for an excellent view file server to achieve leading performance through its six SATA 6Gbps ports. We then use six hard drives Western Digital Caviar Black 2TB each.


The Asus BIOS M5A990X EVO is probably the most successful all motherboards combined. Since the support of the UEFI standard interfaces enabling advanced graphics, mouse support, but also support hard drives with a capacity greater than 2.2To, the Latitude E6120 batteries has the right at its little revolution of his own.Asus has had the excellent idea to offer two alternatives: ultra simplified version summarized in a single page and much more advanced version with many customizable options and settings.

Simplified version, the page contains information essential temperatures, voltages and fan. Three profiles are available for the performance of the machine: Quiet, Performance and Energy Saving.

Finally, the last section of the BIOS for Asus EVO M5A990X storage media bootable.

In advanced mode, the BIOS consists of six tabs all the same brand motherboards. The first menu contains general information about the machine: CPU, RAM and system clock.


The Ai Tweaker menu is sure to be the most popular because it covers all the options for overclocking. Here we have access to all the frequencies of each component changes with large beaches and accurate. Among the most important, the ration CPU, memory frequency, the bus and HyperTransport.


The overclocking has become the workhorse of all motherboard manufacturers. The founders are no strangers to this orientation because the processors have no worries to run faster than the speed for which they are recommended.

The Dell Latitude E6220 has many options, tools and application on the PC processor overclocking. TPU is activated via a switch located on the motherboard. This is an automatic overclocking. Auto Tuning is an application available via the BIOS but Windows. And finally, of course, users can manually configure their overclocking and achieve a higher level of performance.


Firstly TPU function is responsible for improving the speed of the processor via the bus from 200MHz up to 250MHz then. AMD FX8120 our Black Edition is 3100MHz to 3875MHz past by activating the feature via the switch located on the motherboard. It should also go through the box BIOS to calibrate the maximum frequency achievable. Vcore voltage reaches 1.27V to 1.17V instead of the original.

Auto Tuning

By installing the application Latitude E6420 ATG , since users can directly intervene on their Windows overclocking. To date we have not yet met best application thereof. Auto Tuning is part of the module can also TurboV overclocking guide. Just run the option and the program is responsible for finding the highest frequency while maintaining perfect stability threshold. Auto Tuning is supported by level to find the best rate and the best tension through various phases of stability tests fast.

During our test, the Asus EVO M5A990X had no trouble reaching for 258Mhz bus speed of 3999MHz is a free TurboCore.


TurboV is the application of choice for any fan of overclocking. It provides access to many settings to get the maximum frequency. While we generally prefer the settings directly in the BIOS, TurboV we greatly excited and it becomes difficult to pass once tried.We have access to live coefficients changed on the fly, tensions CPU, chipsets and memory. It would certainly more than memory frequencies and timing is absolutely perfect and TurboV.Leaving the bus at 200MHz and increasing the coefficient 22.5, we could reach 4500MHz TurboCore activated with a VCore of 1.35V. We chose not to go further for lack of a cooler unsuited to this type of practice.

Management ventilation & temperature

That you want to actively cool the components of the machine that it is due to overclocking or you prefer to opt for a PC as quiet as possible, DELL E6410 includes its M5A990X EVO management of ventilation as effective as tools dedicated to overclocking.And through its five fan connectors and application FAN Xpert, the Rheobus no longer really be needed. For example, we finally dismounted our test platform dedicated to both the NAS ventilation management of another Asus motherboard is effective.

On Asus M5A990X EVO, there are fans following:


Fan Power Fixed 12 volts

The PWM Chassis 1

The Chassis 2 3 pins controlled by the Chassis 1 Profile


To perform our measurements we used a fan at Be Quiet! 120mm Silent Wings.

In automatic mode, the CPU fan opts for a gradual curve favoring efficiency silence. Indeed, the low range is quite short and the maximum speed is reached at 80%.

FAN Xpert

In cases where the default profile would not work for users, it is perfectly possible to customize this curve with three positions: low, medium and high. If they are changed on a relatively wide range, we are sorry but we can not for example set the maximum point at 100 °, the latter being forced to lie at the latest at 75 ° C.Specifically the Studio 1555 therefore requires the fan to spin at maximum 75 ° C which can be annoying if there are fans very fast and so noisy. We would also like to add other customizations points over three present advantage to refine the behavior of fans.


We measured the CPU temperature as well as the sensor on the motherboard.

The platform is mounted in a housing Antec Sonata IV. We use the CPU fan comes with the AMD FX 8120 Black Edition and in our case, we go back to our fan Be Quiet! Dark Wings 120mm.

At its base frequency, the processor shows temperature controlled but relatively acceptable because at rest, the CPU reaches 37 ° C or 15 ° C delta.Applied to its maximum FX 8120 reached 63 ° C, but at the expense of noise deafening. The original fan fitted to the processor being capable of operating at more than 7000 revolutions per minute.Always with this cooler, we could reach 4500MHz but at the expense of too high for everyday use. At rest the FX 8120 Black Edition peaked at 43 ° C and 89 ° C reached once all cores stressed.The motherboard also has a temperature sensor. Without overclocking at rest, the Asus EVO M5A990X rose to 35 ° C at 36 ° C rest against in solicitation.Once overclocked the processor, the Dell Vostro 1520 probe M5A990X EVO was 36 ° C idle and 39 ° C in operation.We also wanted to verify the effectiveness of the radiator installed on floors DIGI VRM power by seeking their maximum by applying DIGI + VRM that we configured in "Extreme".


At rest the motherboard rose to 38 ° C and the maximum is 46 ° measured C activity.

Thus we see that the massive radiators Asus M5A990X EVO are very efficient and can therefore deploy a significant CPU energy power safely on this point.

Energy Management & Power Consumption

Asus also wanted to incorporate many features related to energy management in M5A990X EVO. Thus, the PC can ultimately be economical especially when it is not requested. The impact on the electricity bill will therefore be felt.M5A990X the EVO based on EPU and will be configured by the application ASUS EPU offers different profiles highlighting either performance or energy conservation while. Each of these profiles can be customized to meet the specific expectations of users can work on and the voltage of the processor, the chipset, but also the fans, monitor and hard disks.It is therefore a standby improved and evolved. Attention should be given to the chosen parameters as for example, maximum saving mode, the processor remains in its rest frequency is 1700MHz only. While the economy is effective but at the expense of performance reviews largely reduced. Also note that E5500 batteries Charger offers a solution faster battery charging through USB ports.

We also measured the power consumption as our test platform to the outlet. We note 80 watts mode UPR off or on. Saving mode, but at the expense of performance reviews largely reduced.

Overclocked mode, the consumption is 89 watts.

By activating the feature TPU (Turbo), consumption increases a little to go to 225 watts. Finally, still in its base frequency of 3100MHz, but the floors power digital pushed to their maximum, 325 watts is reached.And finally the highest consumption is obviously overclocking or 4500MHz, coupled with the FX8120 M5A990X EVO is not very far of 400 watts. Then of course the energy consumption is higher than Intel platform but it is essential to keep in mind that in our case, we are dealing with a machine embarking eight cores.


Perfect design, a neat look and quality of design and manufacture of high-flying takes this motherboard Asus EVO M5A990X choice model. More thanks to AMD FX 8120 Black Edition, the performance is really impressive and we did not think that our reference platform than the current Intel i7 2600K on some multi-tasking applications such as video encoding.


The EVO M5A990X embeds all the necessary modern features like USB and with improved flow through technology USB Boost. The only motherboard from Latitude E6400 chipset boarding is a great alternative because it has many advantages. We were greatly impressed by the capacity in terms of storage M5A990X EVO Asus motherboard with six SATA 6Gbps ports compatible with many RAID modes. Rates are impressive and can have a large storage space, reliable and easily configurable.

As usual with Asus software suite enabling access features of the EVO M5A990X called AI Suite II is probably the best designed to date. This is not just whether we use daily by 59Hardware. Management of ventilation is close to perfection as TurboV reserved for overclockers. You can even go further with DIGI + VRM, the management interface of digital stages of the motherboard.

Its UEFI BIOS is also an argument of choice and once tried, it is adopted as its GUI is successful, practical and accessible. We forget and thanks to him the ancestral screens texts based blue background.

Finally M5A990X EVO motherboard Asus has one last convincing argument: its price. Proposed for less than 120 euros, you benefit from the excellent quality and reliability Asus. So should we prefer the face to direct competitors? If the quality of applications remains a priority, the M5A990X EVO has no rival. MSI 990XA-only GD55 is ten euros cheaper for aesthetics but less flashy identical functionality. Otherwise Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 offers the superb as fully black but more expensive and less developed especially for applications.

So the couple M5A990X EVO Asus and AMD FX8120 Black Edition offers fans mainly heavy multitasking applications an ideal platform for economic but remarkable power through integration of eight cores in the processor. That's why we recommend it for its many qualities including the price performance value is significantly appointment.


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