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HP Pavilion DV6 Battery


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With more than a dozen helmets under their belt, mice and keyboards of all kinds and many other accessories geek, gaming gear pros STEELSERIES have nothing to prove. And to make an impression, they know how to do, with a name like this, the STEELSERIES SIBERIA V2 FULL SIZE HEADSET-will not go unnoticed.

For this beautiful helmet, which must still tell of the mouth, we STEELSERIES out all the stops and tries to seduce us with serious arguments.

We tested the Natus Vincere SIBERIA V2 Yellow is a color publishing Natus Vincere Team or "Navi" for intimate I think a bunch of frageur Ukrainian.





Can be found on the internet at a reasonable price around 70 ?. For fans of HP Pavilion DV4

, the SIBERIA V2 version is compatible with iPhone, iPod and other iBidule (ie with a remote-type helmets Apple) announced the SteelSeries website for the modest sum of ? 94.

At this price, we begin to have a good helmet, and that's what we'll immediately discover.

We have to do a classic package, type gaming headset. A cardboard box solid black (for a change ...) with graphics that take up the SteelSeries logo, the name of the helmet with the brand, the logo of the team NATUS VINCERE, explanatory icons and an overview of the Pavilion DV6. The back of our boiboite, we find the classical sheet and panel arguments in four languages ??(English, Spanish, French and German) and describing our SIBERIA necessarily what we will want to buy. In addition, we will discover that through STEELSERIES "Mini Jack" is "mini-Klinkenstecker" in German.

Within our case we find our superb headphones colors of Team Natus Vincere, with a small remote control directly connected to the headset. We also find in our package an extension that will allow us to have additional 2m, which can be useful in some time.

SIBERIA V2 with we have 2 jack connection, one for headphones and one for DV7 Battery microphone. No storage cover or base, and no CD installation either.

Characteristics of the helmet.

Frequency: 18 - 28kHz

Impedance: 32 Ohms

Sensitivity: 112dB

Cord length: 1 m 2

Plug jack: 3.5 mm

Weight: 232gr

Characteristics of the microphone.

Directivity: Uni-directional

Frequency: 50 - 16,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 38 dB

Price: 94.00 euros.

First impressions.3116582989_1_5_AlvHTrAG.jpgtransparent.png

Personally I think this is really a helmet in style. With the yellow comes out a little from the usual red or green and classy design, it really throws. More materials are well chosen and very pleasing to the eye as to the touch. We also entitled to the same yellow cord, something quite rare again. Plastics and other foams are very friendly and the finishes are very correct.

We find the logo of Natus Vincere Team within the atria and on top of the arch, a little something that dresses well the headphones. The latter is composed of foam very "soft" inside the hoop. I think the materials are really well chosen, foams, fabrics or plastics. The

Dell D630 Battery seem solid, and jacks 3.5 and even the small remote control that accompanies it.

At first glance, the SIBERIA V2 seems on track to win a lot of people followers of this type of helmet, class and style.


Thing, once donned our headset on the head, we are directly maintained as it should. Thanks to its flexible headrest in tissue, it is placed directly on the skull and wife really the shape of the head. Everything is quite adaptable and can therefore really stabilize.

Weight level, it seems correct to do with prolonged use, but in any case it does not effect a large and imposing very heavy helmet.

Game mode

I started testing on F.E.A.R. 2, the FPS genre rather drab. It may not be a reference for some, but it is a game (survival horror kind) or surround sound is quite important because it is worn on the unhealthy and dark to create an atmosphere conducive to gender. The SIBERIA V2 we produced a very convincing results with its good bass that accentuate the explosions, gunfire and other sound effects shotgun.

The general mood levels is transcribed, the helmet gives us good depth which gives us the feeling of being directly in the room.The Compaq Presario CQ62 balance is right and the stereo very nice to hear, or more precisely the enemy arrives and accurately reflect the noise. Overall, the sounds are quite detailed and appreciate its overall comfort over the parties.


Then I went to a car simulation, FORZA MOTORSPORT 4 on Xbox 360 then, and we can say that for this kind of game, our SIBERIA is very convincing!

FORZA is a benchmark in the genre, this is a highly anticipated hit often and ultimately appreciated the fans. There is a lot of work behind this HP G42, and we feel that the audio portion was very elaborate. The attention to detail was truly pushed to the bottom, and we SIBERIA transcribed it perfectly!

Every detail of the sound engine is out, which exhausts sputter, the screech of tires differing depending on the speed and all the other sounds of the car or the environment are translated agreeably. Good depth of sound has a big role in all this and accentuate the bass sounds pretty good engine which is quite enjoyable ... The SIBERIA provides us and share good hours of gameplay

In music mode

During a break in music discreetly (more or less), you will SIBERIA type in the eye, the ear even see! Once again, the depth and richness of sound in his favor. It will be very pleased with Dell Latitude E6400 always friendly, attention to detail still present comfort and always pleasant. I tested on different musical styles from electro to mix sounds "high / low" view of the rock to metal saturation, a little hip hop bass and some live to the general atmosphere that may emerge. Overall it will unanimously "easy" and can be passed from one to another music with a lot of good feelings.

The SIBERIA V2 will sometimes produirer few shivers. Once its pushed a little let's say, you will shake the ears one by one, through the stereo works well which is pretty cool feeling.

For a gamer headset, so mainly used for the game, it can be used to easily listen to music, even directly connected to your mp3 player or other iTruc of all kinds.

Although I think with a helmet like this one we will not go unnoticed in the street, it may well help on occasion, because if a person hesitates between a helmet "gamer" or "audio", with it SIBERIA can have both! And with more style.

In movie mode

In any case, remember that if you want to make a little film session with a good action film Die Hard style ... with the SIBERIA is a real pleasure. It puts you directly in the scenes of your program with all his skills. We take full ears, shooting stand perfectly thanks to the low, car chases are very friendly with the game in stereo skids for example.

Every little sound details are transcribed as needed.

As the scenes, we feel that it works wonderfully as a whole, the whole is well balanced in general and in the end it is a pure delight. Also, do not hesitate to get a little volume to appreciate all the subtleties that HP G6 Battery SIBERIA can offer you. Finally, we spent a real good time flicks and makes us want to start over again.

The microphone and remote control

The microphone

It is hidden in the headset. Set by a system of internal coil to the left atrium of SIBERIA, you can leave at any time and very easily by simply pulling (not too much anyway ...) for quick use in a game or a communication video. Located at the end of a hard but flexible cable, you can manipulate your way to the proper position. For storage, just as easy, you just have to go by pushing it inside.

Level performance, everything works fine but be careful not to put the microphone too close to his mouth, he could saturate a little.

The remote


OZONE at all like the "PTIS guys" from STEELSERIES wish to equip their headset remote control directly connected to the helmet ... either.

Inspiron 1525 Battery does not come specifically from the ordinary. With the latter we can 1/r?gler the headphone volume and 2 / pass the microphone in "mute". Nothing extraordinary and extravagant so.

I'll just say that for defense it is quite unobtrusive and seems pretty solid level material and plastic is cool to the touch as to the eye. After everyone's preferences, some people like and others less. Personally I prefer without, even if it's easy to miss.


With HP Pavilion dv6000, SteelSeries hit hard by giving us a headset gamer efficient and versatile. Very convincing performance level, it will appeal especially by his killer look in color flashie. Available in several colors, it is intended for a broad audience and adapt to the taste of each. We appreciate this version in color Natus Vincere Team has really stylish.

Very effective for games, music or watch a movie, SIBERIA remains a reference in the field of gaming headsets and final offers excellent price / quality ratio. Therefore a good pros gaming gear SteelSeries SIBERIA V2 and finally, remain pioneers in their field.

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