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Heather Graham - Родената на 15. 03. 1953г. във Флорида Хедър Греъм Позесъри е щастлива майка на пет деца. Омъжва се за съпруга си Денис Позесъри малко след дипломирането си.След раждането на третото си дете, решава да престане да работи и за да запълва времето си, започва да пише романси. Две години след това, през 1982г., тя продава първия си роман "When next we love". Хедър Греъм е бестселъров автор на "Ню Йорк Таймс" и "USA Today", с милиони почитателки както в Съединените щати, така и навсякъде по света, включително и в България.


When Next We Love (1983)

"I'll never see things your way!" Leigh Tremayne raged. Arrogant, imperious,Derek Mallory -- famed English rock star -- watched her with mock surprise.Had he summoned her to his palatial estate on Star Island to offer her thechance to prove her own talent... or merely to punish her? She was his bestfriend's widow. He would never admit the truth... or stop blaming her forRichard's death. Like a cobra, his magnetic eyes hypnotized. Leigh waslulled by his sleek, fluid grace only to be struck by his swift venomousattack. As the hurricane ravaged the Florida coast, she was his prisoner,trapped in a storm of emotions. She ached for him... hated him. What did shewant -- savage surrender . . . or her own bittersweet revenge? She was hisbest friend's widow. He would never admit the truth... or stop blaming herfor Richard's death. Like a cobra, his magnetic eyes hypnotized. Leigh waslulled by his sleek, fluid grace only to be struck by his swift venomousattack. As the hurricane ravaged the Florida coast, she was his prisoner,trapped in a storm of emotions. She ached for him... hated him. What did shewant -- savage surrender... or her own bittersweet revenge?

Tender Taming (1983)

A fine beginning! It was pitch-dark, raining snakes and alligators, and shewas totally lost -- stumbling blindly through the treacherous Everglades! PRDirector Whitney Latham had been confident she could pave the way for amodem housing development on disputed Seminole land, convinced that even J.E.Stewart, the Indians' shrewd representative, could be "handled." She hadn'ta doubt until she found herself face down in the Florida swamp... until theformidable White Eagle appeared out of nowhere to sweep her into his arms,carry her to his isolated cabin, and dare her to enter a realm of savagebeauty where love was still a passionate, untamed territory.

A Season for Love (1983)

"Witch! Seductress! Temptress!" The words struck out in anger. They were notwords he had first used. Two strangers aboard a ship cruising at sea, theirwords, their kisses, their touch, had been filled with a fierce, tenderpassion. And Ronnie von Hurst had abandoned herself, so briefly, to a loveshe knew could never be. What was there to warm her that Drake O'Hara wouldappear at her isolated South Carolina island estate? That she would have toreceive him as an honored guest? That she would be powerless to explain, tonbetween the man who was her husband in name only and the man she desiredbeyond anything in the world- the man who despised her as faithless wife andloved her with a passion she alone could equal?

Tempestuous Eden (1983)

What a Fool She'd Been! She'd given him more of her soul than she'd everthought possible. Given him herself. She burned within, thinking of howshe'd come to him, teased him, loved him, lain beside him in intimateabandon. Blair Morgan --daughter of one famous man and widow of another --had left a world of wealth and privilege behind to work with the needy inthe Central American jungle. Since the assassination of her beloved husband,Blair had been afraid to risk her heart again. She'd been content untilCraig Taylor appeared. He was everything she wanted in a man, and soon hemelted her defenses. But everything changed when Craig revealed his trueidentity. Who was he? A terrorist? A government agent? A mercenary? Why hadhe taken her prisoner and where was he taking her -- deeper into danger orback to Washington and civilization? Was he her enemy or her protector? Andif she knew the answer, could she forgive him -- or stop longing to relivethe rapture they'd shared?

Quiet Walks the Tiger (1983)

Sloan Tallett was tired of struggling to make it on her own. So when retiredall-American quarterback Wesley Adams asked her to marry him, she didn'tthink twice. All she had to do was play the perfect wife, and she would havemore money than she needed. She never expected to find herself in love withWes -- or to have to fight for his love. But when she realized she could notlive without him, Sloan vowed to do anything to keep him in her arms.

Night, Sea and Stars (1983)

Crash-landing on a remote South Pacific island put fashion executive Skye Delaney at a distinct disadvantage. And when she learned that her arrogant pilot was none other than Kyle Jagger, the mysteriously reclusive international entrepreneur, she knew that survival was the least of her problems. Remote and domineering one minute, tender and passionate the next, he was everything she despised --and wanted--in a man. But what of his wife in California? And why was it that whenever she tried to envision her own fiance, all she could see was Kyle's laughing sea-green eyes? Sensible, independent, had she found the man of her dreams on an idyllic paradise isle? Would rescue and return to reality mean losing him forever?

Tender Deception (1984)

She'd been a naive young fool. No matter that Brant Wicker had gone on toHollywood stardom. The night she'd thrown herself into his arms was the onenight Vickie Langley was determined to forget. She'd stayed closer to home,become a fine actress with an outstanding dinner-theater group in Sarasota.She never dreamed Brant would come back as a summer "guest star" until hestood center-stage in her life. Even as she played a brilliantly devotedDesdemona to his tormented Othello, she'd play an offstage role of ice andsteel. Shed risk any deception to keep him from learning the truth -- thesecret that revealed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how very much she cared.

Red Midnight (1984)

Erin McCabe, internationally acclaimed fashion model, was determined to makeher dream come true. For as long as she could remember, she had wanted tofinish college and teach. Her trip to the Soviet Union was the first step inaccomplishing that. But she hadn't anticipated Jarod Steele, the Americandiplomat who swept her into the grip of a passion as dangerous andunexpected as Russia itself. Trapped in a prison without walls, an innocentvictim in a country that played but unfamiliar rules, Erin had no recourse.Only Jarod could help her now... Jarod, whose icy blue gaze was filled withsuspicion and desire... Jarod who called her traitor even as he took her forhis bride.

Hours to Cherish (1984)

Catherine Miller, the Bahamians called her "Cat", an emerald-eyed empress onher own island, Tiger Cay. Since the accident that had left her a despairingwidow, ravishing Catherine Miller had become a match for any man who sailedthe sea. Until the devastating stranger appeared to challenge her to therace that would prove her undoing. For the winner was no stranger. It wasClay her long lost husband, who'd come to claim her. He'd betrayed heragain! Now she was bound to honor her debt: two months alone with him,diving for the fabled treasure of the Santa Anita. Two months alone on ayacht with the man she'd given up for dead, the man she now hated with afiery passion... the one man she wanted beyond reason or her power toresist.

Arabian Nights (1984)

When he appeared on his stallion, galloping over the hot sands, seizing herand sweeping her into a luxuriously carpeted tent in the oasis, Alex Randallwasn't afraid. She was furious. And her fury grew when she found he was nobrigand but Dan D'Alesio, the renowned journalist and film maker.Black-haired, jet eyed, exuding all but irresistible virility, he insistedshe return to safety and civilization. But the exquisite Dr. Randall wasdetermined to stay, to find her father, the famed Egyptologist who'dvanished on the verge of their history-making expedition. Brilliant,hot-headed, independent, how could Alex accept the fact that her survivalhere depended on this man? How could she relinquish her rage to beg hisprotection? And once they'd made their deal and she'd embarked on thecharade of being his "wife"... when it was all over... how could she bear tolet him go?

Serena's Magic (1984)

They made love under a witch's moon, strangers swept away by destiny'sfires. From the moment he walked out of the forest and into her arms, SerenaLoren knew they had met before, that this magnificent man had returned fromthe past to claim her again. Until she awoke to find herself alone, bereft-- and angry. Who was he? Where had he come from? Too soon she'd learn thatProfessor Justin O'Neill was a boarder in her own inn, The Golden Hawk, apsychologist researching witchcraft at its Salem source. How could they haveknown they were both spellbound, reliving passions generations old,sentenced to a tragic fate -- that could only be challenged and changed bylove.

Hold Close the Memory (1985)

After twelve painful years Kim Trent finally accepted the truth: Brian wasdead. A widow with twin sons, she rejoiced in Keith Norman's love. Theyagreed to live together, to move toward marriage in steps... until Brianreturned from the dead, a POW determined to reclaim the wife, family, andlife he'd nearly lost. He was devastating -- and dangerous. The old magicwas still there, stronger, more complex than before. But who was thisstranger, her husband, who demanded she choose between him and Keith? Kimwas confused, angry. And how could she play for time with a man who couldn'tbe kept on hold?

Dante's Daughter (1986)

Her Life Depended on It. Or at least her future as an aspiring youngjournalist. That was the only reason Katie Hudson would confront the manshe'd always resented. Her in-depth interview with Kent Hart, super receiverfor the Sarasota Saxons, turned into a series of threatening encounters,each one more dangerous than the last. Not only did Kent insist on settinghis own tyrannical terms, he made it his business to protect Katie. Shecould take care of herself, thank you. She was the great Dante Hudson'sdaughter, who'd taught Kent Hart everything there was to know about football-- Dante's daughter, who was just about to learn everything there was toknow about love.

The Devil's Mistress (1986)

Lovely Brianna MacCardle had been branded a witch in Scotland, and handsome Lord Sloan Treveryan saved her by spiriting her to America. But Treveryan also took Brianna's innocence and refused to marry her, and Brianna swore vengeance on the man who had spurned her love.

Handful of Dreams (1986)

The beach house was half hers. Susan Anderson swore she'd die before sellingher share to David Lane. The arrogant son of the man who'd left her a rarelegacy -- and owner of the other half -- David assumed the worst. If hethought her a beautiful parasite who'd preyed on his dying father, she'd lethim. Trapped together in the isolated house as the storm raged, she'd fighttooth and nail, disdaining to tell him the truth. But she hadn't counted onbeing swept away by sudden passion -- or finding herself pregnant withDavid's child. There was no denying what she felt. Still, there were secretsto be kept. And if David ever discovered the truth, would he force her tochoose between happiness and a handful of dreams?

The Maverick and the Lady (1986)

Like a hero out of the Old West, he rode out of nowhere to save her fromlosing everything she owned. But from the moment Kane Montgomery swept intoher life, Martine Galway was lost. In his arms she felt wild abandon, evenas she wondered about this mystery man who so quickly took over her life. Hesaid he didn't play games, but why did she feel he was toying with her? Itwas too late for regrets. He'd made his claim, and she'd accepted hispassionate terms. He'd captured her heart -- why not her trust? Soon she'dhave to choose between total risk and safety -- along with a broken heart.

Eden's Spell (1986)

Was it dream or reality, this handsome mystery man who'd come to KatrinaDenver's tropical island and swept her away on a tidal wave of passion? MikeTaylor, a trespasser, had appeared out of the blue to "rescue" her from abizarre trance. He said he was a scientist and asked her to trust him. Butcould she? Clearly something was amiss. But what? Here in the middle ofparadise was danger, desire, and an enchantment she didn't want to end. Buthow long could she go on, exploring her every exotic fantasy--with a man shebarely knew?

Liar's Moon (1987)

She'd been a wild teenager willing to risk anything for revenge. But whenshe seduced Leif Johnston, she hadn't counted on falling helplessly inlove... hadn't believed her family would intervene and sweep her off toSwitzerland. Seven years later, Tracy Kuger was a successful, independentwoman. But her determination to find her father's killer would carry herright back into New York's deceiving limelight... into the treacherous bosomof her powerful family... into Leif's lean, hungry arms. Passion and perilbound them together even as doubts and dangerous secrets tore them apart.Tormented by the past, could Tracy face the truth and embrace the future --a love born under a liar's moon?

Siren from the Sea (1987)

She looked like a mermaid, helplessly clinging to a driftwood plank.Brittany Martin couldn't have chosen a better ploy to attract playboyyachtsman Flynn Colby. But one look into her rescuer's azure eyes and shesaw dangerous waters ahead. Here on Spain's seductive Costa del Sol, she'dcome to catch a thief and murderer. Was Flynn that man? She'd risked all towin his trust but hadn't planned on losing her heart. Suddenly she was outof her depth, drowning in Flynn's searing embrace. If he was guilty, howcould she love him? If he was innocent, why was he cruising in a sea ofglamorous sharks?

Every Time I Love You (1988)

The first moment he saw her... The dark, handsome rebel had ruthlesslyseduced exquisite Katrina Seymour. She fled her powerful Tory family to beat his side. But as revolution raged and a nation struggled to be born,heartbreaking betrayal and treachery would set Percy Ainsworth against theyoung Katrina. What began as a scandalous affair would end in violence and apassion that cried out for truth and fulfillment through centuries oftime... He knew he would move heaven and earth to have her. Gayle Norman wastoo savvy to believe in love at first sight. And yet Brent McCauley, thebrilliant artist, ws irresistible. Overnight they were passionatelyinvolved. Within a month they were married. It was all so wonderful... soperfect... almost too good to be true. But when their bright loved suddenlyturned dark and dangerous could they believe in the reality of along-forgotten past?

Mistress of Magic (1992)

Regina Delaney and her twin brother Max have made their dream a reality. Deidre's Dinoland is a themepark unlike no other where young and old alike can come and lose themselves in the magic. But now a dark cloud has decended on this most magical place...murder! Only one man can help unravel the mystery, and he is sexy ex-military-intellgence officer Wes Blake. Wes knew that all Reggie wanted was to clear her brother's good name, and stop Deirdre's Dinoland from closing down forever. With his background Wes had what it would take to accomplish that, but as a man he wants from Reggie something more, something she isn't quite ready to give.

Spirit of the Season (1993)

Veteran romancer Graham ( Lord of the Wolves , etc.) provides a warmhearted piece of fluff that will appeal to readers who appreciate familiarity more than substance in their holiday fare. Set during the Christmas season and reminiscent of 1950s women's-magazine formula fiction, the tale profiles dauntlessly cheerful widow Becky Wexham, who raises her three young children and her recently orphaned nephew Davey in a ramshackle Victorian home in Florida. Becky's marriage was blissful, and she has resolutely turned her back on romance, believing that no eligible man would take on the four children who are now her first priority. So she concentrates on a series of part-time jobs and on encouraging Davey to fulfill his dream of making the Little League team. When a special coach helps the grieving youngster gain confidence in his abilities, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess that Davey isn't the only character whose dreams will come true by the end of this predictably sweet tale, which remains in the memory no longer than a Christmas candy cane lasts on the tongue.

A Magical Christmas (1996)

SOME LOVES LAST... On Christmas Eve in 1862, at the Oak River Plantation in Virginia, a captured Confederate officer was to hang. He had one last wish -- to see his young wife again. But it would take a miracle to make that wish come true....

FOREVER Over a hundred years later, the Radcliffe family would arrive at an inn called the Oak River Plantation to mark their last Christmas together. Although Jon and Julie's marriage was over, they wanted to give their three children a beautiful holiday to remember. And so they would: one very different from what they'd planned, one where something truly amazing would happen to change their minds -- and hearts -- for all time....

Queen of Hearts (1997) Дама купа

СЪРЦАТА, КОИТО СПИРАТ При самолетна катастрофа загива любимата на конгресмен Уелън, а младата Рианън Колинс загубва своя съпруг, своите деца, своите мечти... ЛЮБОВТА, КОЯТО ЛЕКУВА Той се е научил да живее въпреки вината, но тя не може да преодолее болката. До оня момент, когато съдбата ги среща на борда на луксозната яхта и кара сърцата им да затуптят с непобедимата сила на любовта...

Night of the Blackbird (2000)

Moira Kelly has come home to Boston to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with family and friends. The last thing she expects to find in the family pub is the undercurrent of danger as talk turns to politics. But all too quickly Moira finds herself struggling with the anger of her old flame. Dan O'Hara, and the convictions of her new love, Michael McLean. Torn between them, she becomes a pawn in a conspiracy that promises to bring the violence and hatred of a different time and place to her own backyard. This passionate, close-knit community is harboring a traitor. And as the chilling acts of evil unfold around her, Moira must face the fact that a generation of time is not long enough to soften revenge.

A Season of Miracles (2001) (aka Miracle)

Since her husband's death, jewelry designer Jillian Llewellyn has withdrawn, focusing only on her work. But something unimaginable is going to shatter her safe world, drawing her into a web of danger and desire. At the center of the storm is a handsome stranger, Robert Marston. The new silent partner at Llewellyn Enterprises, Marston is as formidable as he is intimidating . . . as mysterious as he is familiar. The connection she feels is bone deep -- as if they've known each other before. When several bizzare accidents strike Jillian, a chilling fear that someone wants to harm her bigins to grow. But who would want her dead? A co-worker? A member of her own close-knit family? Against her will she is drawn to Robert, unsure whether he is her salvation . . . or her damnation. Now, as the ghosts of the past are resurrected, Jillian and Robert must forge a new destiny as they unlock the timeless secrets of passion and betrayal.

In the Dark (2004) Преследване в мрака

Съвършеният живот на Александра Макорд се разпада. След като се натъква на труп в курорта "Муун Бей", животът й се превръща в истински кошмар... Най-вероятно убиецът е летовник на острова, а тя е набелязана за следващата жертва. Кой може да желае смъртта й ? И защо бившият й съпруг, Дейвид Денъм, с когото не се е виждала цяла година, е избрал тъкмо този момент, за да се появи отново? Когато ураган затваря единствения й път за бягство, Алекс се опитва да повярва, че Дейвид се е върнал заради нея, но има чувството, че той крие нещо. Редица доказателства сочат, че бившият й съпруг е виновен, ала тя е готова да пренебрегне предупрежденията, за да бъде в прегръдките му... Кое да пожертва - любовта или живота си?...

Suspicious (2005)

Big-city lawyer Lorena Fortier's suspicions about her father's death brought her to a small Florida town nestled in the Everglades. Then whoever -- or whatever -- had killed her father started claiming more victims, and Lorena knew she was in over her head. Sinfully attractive Jesse Crane only complicated matters. Still reeling from his wife's brutal murder, the hardened cop plunged into the perilous investigation, and Lorena knew the evidence would lead him straight to her.... As they faced a danger more menacing than any they had ever imagined, Lorena needed to put her life in Jesse's hands. Could she do the same with her heart and hope that a man who had once loved and lost would learn to love again...before time ran out?

Kiss Of Darkness (2006)

The woods have always been full of whispers in Transylvania, of terrors that go back centuries to the legendary Vlad Dracul himself. Ignoring their professor's grave warning -- beware those who would prey upon the innocent -- several visintg students travel into the forest . . . and disappear. Now their professor, Bryan McAllister, believes that a dark cult is at work -- and that their next gathering will happen in America. When psychologist Jessica Fraser is approached by Bryan for her assistance, she is hesitant. Something about Bryan unnerves Jessica deeply, yet she cannot ignore the incredible pull she feels toward him. Now, as reluctant allies, they unite to seek the truth. The search takes them from the forested mountains to dimly lit clubs in New Orleans' French Quarter, where perversion goes beyond sexual to life-threatening. And everywhere, whispering on the wind, is the dreaded word . . . vampyr.

The Island (2006)

A slice of paradise in the turquoise waters of southern Florida, the island is a lush, breathtaking sanctuary. Few can resist its allure, or its primitive beauty - but fewer still know its secrets. On a weekend vacation Beth Anderson is unnerved when a stroll on the beach reveals what appears to be a skull. As a stranger approaches, Beth panics and covers the evidence. But when she later returns to the beach, the skull is gone. Determined to find solid evidence to bring to the police, Beth digs deeper into the mystery of the skull - and everywhere she goes, Keith Henson, the stranger from the beach, seems to appear. He claims to be keeping an eye on her safety, but Beth senses other motives. Then a body washes ashore, and Beth begins to think she needs more help than she bargained for. Because investigating is a dangerous game, and someone wants to stop Beth from playing.

Blood Red (2007)

When a fortune-teller shows bridesmaid Lauren Crow an omen of her gruesome death, she and her friends laugh it off as cheesy theatrics—until women begin disappearing in the night. Even as the streets become more dangerous, Lauren finds herself lusting after a man who is himself dangerous— and quite possibly crazy. Mark Davidson prowls the city by night armed with crosses and holy water, in search of vampires, whose existence, he insists, is real. He is as irresistibly drawn to Lauren as she is to him, and not only because she's the image of his murdered fiancée. But Mark's frightening obsession with finding his lover's killer merely hides a bitter vendetta that cuts deeper than grief over a lost love. As Lauren wrestles with desire and disbelief, sinister shadows lengthen over New Orleans, threatening her friends and foretelling a battle that may spell the end of the city's uneasy truce between the living and the undead.

The Last Noel (2007)

With a storm paralyzing New England, the O'Boyle household becomes prey to a pair of brutal escaped killers desperate to find refuge. Skyler O'Boyle is convinced the only way they can live through the night is by playing a daring psychological game to throw the convicts off their guard. Threatened by a pair of Smith & Wessons, she has to pray that the rest of the family will play along, buying them time. Her one hope for rescue is that the men are unaware that her daughter, Kat, has escaped into the blizzard. But as the wind and snow continue to rage with all the vehemence of a maddened banshee, her prayers that Kat can somehow find help seem fragile indeed. When Kat stumbles on a third felon, half-frozen and delirious, her shock deepens, because she recognizes Craig Devon immediately. What is the onetime love of her life doing back in town -- and in such company? With the threat of death hanging over the O'Boyles, Craig is desperate to unload a vital secret that could change their destiny. But can he trust Kat with the truth? Because one false move and everything he's sacrificed will shatter -- and this could be everyone's final Christmas alive.

Blood Red (2007)

When a fortune-teller shows bridesmaid Lauren Crow an omen of her gruesome death, she and her friends laugh it off as cheesy theatrics—until women begin disappearing in the night. Even as the streets become more dangerous, Lauren finds herself lusting after a man who is himself dangerous— and quite possibly crazy. Mark Davidson prowls the city by night armed with crosses and holy water, in search of vampires, whose existence, he insists, is real. He is as irresistibly drawn to Lauren as she is to him, and not only because she's the image of his murdered fiancée. But Mark's frightening obsession with finding his lover's killer merely hides a bitter vendetta that cuts deeper than grief over a lost love. As Lauren wrestles with desire and disbelief, sinister shadows lengthen over New Orleans, threatening her friends and foretelling a battle that may spell the end of the city's uneasy truce between the living and the undead.

There Be Dragons (2009)

When the beautiful Marina tragically loses her parents, she is left alone and in the hands of the one responsible - the devious sorceress, Geovana. Greedy for power, Geovana arranges for the girl to marry her evil son, even though Marina is in love with someone else. As Christmas day approaches, the girl is faced with the terrible choice to either save her land and her people or follow her heart and believe in the magic of Christmas and true love. This enchanting�holiday tale also includes an audio CD of original Christmas songs by the author as well as several classic carols.

Home in Time for Christmas (2009)

Centuries ago, by a scaffold in Manhattan, rose petals drifted gently to the ground...

...like snow on a wintry Massachusetts night. Melody Tarleton is driving home for Christmas when a man - clad in Revolutionary War-era costume - appears out of nowhere, right in the path of her car. Shaken, she takes the injured stranger in, listening with concern to Jake Mallory's fantastic claim that he's a Patriot soldier, sentenced to death by British authorities. The last thing he remembers is the tug of the noose. Safe at her parents' house, Melody concocts a story to explain the handsome holiday guest with the courtly manners, strange clothes and nasty bump on the head. Mark, her close friend who wishes he were more, is skeptical and her family is fascinated - though not half so fascinated as Melody herself. Jake is passionate, charming and utterly unlike anyone she's ever met. Can he really be who he claims? And can a man from the distant past be the future she truly longs for? With the aid of enchanted petals, ancient potions and the peculiar magic of the season, Melody and Jake embark on an unimaginable Christmas adventure - and discover a love that transcends time.

The Killing Edge (2010)

Chloe Marin was lucky. She was just a teenager when a party at a Florida beachside mansion turned into a savage killing spree, and she was one of the few to survive. Bloody handwriting on the walls pointed to a cult whose rituals included human sacrifice. Chloe's sketch of one of the killers linked two dead cult members found in the Everglades to the massacre, closing the case as far as the cops were concerned. Ten years later Chloe works as a psychologist specializing in art therapy to help traumatized victims, and on the side she finds release in her passion for the martial arts. Police who hire her as a consultant know she's a literal kick-ass advocate for victims who can't always speak for themselves.

An Angel for Christmas (2011)

Christmas has never brought out the best in the MacDougal family. Still, year after year, they gather together in the Blue Ridge Mountains to try to make the season merry and bright. But this year is an especially strained one, between Shayne's impending divorce, Morwenna's slavish devotion to work and Bobbie's reluctance to face what life has to offer. They've never felt less like a family. Then, in the midst of a snowy sibling shouting match, a mysterious stranger appears. He could be a criminal, a madman - or something far more unexpected. Despite their fears and the growing danger in the dark woods around them, the MacDougals take a leap of faith. But when another stranger arrives on the mountainside, they don't know which of them to believe. One of these men can't be trusted. And one is about to bring Christmas into their hearts.

Let the Dead Sleep (2013)


Brave Hearts (1994) (with Kathleen Eagle and Diana Palmer)

Love's Legacy Omnibus (1996) (with Madeline Baker, Mary Balogh, Elaine Barbieri, Lori Copeland, Cassie Edwards, Catherine Hart, Virginia Henley, Penelope Neri, Diana Palmer and Janelle Taylor)

Always and Forever (1998) (with Linda Howard and Linda Lael Miller)

Summer Sensations (1998) (with Linda Howard and Linda Lael Miller)

Forever Mine (1998) (with Elizabeth Lowell and Nora Roberts)

Destined for Love (1998) (with Annette Broadrick and Kathleen Korbel)

Legacies of Love Collection (1999) (with Stella Cameron and Jayne Ann Krentz)

Daughters Of Destiny (2001) (with Merline Lovelace and Patricia Potter)

Home and Family (2001) (with Elda Minger and Dallas Schulze)

Lonesome Rider / The Heart's Desire (2001) (with Gayle Wilson)

Reckless Hearts (2001) (with Miranda Jarrett)

Beautiful Stranger (2001) (with Carla Cassidy)

Lucia in Love / Lion on the Prowl (2001) (with Kasey Michaels)

With a Southern Touch (2002) (with Jennifer Blake and Diana Palmer)

On the Edge (2003) (with Carla Neggers and Sharon Sala)

В този сборник Хедър Греъм присъства с новелата "Забранена истина" (buganvillea): Кит Дилейни е изгряваща млада художничка, която не знае почти нищо за семейството си... Срещата й с Дейвид Мур, който живее в имението на семейство Дилейни и работи за заможните корабостроители, не само й дава възможност да види красивия дом в Маями, но и да изживее пламенна любов... Когато пристига в имението като съпруга на Дейвид, Кит разбира, че за живота и смъртта на майка й се носят всякакви слухове. Решава да научи старателно прикриваната истина, независимо от рисковете, на които се подлага; и от изпитанията, на които подлага любовта си...

The Ultimate Treasure (2003) (with Merline Lovelace and Ann Major)

Forbidden Stranger (2003) (with Julia Justiss)

Snowy Nights (2003) (with Annette Broadrick, Lindsay McKenna and Marilyn Pappano)

Forces of Nature (2004) (with Beverly Barton)

I'd Kill for That (2004)

(with Rita Mae Brown, Jennifer Crusie, Linda Fairstein, Lisa Gardner, Kay Hooper, Katherine Neville, Anne Perry, Kathy Reichs, Julie Smith and Tina Wainscott)

Warrior without Rules / Suspicious (2005) (with Nancy Gideon)

A Bride by Christmas (2008) (with Jo Beverley, Candace Camp)

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