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Dell XPS 15 L502X


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XPS M1530 delivers its up to date with the latest components, such as processors Sandy Bridge series. This 15.6-inch laptop will attempt to give life to multimedia content through a graphical map of the highest caliber.

Ergonomics complete

If the master password is dressing "plastic", the XPS still retains a sleek design. Note, however, the level of finish can be improved since the shell which surrounds the keyboard is pressed at the slightest pressure. This is a little awkward to use, but we expected a little better.

The chiclet keyboard has keys. They are well proportioned and well placed. Typing is smooth and quiet. Usage is pleasant despite the ubiquitous plastic.

The large multitouch touchpad gave us a good impression. The slide is nice and large can browse all the diagonal but not to try several times. Dell was able to optimize the available space on the wrist, which is rare.

Webcam (720p) provides a correct rendering when the room is well lit. Dark areas do not form black holes, the return movement is correct. When the room darkens the webcam just a little, but manages to maintain a level of detail that many models envy him.

Distributed over all the slices, the connection is complete. At the front is the SD card reader. At the rear, the Dell Latitude E5500 Battery power supply, the video outputs (HDMI and Display Port), Ethernet port (RJ45) and a USB 3.0 port. On the left, a second USB 3.0 port, and finally on the right port combo eSATA / USB 2.0, audio connectivity and a Blu-ray.

Side heat dissipation, the XPS 15 comes out honorably limiting the temperature rise to acceptable values. However, once it is pushed, even slightly, it goes in decibels and is very present.

Calculations: good performance

The XPS M1330 received in our lab features a Intel Core i5-2410M, a powerful processor that we have already had occasion to cross. It is therefore no surprise that allows this 15.6-inch practice without forcing usual activities (office, internet browsing, etc.).. It is also perfectly at ease with the most demanding activities. Video encoding, 3D modeling, image editing, he can do anything in a timely manner.

Video playback in high definition (HD 1080p Blu-Ray equivalent) passes smoothly on this computer. So you can use the Blu-Ray player without fear of stuttering and enjoy movies in high definition.

The start of Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit is in 47 seconds. It then takes between 5 and 10 seconds for the launch of various software and connecting to a wireless network complete extinction takes less than 30 seconds.

Games: building honest

The capabilities of the GT 540M XPS 15 can operate in all games, old and new, in the native resolution of the screen (1920 x 1080 pixels). Some require intensive games however make some concessions on the level of graphic detail.

With FIFA 2011, Left 4 Dead, or The Sims 3, no problem, we push all the settings back. With heavy, like Metro 2033, so do not expect to exceed the "low" level of detail. Between the two, there are titles like Dirt 3 or "average" is supported. In short, the hardcore gamers will find probably a bit limited, but for casual gamers, the XPS 15 will do the trick.

Audio: good ... and less good

Good start for this computer, the audio system JBL works great. The sound output from the speakers is among the cleanest heard on a laptop, with the power to control, and sound mastered without vibrations.

Side I / O against, the situation is much more mixed. Line output is very bad so much the worse for the speaker kit. Both inputs are downright mean, the headphone output barely drinkable but at least usable. Too bad it was a good start.

Nearly 4 hours of battery life for the walk ... at home.

Thanks to the presence of NVIDIA Optimus technology - a function that provides power to the graphics card only when the capacity of chispet graphics (Intel HD 3000) are exceeded - the Inspiron 1300 enjoys autonomy 3:50 video playback (headphones connected, Wi-Fi off and screen at 100 cd / m²). But his tightly packed 3Kg do not make a good companion not ride. Better therefore confined to domestic use.

The slab XPS 15 is unfortunately brilliant. Outdoors, avoid direct sunlight to reduce glare.

Its 15.6-inch diagonal displays a resolution of 1920 x 1080 points. The characters are a good size and not cause excessive eyestrain.

The technology used is TN, with a persistence time equivalent to 5 ms models. As a result, viewing angles up and down are short and sufficient reactivity for office use and for movies. It's a shame for a machine oriented games, but this is unfortunately very common.

The default colors are false, with a difference (deltaE) of 10.1 and a slight drift of the blue color. The contrast is not very bright - although higher that offers a large majority of laptops now - with a rate of 650:1. We measured a black level of 0.41 cd / m², a white 264 cd / m².

If our color profile, available on Digital Focus is always there to correct those ugly colors, it can do nothing for contrast.

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