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iPad Mini: the Apple tablet to 7.9 inches


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The mark to Apple observers remember of course that its founder, Steve Jobs, said not so long ago there was no other good format for a Tablet than the 10 inches of the first iPad. And yet! This is that Apple released its first "small tablet", in the format 7.9 inches, intended to compete with the Nexus 7 and other Android tablets compact 7-inch format.

Presented as an iPad "fro" by communication from Apple, this iPad Mini has - you it all a large?


Not content to be more compact than the iPad, the iPad Mini inaugurates a new design in mind close enough from that of the recent iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th generation. The rest comes in two colours: silver-white or slate black. The body of the device is made of a unibody aluminum shell and finesse impresses, barely 7.2 mm thick, we may note the same work of aluminum on the chamfer on the screen as the iPhone 5. These are bevelled and polished to a mirror effect rendering.Dell F287H Battery Lovers of numbers will hold the iPad Mini is 23% thinner and lighter than a conventional iPad 53%.

Light therefore, only 304 grams on our balance, and that can be held with one hand (large), the Mini iPad yet gives a clear sense of robustness. The screen 7.9 inch is here most of the available space, the borders being part and other extremely fine screen. The rest as the Mini iPad is expected to be held with one hand with your thumb resting on the screen it is noted that Apple took into account this detail so that your thumb does not launch applications on the homescreen of iOS 6.0 mistakenly.

As its big brother, the Mini iPad has buttons for adjusting the volume on the slice, a button a button getting started on the Summit, and the inevitable middle button located below the screen, programmable door locks. The speakers reported by two separate sets of openings perforated at the base of the Mini iPad, in the same spirit as the iPhone 5 and, for the first time on an iPad, they issue a stereo sound. A mini-jack connector located on the top of the shelf.

A screen 7.9 inches

Before dwell us on the technical characteristics of this Mini iPad, let's go back to the dell inspiron e1505

screen. 7.9 Inches diagonal, it adopts a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Then necessarily after praised the Retina display on iPad third-generation, critics will hold the iPad Mini has no Retina display. This is true and in the future it is surely a margin of progress for this tablet. In the meantime, do not lose sight of two things: the resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels is identical to that of the iPad and iPad 2. In fact, completeness of iPad applications developed to date operates natively on the iPad Mini without the need for specific update. Mine nothing, it therefore enjoys a repository of 275,000 titles... The other point, and not least, it is only where the 1024 x 768 pixels of an iPad were fair, with a clear pitch, the reduction of the diagonal of the screen with constant resolution in fact mitigates this defect. Still, the density of pixels per inch is 163ppi for this Mini iPad against 216ppi for the recent Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7 and it is.

Include two other annoying points: the first is video playback. Here the dell inspiron e1705 battery is not capable of displaying in their full resolution HD movies in 720 p... This is a limitation in part offset by the technology of Adaptive streaming of iTunes for streaming movies. Remains for movies from other sources it can be unfortunate. Another pitfall: Although the iPad Mini has a non-Retina screen, applications you download will have mostly Retina graphics and known to the effect that this has on storage space, applications Retina tend to take their ease.

Technical characteristics

To animate his Mini iPad, Apple holds a processor dual-core A5, the same as on the iPhone 4s, and the iPad 2. In fact the iPad Mini is less well off on paper than the iPad's third generation or the brand new iPad Retina it with a 6, evolution of the A6 on the iPhone processor 5. Apple offers only, 512 MB of RAM with its processor while the device naturally comes with the usual radio interfaces: Bluetooth and Wi - Fi. It is significantly changing as Apple offers a Wi - Fi operating circuit at 150 Mbps, against 75 Mbps for the third generation for example iPad.

More importantly, the mark to Apple declines iPad Mini in cell version with a French model that does not support 4 G unlike sold on American soil. But fault network really deployed in France...

And on this Mini iPad the new Lightning connector that replaces the venerable 30 dock connector pin. Regarding the battery, Apple officially evokes a battery life of 10 hours while the adaptor supplied with the Tablet is identical to that of the iPhone. It is a model 5 Watts contrary to the iPad that benefit from a model 10 or 12 Watts. Cooldown seems to suffer: it seemed so long that it eventually catch a 'standard' iPad charger in our test.

5 Megapixel photo

For the camera part,dell xps m1210 holds a sensor 5 megapixel retroexpose. The same resolution as that proposed by the iPhone 4 but probably not the same generation of sensor both different results: perhaps one of the last iPod Touch? Or are the image processing algorithms that have changed. Indeed, if management of the digital noise is almost identical (a tad cleaner), white (in natural light) balance, dynamics, and Colorimetry have significantly improved. The photos look more natural (the colors are less saturated) and the transitions between dark and light areas appear more shades. However, rendering péchu iPhone 4 may be preferred the softer return of the mini iPad for images ready to use, that we share just after the shooting.

3.3 Mm lens opens at f: 2, 4 (3.9 mm and f: 2, 8 on iPhone 4): the framing is so barely wider than on iPhone 4, but above all to equivalent light conditions, the iPad mini access shorter installation times (1/25s against 1/17 s 160 ISO in our example of the unlit scene). To use, you can still lock the exposure area which unfortunately also locks the area. On the other hand, the HDR and the flash disappeared: it remains in the options as the grid composition. And it not to mention the pan on iOS 6 for the iPhone 5 and 4 S... In short, the photo sensor is pretty good for a Tablet but photo enforcement has been simplified to the extreme.

Video side, nothing to report in particular. The mini iPad films in 1080p at 30 fps, with a 17.2 Mbps in Mpeg4 AVC encoding bitrate. The results are good but it is a pity that Apple does still not continuous development for animated images, as do other competitors. There, need to touch the screen to prompt the mini iPad to recalculate its development.

Finally, note that the Mini iPad comes with a FaceTime HD camera, that is a front-facing camera HD in 720 p. It should be noted that the new iPad, i.e. the third generation iPad, merely a Facetime camera non-HD.

The Mini iPad to the use

We mentioned the iPad Mini is light, very light. At the time, keep one hand is entirely feasible contrary to his big brother, to condition however of having large hands. The unibody enclosure of the iPad if it inspires confidence in terms of robustness is here so fine that hold the iPad Mini has only one hand is sometimes dangerous. The metal has a tendency to drag while the iPad, fine and machined edges do not necessarily provide the best grip. If hold the fixture to the bare hand and vertical is sometimes acrobatic, adding the SmartCover iPad Mini manages to address its problems by adding the thickness while the protective coating slip significantly less than the hull of the Mini iPad. And since we are considerations on the design of the device, its smaller size makes its use in camera mode a bit less ridiculous than dell xps m1710 with a full Tablet 10 inch size as its big brother.

Side software environment, we will not return to iOS 6.0, having already dealt with this system in our columns. If the homescreen of iOS is still also dated, and frankly deserves the same level of customization offered by Microsoft with Modern UI, the ecosystem is it's most compelling. We found on this iPad Mini, a very wide selection of applications tablet of the inevitable Angry Birds passing by the House GarageBand application or the excellent fire Pinnacle Studio, to mention a few titles. As already mentioned, all the iPad apps are compatible with the iPad Mini, a good point. Need to update... Attention however: due to the small size of the screen with some applications some specific interface elements can become very small to manipulate what is sometimes somewhat delicate. This is particularly the case in the area search "App Store" application: difficult for example to move the cursor in this box by holding his finger pressed and seeing what you are doing both the space is reduced (found the same problem with iTunes also application).

Swift, the Tablet provides a user experience similar to what we are used on iPad. Siri is present on this Mini iPad that Apple still robs us of basic yet useful applications such as the calculator or the weather. It is true that iOS 6.0 has just enrich the clock for iPad app: do not brusquons them. Daily with this Mini iPad, we find that transitions and other effects of animation of the interface are fluid while Safari gives any satisfaction with regard to the display and rendering of Web pages. Naturally, this means no support for Adobe's Flash technology.

The virtual Vostro 1710 keyboard here gives any satisfaction even if keys are actually less clear than what we are accustomed on the Retina screen. The possibility to split the keyboard into two takes a little more sense on this iPad Mini, each area of typing easily falling under each of your thumbs. Remains a strange feeling... a quirk of this iPad Mini that it feels like using the keyboard, simply. The screen of the iPad Mini is soft. It does not offer the same strength as that of an iPad or an iPhone and descends slightly to strike, particularly on the central part of the screen.

Who says ecosystem also said Apple limitations that we know only too: not USB port on-board, mandatory synchronization with iTunes (or via iCloud it is true), optional SD card reader, new connectivity Lightning owner inconsistent with the Park of accessories with 30 dock connector pin, or even not standard HDMI connector (accessory is available but in stock at the Lighting format yet). Not to mention the passage by a conversion step necessary to not read of MKV.

We have naturally sought to measure the performance of the Mini iPad competitive. To do this, we use identical benchmarks on each platform recalling of course that the OS is different from one tablet to the other, these measures have any indicative. Level shelves, we adopt the iPad Mini, iPad third-generation but also the iPad 2 since the features of it are identical to the new Apple tablet.We do also appear the Fire HD Amazon Kindle when we were able to download applications from bench on the Amazon App Shop, as well as turn it award-winning Asus, the Nexus 7 couple Asus TF700 / Google and Note 10.1 Samsung Galaxy.

The smallest Dell Vostro 1088 Battery is the best with SunSpider! Note 10.1 Samsung Galaxy is head whereas the iPad Mini is slightly indented against the iPad 2. The third generation iPad is the fastest on the side of Apple. Facing the Nexus 7 MIni iPad proves faster while the gap with the Kindle Fire HD is even more pronounced.

Linpack evaluates various SoC power by measuring the number of operations at floating point they can run in the second. Here the iPad are the more swift and while iPad Mini to equal the third-generation iPad, the iPad 2 is the fastest. And faced with a Nexus 7, the performance gap is quite blatant.

Return on Linpack which focuses this time on our shelves performance by executing multiple threads simultaneously. The iPad are again at the top, the gap with Android being marked. Failure to draw conclusions, unlike platform with its bounds, there just as well as the iPad 2 is faster than the Mini iPad. Note that the Linpack Fire Kindle can run this test, it is therefore not present.

We are interested this time in graphics performance. Here the third generation iPad is widely in mind as the Galaxy Note 10.1 finishes second. Performance iPad 2 and iPad Mini are similar. It remains higher than the Nexus 7. GL Benchmark is not present on the Amazon store and we therefore could not run the test on Kindle FIre HD.

On the side of autonomy, the results are here expressed in minutes with our video of reference read on all platforms under identical conditions: light and sound at 50%, active Wi - Fi, Bluetooth off. The Fire HD Amazon Kindle explodes scores! As for the Mini iPad it takes more than 12 hours. Well, this is even better than the last iPad and the rest than the Nexus 7.


The iPad Mini is the result of a thoughtful approach to Apple about its Tablet features and their future uses or that it meets market demand and pressure of competition... hard to say. One thing is certain, Apple is being attacked on the Tablet market, and Android begins to seriously gain ground. The Cupertino firm had to react as the multiplication of compact formats, thought of course Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD, were what interested buyers seeking lighter than a 10 tablet sizes inches or a more attractive price.

In our eyes, the iPad Mini is a real alternative to the Dell Studio 1558 10-inch tablets whose dimensions and weight sometimes hinder certain uses. This is especially true for example for reading electronic books. That can be held with one hand, the iPad Mini is now perfectly credible in the role of electronic reading. Moreover while a tablet like the iPad can be cumbersome when you travel especially in the air, the Mini iPad here also has a card to play. But of course the iPad Mini is not reduced to only uses. And if the absence of Retina display is noticeable and may Squeak a few teeth, especially facing the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD which are equipped with an HD display, it has as that all the iPad apps running natively on this new variation. An argument for Apple against Android at the price it is true control the ecosystem either through iTunes or the restrictions on the connectors including.

In terms of design and finish there of course not much to say because Apple demonstrates once more the extent of his knowledge. And faced with a Nexus 7 by Google, iPad Mini is lighter... may be too much besides! It should be noted that Apple offers new accessories for the iPad Mini declining a version Mini its SmartCover in several colours.

Is the price. Announced at 339 euros in Wi - Fi 16 GB version, the Mini iPad appears at a rate higher than a 7-inch Android tablet. More expensive, it is no doubt, but also frankly tempting in the light of the points discussed throughout this article, the finish to the application catalog, via cameras embedded, the Mini iPad has serious strengths, if one ignores including its non-Retina display.







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