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Acer Iconia W510: first hybrid notebook tablet Windows 8


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Windows 8, it is possible to perform two types of hybrids. there computers that are transformed into tablets by a screen or sliding latch. They have the advantage to integrate standard components but the disadvantage weight and compact high in tablet mode. Or it is a tablet that adopts a detachable keyboard into a computer. The advantage is the size as weight in tablet mode and also not take the Dell Studio 1450 keyboard only when needed. Computer mode, this is however a less elegant solution with a slide a little deformed back. The hybrid Acer Iconia W510 is a representative of the second category with bias for maximum mobility in screen size 10 inches. Suddenly, the Intel Atom processor is a very low power consumption with a range that reaches 17 hours with the keyboard with an extra battery. the price also remains very reasonable 600 euros.


This hybrid is composed of a keyboard dock and a standalone tablet 10.1-inch lightweight as it weighs only 560 grams. The fineness is equally impressive with eight millimeters. It is very comfortable to hold and does not stress if you take the time. The weight and thickness are smaller than the iPad (650 grams, 9.4 mm) and equivalent to what is the best Android. We must admit that the fineness of the X86 tablet dazzled us.

The overall look is also achieved with a screen with black borders which contrasts with the white edge and certainly silverback plastic but good quality. Acer also book semi-rigid case of very good quality.

The Dell Studio 1457 tablet operates by adding the dock. The connection is done in the blink of an eye, simply insert the tablet into the slide. Once engaged, the setting is very strong and we are faced with a notebook ultraportable. The hinge is very strong when the screen / tablet is open which makes sense in touch tilt to avoid unintentionally. It is also possible to tilt more than 90 degrees. The keyboard is small but it is very easy to use. Typing is not a problem. A small touchpad completes the picture into a notebook, but it lacks precision. It is also surprising that fashion is happening notebook keyboard to the touch screen without even realizing it, depending on the action. Given the small size of all the short distance to the screen prompts literally.

The dock also includes an extra battery which explains the relatively high weight of the whole. The total weight is 1.25 kg, a standard 13-inch ultrabook. In practice, it appears that this weight is also necessary for the screen / tablet does not switch all that happens anyway if you tilt the screen / shelf a little too far . In addition to the connection pad already provided with a stereo mini-HDMI, mini-USB, card reader and a micro-SD socket owner to dock and recharge, there is a standard USB port on the keyboard. Note that a mini USB adapter to USB standard is provided which allows you to connect directly to a storage medium or device on the tablet.

A nice screen

The Inspiron 1570 screen of this hybrid is very convincing, especially in tablet use. The slab is already IPS technology with wide viewing angles in all directions. Then its just colorimetry is rather flattering and the colors are just right. And the icing on the cake, contrast and brightness are high. The panel is equally enjoyable with excellent responsiveness and a good glide. With a resolution of 1366 x 768, the pixel density is satisfactory in 10 inches.

Atom autonomous

To succeed in getting a tablet as compact while maintaining compatibility x86, Acer's dig into the latest generation of Atom processors, named Clover Trail. The Atom Z2760 is used in a double version is the heart of Medfield smartphone used in the Intel By Orange. It gains 200 MHz in addition to his second heart and displays performance more than adequate in view of its consumption. Be careful though, this chip is far less powerful than the Celeron came first. However it competes quite well with the ARM mobile processors. The graphic part is provided by the PowerVR aging may be really behind. It will probably make a cross on the 3D game a little bit sophisticated.

In contrast, office and multimedia activities pose no problems. We could even do a little photo editing on Photoshop 7 without waiting applying a filter ... Only true regret: 2 GB of RAM, which tend to fill up too quickly. For storage, it is a 64GB SSD officiating (including 16 GB occupied by Windows). It abandons pure performance, the dell latitude d620 battery exchange against autonomy as we exceeded 6 hours on the tablet and 16 hours after the dock added. The absence of any fan ensures quiet but still a little hot tablet support but not more than the iPad 3.

But where are my benchs?!

Note that you will not find the traditional PC Mark and 3D Mark in this test. Involved a combination of drivers and not fresh benchmarks in need of a good update. We will then update this article once in possession of drivers finalized.

What about Windows 8?

If he missed quite a few drivers and all felt a little paint, our version of Inspiron mini 10 Windows 8 was fully functional. And we must admit that this form-factor goes particularly well with this new version of the OS. The lightness of the machine that the W510 is a great tablet and 10 inches is really perfect for the consultation on the couch. Keyboard and adds flexibility to the whole. Being in an x86 environment, with software compatibility and richness that implies is particularly valuable. It should be noted however, with interest developments in the software package using the Windows 8 interface which is currently very limited and almost entirely dedicated to the consultation content.

Acer Iconia W510: a tablet and a PC

The dell Studio XPS 1640 is one of those devices that are changing computing forever. Choices Microsoft have led the largest format changes in the short history of computing. And if some concepts might not spend the winter, the W510 will not be one of them. His bet is the maximum mobility in the universe x86 and it will be perfect in second gear. This is a tablet that can easily compete with the best in Android. Windows 8 is convincing in this course use interface with a less immediate but also offers new possibilities as real as to be informed without having to enter an application by the animated tiles. Once with his keyboard, W510 becomes ultra-mobile notebook on which it is good to be productive, create and organize, not to mention the interaction of PC files with universally recognized and equally universal USB. As comfortable as laptop in tablet mode, this hybrid provides versatility hitherto unpublished in the mobile world. Sure there are some improvements as a touchpad a little small but overall it is very successful. We look forward to the match against Vivo Tab Asus that arises direct competitor.

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      На втория хард диск (Seagate LD 25.2) има текст NOT SUITABLE FOR LAPTOP COMPUTER USE
      Третият и четвъртият имат малки разлики в конекторите (ако така се нарича тази част)
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      Въпросите ми са :§
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      3. Каква несъвместимост може да обозначава текста NOT SUITABLE FOR LAPTOP COMPUTER USE ?
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      Предварително Ви благодаря !

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    • от AnnieBro
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    • от Метин Шабан
      Здравейте, реших да си продам лаптопа, но не мога да преценя на каква цена да го пусна. Бихте ли ми казали ориентировъчно какви пари мога да му взема?
      Лаптопът е на acer aspire 5,  модел A515-51, FULL HD(1080p)  15,6``
      процесор :  intel core i3-8130u 2,2ghz with TB up to 3,4ghz
      видеокарта : NVIDIA GeForce MX130 2gb VRAM
      рам : 8gb DDR4
      харддиск : 1000gb HDD
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      На всички игри , които играя има  подобни проблеми. Отделно , на моменти забелязвам - ( червени , зелени или сиво-бели пиксели ) по различни места на монитора дори при просто четене на текстови файлове. Пикселите се появяват предимно при черен и сив фон.
      Правих различни тестове всичко изглежда да е наред. Няма чувствително покачване на градусите на видеото или процесора при игра.
      AMD 5  -1600
      Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB 256 bit.
      Монитор - Acer ED273Awidpx 27" 144 hz
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