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The Inspiron 17R Special Edition Premium



The Inspiron 17R Special Edition Premium: power and Full HD

This laptop screen 17.3 inches sold nearly € 1100 offers top equipment. Game, multimedia, Internet, everything is in its strings.

After the high-end version of the Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition, a more "reasonable" is screening. Called Premium, this machine still offers a set of high-quality components, a full HD matte and rich connectivity. Time to test.


Imposing the Premium version of the Dell Inspiron 17R Special Edition is well equipped, and the black and silver finish successfully. Thick (3.7 cm) and heavy (3.34 kg), laptop 17.3 inch screen is certainly not the perfect travel companion, especially since it only holds 2 h 24 battery video playback. However, it proves to be a powerful ally at home.

Indeed, thanks to its multimedia-oriented equipment and powerful configuration, the Inspiron is capable of replacing a desktop and / or become the main computer for the whole family. It features a chiclet keyboard with a numeric keypad, very pleasant to browse at your fingertips. Connectivity, in turn, consists of four USB 3.0, two video outputs (VGA and HDMI) and an outlet.

High Definition honored

With its Full HD anti-glare display (1920 by 1080 dots), the Blu-ray player (who also plays bass and DVD) and audio kit performance, the Inspiron 1526 Special Edition Premium combines all the right ingredients for a multimedia PC. Indeed, the panel of the screen is of good quality, bright (287 cd/m2) and contrast (860: 1) good color rendering. The screen is not as impressive as that of the Blu-ray and 3D machine. The side of Blu-ray, nothing to report, it performs its task with CyberLink Power DVD.

The audio kit, signed Skull Candy is a 2.1 model: two small speakers and a subwoofer built. The report is quite correct for movies or music. And if you prefer to use headphones, the Inspiron includes an analog stereo output to connect to the device of your choice.

The versatility and the game


With the powerful Intel Core i7-3610QM (Quad-Core 2.3 GHz) and 6 GB of memory, the HP Pavilion DV4 machine is well suited to the work of retouching and video editing. Dell also has the good taste to deliver Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements full version with the machine. The Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphics processing can speed up with programs that know how to leverage its power.

Moreover retouching and editing, the Inspiron can be used to the office, all activities related to the Internet, and also games. Nvidia graphics chip is relatively comfortable when you view the games in the native resolution of the panel (from 47 to 57 frames per second with our debt test). However, we advise you to play 1280 points 720 (or 1366 points per 768) for games in fashion, as StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3 or Guild Wars 2, are smooth and beautiful (of 77 to 107 frames / second identified).

Finally, Dell uses a 1 TB hard drive to store your programs and data. It is possible to add an additional hard drive in the machine as the second location for storage unit is vacant.

A bit hot and noisy

This large configuration consumes 18 W at rest (thanks to Nvidia Optimus) against 129 W heavy use. Thus, office use or viewing of video content on DVD or DivX endurance of the Pavilion DV6000 battery is almost 2 h 30. In these conditions, the fan remains quiet (30.9 dB). However, if you start a game or movie encoding, the sound level reaches 41 dB quickly. Thermometer, meanwhile, can climb up to 34 ° C on the palmrest and 43.9 ° C on the bottom when you play video games. Station to blow hot thighs!

the verdict

This Special Edition Premium Inspiron 1525 laptop is well equipped, sold at a very attractive price (1099 euros) compared to the competition. Configuration and heater becomes a little noisy at full speed. Nothing unusual, however, since the components of the machine. Finally, we regret that the machine keyboard is not backlit.

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