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Philips LED bulbs connected Hue


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Philips offers a complete kit to change the lighting of a room from his iPhone, the iPad or Mac.

The Dell Studio 1558 company Philips has a subsidiary dedicated to lighting relatively large. It thus produces indoor lighting, outdoor, professional lamps, switchgear (discharge lamps, fluorescent tubes, halogen transformers) as well as management systems lighting. With its expertise, Philips has therefore decided to propose a solution for managing lighting turnkey individuals. Philips called Hue, then this kit allows easy to change the lighting in a room and to apply different atmospheres from their smartphone or Mac.

The simplicity

The starter kit Hue Philips consists of three LED bulbs using intelligent E27 and a bridge that is connected to the home router using an Ethernet cable. The bridge is powered by an AC small delivering 3 watts. This Inspiron 1545 Battery means that the consumption of the bridge is very small. The installation is very simple as you just place the bulbs in lamps compatible to connect the bridge to the router and turn everything. Once iOS app open, it then asks to press the button in the center of the bridge to make a kind of twinning. This has been done, it is possible to change the room lighting and / or each bulb individually.


If the Mac and iOS devices generally communicate with the router via Wi-Fi, bulbs and the bridge are not using this protocol. In fact, Philips light bulbs and bridge Hue exploit the ZigBee standard, also known as IEEE 802.15.4 standard. This protocol is much lighter than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with memory requirements limited to 32 KB when the XPS M1330 Bluetooth requires a minimum of 250 KB and Wi-Fi over a megabyte. ZigBee can also operate over 65,000 nodes, but provides only limited to 10 meters. Another advantage for those allergic to air, the ZigBee protocol emits waves that when a state change is requested bulbs. The wave emission is therefore very timely. The ZigBee protocol is widely used in home automation.


Philips lamps are in turn good. They consume only 8.5 watts for 600 lumens of brightness, or that of a filament bulb of 50 Watts, and Philips announced a life of approximately 15,000 hours. They achieve a white color ranging between 2000 and 6500 K, and about 16 million different colors. If the bridge can handle up to 50 Philips bulbs, the latter are currently available with a E27, thus limiting its use. Pity that Philips does not sell versions of its E14 bulbs connected. Philips bulb E27 Hue extra is charged about 60 euros, twice the price of a conventional LED bulb equivalent power at Philips. This is the Dell E4310 Battery price to pay for the system integration of color change and ZigBee radio transmission. The starter kit for 200 euros become almost cheap ...


Hue Philips bulbs only work with the appropriate application: Philips Hue on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and Hue Colors for the Mac App Store for Mac. By default, the application opens with a scene selection designed by Philips. Latter can be done very quickly an idea of ​​the possibilities of Hue bulbs and generally on the influence of the HP G32 Battery lighting in a room. The kit allows Hue really change the mood of a room and spend a Zen atmosphere with something warmer or in a work environment.


The application also allows you to draw a picture in the film in order to choose the corresponding colors, a slider then move on the picture to select the desired color. It is also possible to create your own scenes by setting the intensity and color of each bulb individually or based on a picture or by simply choosing the color palette. Each bulb can also be renamed for clarity, Philips also pushes information to flash the bulb in question during the HP G42 Battery change of name to avoid mistakes. Obviously, it is very easy to add extra bulbs through the settings.

More interestingly, the application offers the possibility to program the switching on and off of lights or the transition from one scene to another. We can use a scene with a bright light for the day and plan the transition to a softer ambient light in the late afternoon. For revival, it is also possible to choose to gradually turn the bulbs 3 or 9 minutes, enough to open the eyes slowly. Philips has also provided the lighting control remote, which can be handy on vacation to simulate a presence in the main residence. To do this, you must create an account on the site MeetHue from the application. Management bulbs is then HP G4 Battery accessible from the website.


Access to various settings using a simple web browser has paved the way for developers who quickly developed alternative applications. There are so few apps on the App Store to enjoy a little more bulbs Hue. Magic Hue, sold 0.89 euro brings some effects like flashes. The application also uses the microphone to act on the lighting depending on the noise, including music. The developer also promises an update to exploit directly the driver DLL Latitude E5420 iPod on your iOS device. The free application Hue Go! provides some interesting effects: red alert, disco, or "the voice of God." In the end, there are many possibilities and access to bulbs Hue is relatively simple for developers, which allows a little more freedom.


Unfortunately, a large black dot spoils the user experience: the lack of memory of the bulbs. Thus, we must carefully avoid putting lamps using bulbs Hue with the switch under penalty of losing the color adjustment. Ideally, it is necessary to turn off the lights using the iOS app, which is not really practical in everyday life. Upon termination via the switch, re-ignite the HP Envy 17T Battery lamp with a warm white color at 80% power.






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