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HP notebook battery repair


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<p>Due to prolonged use with AC notebook, a couple of days ago, suddenly found can not be charged a check battery indicator is 0, you can not discharge, thought it was a bad battery, a check that online is the need to change the battery, cheap battery 200 so he think of a way for a lot of repair, the result is quite satisfied, the battery from the original can not boot to now be able to use more than one hour after the repair, the following took my repair methods to share with everyone</p><p>First check whether the battery is really damaged. Disconnect the AC power supply, and then press the power button of the laptop, to see whether the battery lights flash, if flash, the the general notebook's battery should be no problem. If the voltage is 11 volts or more, with a multimeter Measure the voltage of the battery, the battery discharge can not be due to long-term improper charge discharge.</p><p>Then is to fully discharge. Remove the battery from the notebook, and then used to find a large resistor (you can also use the router, hubs, switches and the like), fully discharge, because I did not find a large resistance, so they find a useless router discharge, the results were quite good, the Router above the lamp can show whether the discharge fully connect the wires to the battery and the router, if properly connected router lights will be lit, if not correct down the line on it. Even after completing is waiting discharge is completed, with multi-meter the voltage best to a few tenths. Then install the battery into the notebook for more than eight hours of charging, red is finished, unplug the AC power notebook own discharge until the shutdown, and then fully discharge and then just so that more than three consecutive full discharge your battery basically Reply to factory performance.</p><p>About a topic of concern to a lot of friends in the maintenance and use of the laptop battery, is also a very controversial topic. Here, I do a simple answer to your question first. Three times per 12 hours prior to the first laptop battery does not need charging. Environment that provides stable voltage notebook is best to use an external power supply, can be considered at this time to remove the battery. Third, if long-term use of a laptop or notebook battery, the best is the battery can hold 50% of the electricity saved.</p><p>More Batteries:</p><p><a href="http://battery-pack-store.com/hp-pavilion-dv6.htm">hp pavilion dv6   battery </a>,<a href="http://battery-pack-store.com/hp-pavilion-dv7.htm"> hp   pavilion dv7 battery </a>,<a href="http://battery-pack-store.com/hp-pavilion-dv4.htm"> hp pavilion dv4   battery </a>,<a href="http://battery-pack-store.com/hp-pavilion-dv6000.htm"> hp   pavilion dv6000 battery </a>,<a href="http://battery-pack-store.com/hp-g60-battery.htm"> hp g60 battery </a>,<a href="http://battery-pack-store.com/hp-g62-battery.htm"> hp g62 battery </a>,<a href="http://battery-pack-store.com/hp.htm"> hp laptop battery </a></p>

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