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Windows Vista

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Vista RTM - 6.0.6000(updated)


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Several sites are reporting the Vista RTM build number will be 6000.

A post made on the Microsoft newsgroups, reveals Windows Mail's final build number of 6000. Windows Mail is a integrated part of Vista, and does carry the same build numbers.

The latest test build was 5920.

Microsoft updated its MSDN subscription site with this information;

"Windows Vista and Office 2007: Availability on MSDN Subscriber Downloads

Windows Vista and Office 2007 will be available through MSDN Subscriber downloads within 7 days of release to manufacture (RTM). MSDN Subscriptions is committed to making new content available to our subscribers as soon as is practical."

While the Vista build 6.0.6000.16384 has been confirmed, it is not the final version.

Vista gets official release dates

Windows VistaMicrosoft has set November 30 as the release date for Vista (and Office 2007) to business customers and January 30, 2007 as the date for the official launch to consumers and The World At Large.

Five years, three months and five days after Windows XP made its debut, Microsoft will usher its next-generation OS onto the stage.

APC has been advised by a very well placed source that January 30, 2007 is about to be announced as the official release date for Vista.

In addition, in a move that mirrors previous side-by-side launches of Microsoft's OS and Office suite (in the 95 and XP waves), Office 2007 will also touch down on that day.

However, as previously planned, Vista and Office 2007 will first step out for a 'business launch' on November 30 (alongside Exchange 2007). From that date, the programs will be available to corporate customers who hold an enterprise licence or software assurance deal with Microsoft.

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