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Aрнет Лем


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Arnette Lamb - Родена през 1947г. в Бостън, Масачузетс, Арнет е авторка на 13 романа, създадени в периода 1995-1998г. Умира преждевременно от рак на 18 септември 1998г. Поклон пред паметта й!


Clan MacKenzie

1. Threads of Destiny (1990) Нишките на съдбата

Сюзън отива в Лондон, готова ако е нужно да рискува свободата и честта си, но да си възвърне откраднатото от красивия и неустоим Мейлс Кънингам. Тя очаква студено безразличие, но среща страстен и гладен поглед. Всеки път, когато Мейлс я целува пламенно, една сребърна копринена нишка, изтъкана от желание, свързва съдбата й с този мъж - неин враг и любим...

2. Highland Rogue (1991)

A Woman of Principle... A Man of Passion.An indentured servant from Virginia, Juliet White came to Scotland to find her niece, the child her sister had borne before she died. The search took her to the castle of Lachlan MacKenzie, duke of Ross, where she was accepted as governess to the four illegitimate daughters of the lusty aristocrat, all sired in one lascivious season at the Scottish Court. Seeking to know for certain if her sister's child is among her small charges, Juliet probed into the notorious duke's family history... while the girls, each in her own fashion, began to find a place in Juliet's heart.But Lachlan was not a man to let a lovely young woman keep her innocence under his roof. When the renowned rake stirred her girlish dreams into a woman's desires, Juliet was stunned to find her resolve succumbing to the virile charm of the man she suspected of seducing her sister. Powerless to resist the wild rush of yearning, Juliet plunged into a river of passion whose waters might be too turbulent to carry her to a safe shore....

3. Betrayed (1995)

BETRAYED, a passionate tale set in eighteenth-century Scotland, marks the beginning of her long-awaited clan MacKenzie trilogy....A BASTARD DAUGHTER Sarah MacKenzie believed herself to be the love child of Lachlan MacKenzie, duke of Ross. But the discovery that no noble blood ran in her veins left her devastated, and unable to trust MacKenzie's love. Sarah fled the Highlands for Edinburgh, and opened her heart to the city's orphans ... to bury her pain and begin a new life. A FORGOTTEN SECOND SON Estranged from his mother, whose affections centered around her eldest son, handsome Michael Elliot joined the East India Company. But years later a family crisis drew him home, to aid in his mother's scheme to seduce Sarah--and her generous dowry--into the impoverished Elliot family.DECEPTION--AND DESIRE--UNITED THEM Bound by his sense of honor, Michael set out to win Sarah's heart. Sarah, far from the family that loved her, slowly surrendered to his charms. Though ill-fated at the start, their alliance blossomed into a passionate union ... and together they began to unveil the healing power of love....

4. Beguiled (1996)

A WOMAN OF RARE VALORAt the wedding ceremony of her sister Sarah, Agnes MacKenzie leapt in the path of a speeding arrow, saving Edward Napier's life. For Agnes, it was a matter of instinct and training -- all Scotland knew her fame as a bodyguard. Few knew the heartache that spurred her perilous course. A MAN OF SCIENCE -- AND MYSTERYDespite the towering rage of her father, Lachlan, duke of Ross, Edward Napier used his medical skills to tend Agnes's wounds. Owing her his life, the widower granted her request to accompany him and his children to Glasgow. But he had no intention of allowing this beautiful, foolhardy woman to search out his unknown assassin. A PASSIONATE UNION OF EQUALSAgnes had forsworn romance until she could right the wrong that burdened her, yet Edward's powerful intellect and easy grace drew her like a magnet. Her audacious ways provoked him to fascination -- and occasionally to fury. Amid a new storm of poisoned arrows, they would yield to a love as sudden as it was joyous... a love to cherish and protect as fiercely as life itself...

5. True Heart (1997)

A MAIDEN'S PERILOUS VOYAGETen-year-old Virginia MacKenzie was determined to join Cameron Cunningham -- her beloved friend, and now, formally, her betrothed -- when he sailed to France. Arranging to join Cam's Highland Dream at sea, Virginia never suspected the captain of her ship would spirit her to America, selling her into vilest bondage... A HEART FULL OF REGRETDesperately, Cameron searched for his betrothed for years, when even the great Lachlan MacKenzie had given up his daughter for dead. Now Cam's only memento of Virginia was a tattered silk handkerchief with a faded hallmark... A SOUL-STIRRING REUNION -- AND A DESPERATE VOWVirginia could scarce believe it when a near-miracle finally brought Cam to her rescue. Longing to rush into his arms, yet afraid of losing him once more, she hid her past and retreated from Cam's sheltering embrace. Tenderly, Cam vowed to heal the wounds of the past, and win her heart once more... until she believed completely in the love that was their destiny...


1. Border Lord (1993)

A LADY'S DESPERATE MISSIONThe lush Scottish hills stretched before Lady Miriam MacDonald, brilliant diplomat from Queen Anne's court. She had come seeking peace between the Scots and English -- and won the admiration of two special men. The kindly, awkward laird of Kildalton Castle became a trusted friend. But the Border Lord, a dashing, tartan-clad legend disguised by black midnight, swept her into his arms... and claimed her innocence. A LORD'S UNBREAKABLE VOWA lifetime of anguish lay behind this disguise of Duncan Kerr, laird of Kildalton by birth, Border Lord by choice. If the queen's emissary, flame-haired Lady Miriam, unmasked him, he would lose the prize he held most dear. He had meant to seduce and compromise her... not to cherish and desire her. A PASSION THAT SEALED THEIR DESTINYBy day, Miriam strove to establish harmony in the realm; by night she surrendered to forbidden pleasure with the mysterious Border Lord. Only he knew the truth, as elusive as the mists of the hills: whether he loved her passionate soul, or the promise of peace she brought to his beloved land...

2. Border Bride (1993) Ангел на нощта

Лейди Алпин Маккей е пренебрегната в завещанието на настойника си заради една детска лудория. Малкъм Кар е втрещен от красивата жена, която нахлу в дома му и обяви, че е негова собственост заедно с плантацията на настойника й. Малката пакостница идваше под покрива му и може би... в леглото му. Алпин иска да изиграе този жесток лорд и да си върне земята. Но чувството на един мъж и копнежите на една жена понякога са по-силни от всичко на света...

3. Chieftain (1994) Шотландска кръв

След седем години затвор в лондонския Тауър шотландският предводител Дръмънд Маккуин излиза на свобода. Дръмънд изгаря от свещен гняв към хората, конто са го предали на враговете му. А и съпругата му Джоана сякаш е непознат човек - дръзка и необяснимо променена. Какво се е случило?

4. Maiden of Inverness (1995) Продадена принцеса

Меридийн е принцеса на Инвърнес. Нейно право по рождение е да предаде властта над Хайлендс в ръцете на съпруга си. Но Едуард I, крал на Англия, коварно я венчава за син на месар... Ривъс Макдъф е мъж от просто потекло, но с благородно сърце. Той приема съдбата си. Но разгневеният му тъст е готов по-скоро да убие младата му невеста, отколкото да приеме подобен брак... Бягство в манастир спасява живота на младата принцеса, а момчето остава само с клетвата си един ден да я върне обратно...


The Betrothal (1992) Годежът

През 1739 година Блейк Честърфийлд пристига е Бат - най-известното в Англия място за забавления, за да поиска ръката на най-прекрасната жена в града. Но Марджъри Ентуисъл не желае да има нищо общо със загасъчния и потаен благородник... Тласкана от решителност и спирана от изгаряща я страст, Марджъри се опитва да разкрие опасната тайна, държаща в плен душата на Блейк.


Cherished Moments (1994) (with Rosanne Bittner and Anita Mills)

В този сборник Арнет участва с новелата Flowers from the Sea: Join three of your favorite storytellers on a tender journey of the heart...Cherished Moments is an extraordinary collection of breathtaking novellas woven around the theme of motherhood. Before you turn the last page you will have been swept from the storm-tossed coast of a Scottish isle to the fury of the American frontier, and you will have lived the lives and loves of three indomitable women, as they experience their most passionate moments.In Arnette Lamb's "Flowers from the Sea," warring Scottish clans explode into bitter battle, as a young girl discovers the mother she never knew--and a love she never dreamed possible. Celebrate the tender magic of love, as three favorite authors explore all the turbulence and sweetness a woman can know--as a mother, and as a beloved.

A Holiday of Love (1994) (with Jill Barnett, Jude Deveraux and Judith McNaught)

В този сборник Арнет участва с новелата Hark! The Herald: When the weather outside is frightful, what better way to warm up than with four tales of love and adventure from your favorite romance writers. Slip into a bubble bath or curl up in front of a roaring fire - and let Jude Deveraux, Judith McNaught, Arnette Lamb & Jill Barnett wisk you away...to New York in the late 1800s, where a beautiful but clumsy angel turns a lonely man's life around...to medieval Scotland, where intrigues surrounding a Christmas Mass imperil two Highland lovers...to Regency London, where a world-wearly lord receives an outrageous proposal...to modern-day Colorado, where a daring and clever twelve-year-old plays matchmaker for his bighearted, impractical mother...to a world where love always reigns supreme!

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